Puppy School


Hi Steffi,

Ludo went to his first puppy training class today! He was soooo good! He was very nervous around the other dogs but as soon as treats were involved, he wasn’t phased. I’m sure he was confused what with all the treats, noises and poking and proding we were doing but he smiled stupidly through the whole thing. Thanks to Link, he was way ahead in the sit-and-stare-at-me-for-a-treat and we were able to hold his attention for a whole 15 seconds!

Next week he goes to class number 2 and a private lesson about leash walking with Link. He will graduate after he goes to 6 classes. Soon after that it will be time for his manly parts to go, and probably the cone of shame, but we aren’t telling him about that just yet ;P

PS you are owed a mini punishment because you forgot to hit publish, which I will think of after I’m done recovering from the tiny chickens in my brain.


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