I’m reading them. 

The Glass Magician/The Master Magician

These books, like the first, left much to be desired. The fight scenes were really good though. Eh. It just could have been so much more.

The Book of Speculation

This book was so good but it took me too long to read it. It was another book about mermaids/”freak shows”. And it was very suspenseful and crazymaking – which is one of my favorite combinations. 

You’re Never Weird on the Internet (Almost)

This book was wonderful and I know nothing (or knew nothing) about Felicia Day. I read this before she came to Phoenix for a book signing but I ended up not being able to go, which made me sad. I don’t know if this is just because I love Mamrie so much, but I didn’t think this book was as good as Mamz. 

The Land of Stories

I didn’t even make it 20 pages in before I gave up. This is the single worst book I’ve ever read and I’ve read Twilight.

The Night Circus

(Not pictured because Maryann is reading it) THIS BOOK IS SO GOOD! This was my favorite out of the bunch. When I went into Changing Hands, on the fateful day I bought this book, I spoke to one of the ladies there and asked for a book. She told me she read this one every year and that it was about circuses. Before she finished her sentence, I was at the register. You should read this.


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