Hi Steffi, here’s our new puppy Ludo! He likes to hoard tiny rocks so it’s quite an appropriate name and it sounds really adorbs next to Link.

Here he is making his first poop! In the house…but I still had to document it!

A doge face.

With his brother Einstein, who is much more chill and has floppy ears. 20150630_184121

He fell in love with Grayson’s Magic card backpack while we were in Flagstaff for the 4th. He made it his curl up and sleep spot.

He’s learning so quickly from Link. Already sits automatically when he wants something. 20150705_072611

Today was the first day he and Link played together! Linky has been a cranky old man since he first got here. I’m sure I’ll get a cute picture of them cuddling together soon. But with ups, there are downs. He’s been so good about only doing his business outside, but today he’s peed three times and pooped in the house! He’s pretty pooped out now though. Puppy life.


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