I’m reading them. 

The Glass Magician/The Master Magician

These books, like the first, left much to be desired. The fight scenes were really good though. Eh. It just could have been so much more.

The Book of Speculation

This book was so good but it took me too long to read it. It was another book about mermaids/”freak shows”. And it was very suspenseful and crazymaking – which is one of my favorite combinations. 

You’re Never Weird on the Internet (Almost)

This book was wonderful and I know nothing (or knew nothing) about Felicia Day. I read this before she came to Phoenix for a book signing but I ended up not being able to go, which made me sad. I don’t know if this is just because I love Mamrie so much, but I didn’t think this book was as good as Mamz. 

The Land of Stories

I didn’t even make it 20 pages in before I gave up. This is the single worst book I’ve ever read and I’ve read Twilight.

The Night Circus

(Not pictured because Maryann is reading it) THIS BOOK IS SO GOOD! This was my favorite out of the bunch. When I went into Changing Hands, on the fateful day I bought this book, I spoke to one of the ladies there and asked for a book. She told me she read this one every year and that it was about circuses. Before she finished her sentence, I was at the register. You should read this.

New Craft Space

Hi Steffi, I want to show you my new crafty space! I had Grayson and his friend move our stupid heavy couch and entertainment center a while ago and my parents brought me a new desk. I’d been wanting to move my desk for a while so I’m super happy!

Here’s my old space. The desk is super tiny and I used the top portion of Grayson’s desk on top of a craft table. I didn’t always have 2 lights by me, I think we were shifting things around that day. I felt cramped and most importantly, I couldn’t see the tv from there. I do miss those christmas lights though.

This is the space I moved my desk to. The tv used to be under the All Blacks flag.

And here it is now! It’s cluttered but I like it! My yarn is all stored on a shelf thing my mom got from her work, I’ve got a shipping station, a light box, my computer, and some of my craft supplies are in the desk drawers.

This thing is pretty awsome.

My makeshift light box. It’s literally a cheap clamp light with a piece of parchment paper taped over it and the back of scrap paper/The Fault In Our Stars posters.

New storage for all my safety eyes and crocheting supplies!

My awesome new computer Eva! And you can see that I store my felt on the keyboard tray on the other desk.

I always have my pencils and markers close by since I’m into coloring right now and for planning purposes 🙂 Jar sources are: candle, Hog’s Head mug, pickle jar. Repurpose!

Ok bye! PS I’m doing my punishment next week; there wasn’t a time limit on these things right? 😛


Dear Future Kara,

Should you ever find that I’m performing the task described in this next section – please refer to this blog post and proceed as directed.

If you ever find that I’ve sold any of the books in my possession in lieu of getting more bookshelves, please proceed to beat me upside the head with said books while you escort me to Ikea to buy bookshelves and DO NOT REST until the bookshelves are built. You may only stop bludgeoning me with books when you kindly place them on their newly built home.

Please note: Selling shit books to Changing Hands/an independent bookstore for money to buy new and exciting books is 100% okay.


Hi Current Kara,

When we moved into our apartment, I just wanted to get my books out of boxes – so there was no organization done whatsoever. They were basically thrown on the shelves and wherever they stuck, they stayed. And it’s been driving me crazy.

So, I’ve organized my bookshelves into six distinct categories: Classics (books I didn’t read because my school told me I had to/books I purchased at Bookmans to seem cool and educated but never really intended on reading/books I eventually read once I got my head out of my ass), the book shelves of shame (books I’ve bought and never read and may never read if I’m honest with myself but aren’t technically classics), books I’ve read in my life, books I’ve read THIS year, coffee table/food/Walt Disney books, and books I have an interest in reading soon.

 And although I’ve stacked books and stacked books in front of stacked books, there is still the very real concern that I may need a third bookshelf in the very near future. And when I get that bookshelf, imma buy three and put them BEHIND my couch. Because a) how cool would that look? b) the bottom shelves where no one can see? secret storage for secret stuff. c) excuse to buy more books. Or at least I’ll feel less guilty cuz they’re not all cramped like sardines. BOOKS NEED BREATHING SPACE OKAY.

Okay bye current Kara,


Hi Kara.

I’m giddy. Do you know why I’m giddy? Because you’re going to have to put peanut butter on your face and then tell me something interesting about something interesting. I’m pretty sure you know the face I’m making but JUST IN CASE, it looks something like this:


Which is also my pooping face.

On to my post!

I bought a few new beauty items that I wanted to feature today. They are:


Left to right: Mark Jacobs O!Mega Bronzer in 102, Kiehl’s BB Cream in Fair sample, Kiehl’s Clearly Corrective Dark Circle Perfector, MAC Pro Longwear Waterproof Brow Set in Brown Ebony, MAC Extended Play Gigablack Lash, and Covergirl Clump Crusher Water Resistant Mascara in Black.

