I am bad at things.

Hi Steffi, remember when I did a post about how I don’t adult well? This is sort of I Don’t Adult part two. I am so bad at things.

  1. I can’t be messy. A messy kitchen and clothes all over the floor make me anxious and I get cranky. I wish I would just relax and let it be sometimes!
  2. I don’t like talking to strangers. We went to get my car fixed and I didn’t want to talk to the person at the counter so I just handed him the keys and waited for Grayson to speak. I said, “You talk,” and the counter person said “You’re giving me a free truck?” Grayson laughed and thank god he started speaking.
  3. I do embarrassing things on accident. I bought someone’s coffee behind me in the drivethrough. The barista handed me my drink and then took my card. He gave my card back while holding the next person’s drink in his hand. Then I accidentally tried to take the other coffee. He stared at me weird and just said, “You already got yours.” I really think he thought I was trying to take their drink. So much for that good deed feeling.
  4. I can’t talk on the phone. Not only do I not like to, but I also stutter, talk over the other person and repeat myself. A lot of times I realize these things are happening, lose my train of thought and then stop completing sentences completely.

Can I just stay home with my yarn for the rest of my life so I don’t have these kinds of encounters? KTHX.


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