15 of My Favorite Feelings

Kara, I’m taking all of my cues from Youtube lately.

After watching Hank and Este’s videos about their 15 favorite feelings, I couldn’t stop thinking about mine! So here’s my list:

1) Planning a vacation and the week leading up to it. I get so much joy out of planning a vacation: booking the hotel, planning when we’ll leave, booking any attractions, thinking about what I need to pack – I love it so much! And the week before my vacation, I’m in pure bliss. I cannot stop thinking about Andrew and mine’s mini-honeymoon/vacation to Orlando after the wedding and that’s a half a year away.

2) Cats. All cats all the time. Especially when they decide that they need to have a bit of a snuggle. I’m so mushy right now just thinking about it.

3) My bed. Whether it’s the moment when I slide into the covers at night or the eternal morning battle that takes place anytime I’m forced to leave, there is just no better place than my bed.

4) Except maybe my tub. My bathtub is my happy place. Me, a Lush bubble bar, a candle, facemask and my tub make for a blissful Steffi.

5) Waving goodnight to Walt’s apartment (waving to Walt more specifically, but semantics people). I never leave Disneyland without thanking Walt for letting me exist in his dream.

6) Disneyland. Waving goodnight to Walt gets its own category, because that’s so special to me, but Disneyland gets a category too. Spectacular things have happened to me there and I love everyone I’ve ever spent a day in the park with.

7) This is something that happened in the past, but I have to count it because going to Disneyland with you now is still just as wonderful. Taking Kara to Disneyland and introducing her to my favorite place in the world, and watching her fall in love with it as much as I do literally brings tears to my eyes. Going back to the parks with her now is just like reliving all of the crazy and wonderful trips we’ve taken together. All of my friends before Kara already had a deeply rooted love of Disneyland, like me, so showing her the parks and seeing her love it too will always have a massive place in my heart.

8) Getting to a movie early, prepared, getting a good seat, and watching the previews. If I’m not at the theater at least 20 minutes before the movie starts, popcorn and reusable water cup in hand, side snacks in my purse, I might as well not go; the night is ruined.

9) Food. Trying a new food and it’s amazing or going to a restaurant that you love and ordering your favorite dish and it’s perfect, just like you remember. Best feeling ever. Or trying a new dish at home and it’s delicious. Basically delicious food.

10) Baking and having people enjoy your baked goods.

11) Strolling through a bookstore with a hot beverage on a cold day, taking the book home, finding a cozy spot on the couch, and diving in. Or looking at my bookshelves. Or just books.

12) Good coffee. Really good coffee. Macy’s coffee.

13) Giving other people compliments. It’s the easiest thing in the world to do (because humans are so beautiful) and I love seeing people light up when I give them a compliment.

14) Makeup. Buying new makeup, trying new makeup, watching other people do makeup, feeling like a bad ass bitch because my makeup is 10 kinds of on point, experimenting with new makeup, doing other people’s makeup. Just makeup.

15) Last but never least, my partner in crime, without whom I wouldn’t be the woman I am today. I’m endlessly lucky, endlessly grateful, and endlessly in love with him. And to make it even more mushy, let me call him by his nickname: Monsieur Poopypants McStinkbutt. You are the poop to my stink and you have my heart.

Kara, I hope I see your 15 favorite feelings next week and I will see you IN PERSON LATER TONIGHT YAY!!!

PS Links to Hanks Video: 15 of My Favorite Feelings

Link to Este’s Video: 15 of My Favorite Feelings

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