Dear Future Kara,

Should you ever find that I’m performing the task described in this next section – please refer to this blog post and proceed as directed.

If you ever find that I’ve sold any of the books in my possession in lieu of getting more bookshelves, please proceed to beat me upside the head with said books while you escort me to Ikea to buy bookshelves and DO NOT REST until the bookshelves are built. You may only stop bludgeoning me with books when you kindly place them on their newly built home.

Please note: Selling shit books to Changing Hands/an independent bookstore for money to buy new and exciting books is 100% okay.


Hi Current Kara,

When we moved into our apartment, I just wanted to get my books out of boxes – so there was no organization done whatsoever. They were basically thrown on the shelves and wherever they stuck, they stayed. And it’s been driving me crazy.

So, I’ve organized my bookshelves into six distinct categories: Classics (books I didn’t read because my school told me I had to/books I purchased at Bookmans to seem cool and educated but never really intended on reading/books I eventually read once I got my head out of my ass), the book shelves of shame (books I’ve bought and never read and may never read if I’m honest with myself but aren’t technically classics), books I’ve read in my life, books I’ve read THIS year, coffee table/food/Walt Disney books, and books I have an interest in reading soon.

 And although I’ve stacked books and stacked books in front of stacked books, there is still the very real concern that I may need a third bookshelf in the very near future. And when I get that bookshelf, imma buy three and put them BEHIND my couch. Because a) how cool would that look? b) the bottom shelves where no one can see? secret storage for secret stuff. c) excuse to buy more books. Or at least I’ll feel less guilty cuz they’re not all cramped like sardines. BOOKS NEED BREATHING SPACE OKAY.

Okay bye current Kara,


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