I Got Married

Hi Kara,

Last Thursday, I got married. I am now a wife. I really didn’t think this would make much of a change in me; Andrew and I have been together for 6 years now, but I keep saying to myself “I’m a wife” and that new identity is pretty exciting/weird/happy making. It’s weird that it’s official, but weird in the best sort of way.


This is the best one I have of just us. Better to come!

I’m not the best at 1) having feelings that I can talk about in a way that isn’t like “I FEEL ALL FLIBBIDYJIBBLY” or 2) being mushy online, but I can say with confidence that I can’t believe he picked me (not that the universe/I gave him a choice). I sure am a lucky gal!

So for those who weren’t with us, this is how our wedding day went (and so I can remember every little detail, not a joke, I’m writing down all of it). But tl:dr, December 3rd, 2015 was easily the best day of my life and I can’t wait for all of the December 3rd’s we have yet to come and every day in between.

To the furthest star and back,

Your married best friend =P

We arrived to our rooms on December 2nd, ordered room service, signed marriage documents (that say we were married on December 3rd, but we didn’t have a minute to do it on the actual day), Andrew got stolen by a bunch of boys to do a bit of drinking (I’m still mad that he wasn’t puffy), and Kara and I went to Sephora, where I was coerced by my sweet and innocent looking friend into spending far too much money on various makeup goodies. We then took those goodies to mine and Andrew’s suite, had a bit of a pamper session, and then Kara departed so we could both get some beauty sleep (which didn’t happen for me because I can’t sleep without Andrew cuz WE’RE ADORABLE).

On December 3rd, I woke up at 5AM and did my makeup. Now, I currently don’t have any close up pictures of my makeup, but you can see it and my hair on my friend Katherine’s Vlogmas video, which I will link here:

This makeup was my masterpiece. I felt very pleased with myself upon completion. Katherine then came over and did my hair (which was perfect and gorgeous), and at 8AM, we met our families at PCH Grill for breakfast where I had the most delicious cinnamon Mickey shaped waffles. My mouth misses them dearly.

Then, you, me, Andrew and Grayson went back to our suite and you got me dressed, we met our photographer (who is the best and I can’t wait for her photos! Six/five weeks from now I should have them!), and headed to meet everyone at the park entrance.


I found (a stick!) a better one!

From there, we spent some time at the Jolly Holiday and then left for a bit to take pictures at the Rose Garden and this other beautiful little gazebo between the Disneyland Hotel and Paradise Pier. I’m so excited for those pictures of me and Andrew. From the small preview I got of them, they took my breath away. And I’m glad you, Grayson, Leslie and Joseph were all there for a cheeky couple of group pictures; those should be hilarious.


Andrew’s Grandma and Grandpa, looking FAB.

After that, it was pictures by the castle with family and friends (which is where my feet began to fall off) and then a ride on Haunted Mansion! From there, we said goodbye to our family and friends (even though table 19 managed to find us at the French Quarter), and we had the most amazing dinner at Club 33 (which will get it’s own post). I couldn’t have pictured a more incredible day and I feel so blessed to have had a wedding where we never had to compromise on what made us happy and comfortable. We both had the best day we could have ever imagined and I have no regrets, which makes me a very lucky bride!

The following day (Friday), since my feet were falling off, we took full advantage of our overpriced (yeah, I said it) Disneyland Hotel suite, and had our family and friends come visit us, like we were goddamn royalty. And I didn’t move off my bum until that night, when we did a bit of shopping with Joseph and Leslie and we met you, Grayson, Jamie and Ian to watch Paint the Night and the new Fireworks show.





Saturday was a very “Steffi Day” in the park. We did a whole lot of nothing, which is my favorite thing to do, and my favorite parts were: sitting at the Jolly Holiday doing nothing with our very large nerd crew, sitting at the Jolly Holiday doing nothing and catching up with Kelsi and Mario, watching Mickey and the Magical Map, and sitting on the train for a Grand Circle Tour and a half. I left out the Star Wars stuff on purpose and I’m sorry, but just don’t kick me out of the group. Also, I know this is controversial, but I think I really love the new fireworks show. Now, this is not to say that it’s better than RDCT or that I like it more because it’s laughable in comparison. But that’s just it; it’s laughable. I had so much fun watching this show and screaming the lyrics to every song and dancing along. RDCT was a guaranteed sobbing fest for me EVERY TIME, so it’s nice to have something light, fun and dancey. Do I think it honors Walt? No. So God bless YouTube and the wonderful souls who have filmed RDCT a million times so that I can watch it when I need a good Waltcry, but I like the new one (who’s name I haven’t committed to memory because it’s fun but not important).

From that point on, our trip was done. I came home, got violently ill, had to cancel our mini-moon (which was rebooked for January), and spent a whole week either dying or relaxing at home. It’s been an interesting few weeks to say the least. ❤


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