The Prahjeckt: In Review

I’m Kara. I’m quite the plain Jane, so no fancy fonts from me. I’m fond of orange and I’m still waiting for my Hogwarts letter.


My name is Steffi and I speak largely in italics. I have a fondness for purple and picking my nose. I’m in a perpetual state of wishing I was in Disneyland. 

This is our Prahjeckt: In Review.

So.. How’s it going?

Really good! I run 2 blogs and crochet like a mad person in my free time. I’m momma to 2 puppies and a kitty, I’m a maid of honor this year, and I’m planning 7+ trips out of state. I’m good, but may be slightly crazy.

Good! But I didn’t get enough sleep last night and I have a rash under my arms. It’s never too much information on the internet right?

No, how’s the blog going?

Oh it’s great! I am so proud of us for keeping it up a whole year! It would be so easy to quit, but it’s so fun I don’t think either of us wants to. Plus the punishments really help 😉

It’s great! I love this damn thing. I’ve been so mushy this past week. I can’t believe we’ve been writing in this for a year! That’s 52 posts (except the ones that we missed maha)! I am so incredibly proud of Kara, who hates writing, to have continued this journey with me. This is a HUGE feat for her. And I, guh, I’M JUST SO MUSHY. I have the best best friend in the whole world and I really feel like this Prahjeckt has made my life more fun.

Who was punished the most?

I think it was Kara at the beginning but in the last few months, I have 100% turned that around. But I’m too lazy to count and make sure. Kara, can you count the things?

Well I can tell you we made it 4 months without missing a post! I was the first one to receive a punishment. Though I posted very late on several occasions, I only have 2 1/2 punishments. You have 3 1/2 😛

What was your favorite post you did?

My favorite post I’ve done is the Complete, Official and Absolute List of Underappreciated Disney Songs (which is also my most educational post). But the ones I’m most proud of are my posts about my eating disorders: Part 1 and Part 2

My Harry Potter book collection

What was your favorite post the other person did?

I love Steffi’s Complete, Official and Absolute Guide to the Best Disney Kitties. I love when she talks about kitties. And the gifs, the gifs are amazing.

Kara’s Phoenix Comicon 2015 Recap was easily my favorite post she’s done this year. She put so much effort into her part of the booth at PCC and it really shows. Her creations are amazing and it was so awesome to see how many people love her work. I admire her so much! GUSHGUSHGUSH.

Any new interests? I recently got into planner decorating and I, very much on purpose – it was not even slightly accidentally, got Kara into it too (I knew that video I posted last week would hook her). I also got into reading again. This is, obviously, an old interest, but I’m reading a lot more than I was before and it sparked my interest again. Watching Let’s Plays on YouTube and getting into the gamer community (just dipping my toe in, don’t send gamergate after me). I never thought I would have an interest in that kinda stuff, but it’s been such a fun thing for Andrew and I to do together. Plus, I like being “in the know” about gamer things. Makes me feel cool, like a hip mom.

I’ve been playing more flash games recently; I took a bit of a break from Kongregate. And I’m still on hold with my WoW account, though I’ve been dying to play. Instead, we’re playing Heroes of the Storm! It’s like LoL but by Blizzard so instantly cooler. You’ll probably see more planner insanity because, yes Steffi did hook me with that video. Last year at this time, we were super into playing blind tag every week, but now we go to the trampoline gym! Steffi can do backflips over and over again and I’m just learning how to do front flips. Activities!

How will you celebrate the blogs one year anniversary? We’re going to Disneyland, duh! I’ll be there for Disneyland’s 60th (Friday-Sunday) and Kara will be joining me on the weekend! We’re going to do so much of nothing. All the nothing will be had by us.

We’re going to Disneyland! I can’t wait to eat ice cream on Main Street all day and see the new parade and fireworks for the 60th. Doing nothing in the parks is so MAGICAL.

Will you keep posting?

Since this doesn’t seem to be a goodbye post, yes I think we will.

Imma have to say duh.

Goals for the new blog-year?

More gifs. And I really want to see more harsh punishments. I think we’ve been too lenient this year (first person to skip a post has to put peanut butter on their face?). Also, since Kara and I are getting into planner decorating, I hope there will be some Plan with Me series, or the blog equivalent. As a person: I’d like to say that I’m more well rested by next year this time. Also, it would be nice to start working out again. And save some money. And be happy. If those things happen, I will be a happy girl.

Yes, gifs. I miss gifs. I lost all of my saved ones on my old computer D: I want to be more harsh with punishments too. And we need to start a youtube channel. Maybe punishments have to be vlogged? I definitely want to be more organized this year, like actually plan out posts. Good thing we bought new extremely satisfying planners!

How many days has it been since you’ve been to Disneyland?

73 days!!

I hate that you’re winning, WHY ARE YOU WINNING. 88.

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