I recently purchased the Marc Jacobs Beauty bronzer and Kiehl’s under eye cream. And first, we need to go into a rant (is there a non-negative word for rant? I’m going to word-gush? Spit some knowledge).

I needed a new bronzer because my Nars Laguna bronzer is getting to the point where it’s a real bitch to use. So I did me some research. The Laguna bronzer is $39.00 for .23 ounce of product. One ounce of product then costs $139.29. Whereas the Marc Jacobs bronzer – which is equally as wonderful – is $49.00 for one ounce of product. UM. Always check the ounces my friends.

Review time!

The Marc Jacobs Beauty O!Mega Bronze in 102 is really a wonderful product. I don’t find that it’s too dark or too light for my fair skin, it’s very easy to blend out, it’s relatively sheer (so you can’t really eff it up), it’s buildable, it makes me have a healthy looking glow and there’s a huge mirror (which is great for travel). The product is matte, but I absolutely would not consider this to be a contour shade (for fair skin). It’s a little too red toned for that. I love it! And I wont have to buy another bronzer in a long time because THIS SHIT HUGE.

The Kiehl’s Clearly Corrective Dark Circle Perfector was purchased because I finally ran out of my First Aid Beauty Eye Duty Triple Remedy: Brighten, Depuff and Smooth (sidebar: WHY ARE THE NAMES OF UNDER EYE CREAMS SO LONG JFC). The FAB product has no SPF and costs $36 for .34oz of product, whereas the Keihl’s product has an SPF of 30 (very important) and costs $38.00 for .50oz of product. The Keilh’s product is also more pigmented in the tint – so I feel like I don’t have to wear as much concealer (or any at all). Lastly, the Keilh’s container is superior. The stupid metal nob on the FAB product lost it’s appeal after about the 10th time that I had to clean it.

Here’s the makeup look that I created with the products above!


Hope you enjoy!

PS when did my hair get this long?


Yes my shirt says Kale.

Sticker Haul

Hi Keddah,

I wanted to do a sticker haul for you because I have a problem and this will somehow validate it.

The Planner Junkie


The cat sticker set has a comment bubble that says “I barfed.” No. Stop. Cut it out.

Beyond the fact that these are outrageously adorable, they are also really wonderful quality, easy to peel up, and I’m very happy with them. I will buy from The Planner Junkie again for sure.

The ONLY negative is that my order took a very long time to ship. I placed my order on July 13 and didn’t receive it until July 31. I keep up with my favorite shops on Instagram, so I knew she had some issues with orders during this time, but it would have been nice to get them sooner.

Station Stickers


I bought this set when her shop recently opened up from being closed for vacation. I almost bought like… all of the new sets she released, but I decided that I would buy my favorite – see which sticker pages I use most (since she sells the pages individually) and then buy the OTHER sets as I need them. I can’t say much on the quality, because I haven’t planned with this set yet, but when I use it – I will be sure to Instagram it!

Also, this shop shipped so freaking fast! I got my stickers less than a week after purchasing them. There wasn’t a tracking number though – so keep that in mind.

Papered Kiss (Which used to be Paradise Paperie)


Yes, if a shop has a cat sticker set I will buy it. Duh.

  1. These girls are LOCAL! Buying local is best.
  2. The quality is wonderful and the price is right!
  3. The ladies who own the shop are so nice! I reached out to them this week to let them know how much I love their stickers/tell them that I would be happy to assist if they ever needed a helping hand, and both girls were SO NICE. Vanessa and I bonded over working at Sephora. I think it’s planner love.
  4. Shipping was fast and easy! Will buy again!

I preplanned next week with the Citrus set I got:


Notice that a certain someone is trying her dress on next week!

Plan It Planet


I am obsessed with pineapples lately. I have a serious problem. Also, I just think these are super cute. Shipping was easy and I’m already planning another purchase.

I have three more orders coming in soon from Sweet Kawaii Designs, Stick With Me Shop, and Hello Emma Co. I’ll let you know what I think about those too!

Also, when you purchase stickers, ALWAYS check their Instagram. They usually have cheeky little sales going on. All of the purchases I made were during some sale or another.

Hope you like this little sticker haul! Happy Planning!

Best Disney Owls

Steffi, it’s finally here. My TOP 5 DISNEY OWLS! I can barely handle this post.

Number 5. Pocahontas owls
unamused owls

Number 4. Professor Owl
Look how smart this little guy is with his suit!


Number 3. Archimedes
He gets fluffy-flustered! He’s definitely the cutest Disney owl.
owl fluster

Number 2. Big Mama
She’s so BIG. And fluffy. HOO doesn’t want a hug from Big Mama?

He was number one! …FRIEND OWL!
Easily the most adorably cranky and weird, Friend Owl from Bambi is my favorite. He is described on the Disney Wiki as: ‘While incredibly cheerful most of the time, Friend Owl is better known for his mildly grumpy attitude. He strongly dislikes the Springtime because animals tend to become twitterpated during that time of the year.’
Here is an excellent video compiling his owly-ness.

friend owl creep