101 Update


I have a problem. My 101 list no longer reflects my wants or desires or needs the same way it did in September of last year. Let me go by sections:


7. Visit New York City : I don’t have the desire to visit New York City anymore. I don’t know what kick I was on at the time but I’m good.

12. Visit the aquarium Andrew is always going on about : This was going to be an easier task when Andrew’s dad lived in Santa Cruz but he doesn’t now and we really don’t have a reason to go anymore.

13. Travel on my own : I have zero desire to spend any time away from my future husband. This wouldn’t be fun because the only reason I would travel without him is for work. Bleh.

Self Care

23.  At least two no pants weekends a month for 12 months : I NEVER WEAR PANTS. The second I come home from work, I no longer have pants on. The second company leaves, my pants drop. I don’t have the patience to measure out this task.

24. Go a two weeks a year without makeup : I never wear makeup to work. I don’t wear it out unless I have to. I very rarely wear makeup. This no longer applies to me.

30. Have a pamper night once a month for 6 months : Once you see my bathtub, you will see how this doesn’t apply to me anymore.

Things to do (No $ Required)

38. Play the ground is lava for 12 hours : You called me out for this already, but like – this happens every Sunday.

40. Dance like an idiot in public : clearly, when I wrote this, I’d never seen myself in Disneyland before.

Things to Make

89. Learn to make 12 new cookies : No. For so many reasons.

I feel like I could remake this list a thousand times. What do I do Kara? Purge the ones that don’t fit anymore? Add new tasks? You tell me!

As of right now I have 31/101.

Perhaps we will fix this dreary situation WHEN I SEE YOU TONIGHT WHATTT.

To the furthest star and back!


One thought on “101 Update

  1. #13 is still doable in a way that won’t be away from your husband! When in a new place, take time to go on a walk by yourself, look at the shops, smell the food, then come back and drag his butt everywhere!

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