Hi Steffi, I’m so glad to hear you got your nespresso! I had an equally relaxing and awesome Christmas (complete with kitty cuddles!) And here’s some of my favorite new things:

1. Sorcerer’s Stone illustrated edition from Grayson’s parents. I cried when I unwrapped this; as one does.


And some more hp stuff thanks to Kyle and Sterling.


2. Felfire leggings and Yoshi’s Woolly World thanks to Grayson 🙂



3. Basically a new kitchen from both of our parents. We can finally be rid of the plates and bowl we stole from the union.



4. IKEA carts! We both got one from my parents.


5. Star wars pillows from Channing. And she says we’re hard to shop for. 🙄


Every gift we received this year was awesome and special, down to the underwear and socks. Which we really love to get, because who likes spending their own money on under garments?

We also saw star wars for a second time on christmas day! We are still undecided on a theory.

I love you and I will see you sometime soon for our best friend’s dress shopping!!

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