A Discovery of Witches & 2016 Reading Progress

Hey Kara,

I have been truly horrible at updating you on the books I’ve been reading and my progress. I promise that I never went a week without reading because I was reading a wonderful book series, A Discovery of Witches by Deborah Harkness. These books were so good.

First, the characters in the books are creatures: human, demons, vampires and witches. I spent the first book detoxing from the last Vampire book I read (Twilight barf I hate myself) and it took me almost all of the book to stop comparing and hating myself for reading a vampire book. By the second book that was gone and by the third, I am almost ready to forget about the horrible time in my life when I thought those books had any value at all.

Once I got past my prejudice, I feel in love with the characters and the story and it was sciency and magical and romancy and lovely! (There was a disturbing amount of DNA talk in this book, Kara, I think you might like it) I hesitate suggesting this to anyone, because I’m rolling my eyes at my reading of this so when someone rolls their eyes at me for suggesting they read it, I totally get it. But it was good and I hope those who chose to read it or have read it love it as much as I did!

So here’s my progress for the year:

My challenge: 10/25 books read! (Goodreads Bookshelf)

And our challenge: 4/11 books read! (Goodreads Bookshelf)

Discovery of Witches completed the “Book I’ve been meaning to read” category.

My next book is going to be the fourth book in the Lady Trent Series! Which will complete the “Book published this year” category!

Yay books!

Also, we’re in Vegas right now – THAT’S SO EXCITING.

Samsung Emojis Are Better

Hi Steffibun, it’s Tuesday again!

I want to tell you why my emojis are better than yours. They are superior in every way and it makes me sad that when I send you an emoji, you aren’t getting the full effect of my emotion.

Do you see the wonder in my face when I send you heart eyes?


I am actually dead when I see something awesome.

My dance emoji is obvs the best choice.

There’s an app that will show you the translation between the two. It’s called Emojily. Apparently the girl with bunny ears I always use is actually dancing twins?

Here’s some of the new ones we just got. Look at my cute happy nerds!

The faces have so much more expression. Please refer to these when I send them to you 😛

Reading update: I’m 80% done with Alice.

DIY Shelves

Hi Keddahbean and Cheese,

Andrew and I did our first DIY project in our new house! I wanted shelves for our bathrooms which don’t have any good towel storage. So instead of buying super expensive shelves, we decided to make our own.

Here’s the finished product and how we made them!

We bought a 2in x 12in x 10ft plank of wood from Home Depot and had them cut that down into 5 24in peices of wood. We sanded and stained the wood, bought some brackets (again from Home Depot), and fixed them to the wall.

For three beautiful shelves, the total cost was less than $24.00 per shelf (minus the cost of any tools you may need to get the project done)! They’re rustic and perfect and I love them so much!

Big thanks to my wonderful husband who assembled these for me. He’s the very best in the whole entire universe =)

April Etsy Faves

Steffi! Ah, I ran out of time to post something today! But here’s my most recently favorited stuff on Etsy.

solar system bracelet – bloomyjewelry
Solar System Bracelet, Solar System Jewelry, Space Jewelry, Milky Way Galaxy, Planet Jewelry, Galaxy Bracelet, Statemen Bracelet

marauder’s map yarn bowl (this is currently being shipped to me!)- handpaintednerd
Harry Potter Marauders Map Yarn Bowl

bambi adventure ears – AshleysAdventureEars
Sweet Deer Adventure Ears

pokemon scene shadow box – Decor8bitArt

alice clay necklace – ZingaraCreativa
polymer clay necklace / fairy/ fimo/ clay / zingara creativa / alice polymerclay / alice

And…wait for it…


french kitty – StringologyArt
French Kitty

I know that last one’s your favorite.

Reading update: I was bad again and didn’t read. I’m determined to finish Alice this week though!

P.S. If any of you haven’t checked out my Patreon yet, please do! https://patreon.com/khookcreations 😀

Steffi’s Guide to Adulting, with Explitaves!

Hi Keddahbean and Cheese,

You’ve talked quite a bit on this blog about how you’re bad at adulting. And that’s just a lie, because according to Steffi’s Guide to Adulting, you’re doing just fine.

Also after every point, please see this gif.

are you adulting? if no – this image is for you.

  1. Money. Bills. Savings. Life. Just get your shit together and don’t be a putz.
  2. Go to bed and wake up around the same time. Bedtimes are the coolest fucking thing that ever existed. That’s why old people do it.
  3. Get your ass up in the morning with enough time to get wherever you need to go (better be your fucking JOB. SEE NUMBER 1) and not be rushed. You need to be able to moisturize your goddamned face before you fly out the door and if you can shove some cereal into your face, even better.
  4. Take your goddamn vitamins. Is your hair brittle? Nails brittle? Feeling lackluster? POP THOSE FUCKERS EVERY GODDAMN MORNING OR I’LL END YOU.
  5. If you touch your face with your dirty, germy, crusty-ass hands – I swear to god I WILL CUT THEM OFF.
  7. CLEAN YOUR MOTHER FUCKING SHEETS. ONCE A WEEK. Otherwise you’re sleeping on Satan’s asscrusties. And that’s FUCKING GROSS.
  8. Make your own goddamn coffee. It’s too much at Starbucks and YOU’RE A GROWN ASS PERSON. Cold brew is the EASIEST SHIT IN THE WORLD. I’ll make a post on it SO YOU HAVE NO DAMN EXCUSES.
  9. If you have moldy towels, I swear to god. I WILL PUT RAZORS INTO YOUR MOLDY TOWELS AND WATCH YOU SUFFER. Get your ass some bleach, clean your goddamn moldy ass towels. I can’t even look at you.
  10. Speaking of laundry. If you’re not separating your colors, darks and whites, using bleach when needed, you’re going to have to leave right now.
  11. Don’t even LOOK at Ikea furniture. And when you do, because you’re SCUM, know what you can and can’t buy. No, that bed won’t last you more than a month STOP WASTING YOUR MONEY, DAMNIT.
  12. Read. A Fucking. Book.

If you’re able to accomplish 6/12 of these items on a regular basis, my darling, you are adulting and I love you. If not, YOU’RE NOTHING MORE THAN A SAVAGE!!! (Except you, Keddah, because you’re perfect and without fault and I love you but EVERYONE ELSE. SCUM.)

Crochet Goals

Hi Steffibun, happy Tuesday night! Sorry I keep teasing you with almost-punishment-worthy posts. But here you go! These are the crochet projects I currently want to start/finish. I say currently, because I change this all the time. And one yarn shopping trip could change all of this because I’ll see a color of yarn and just have to make something with it. No, I don’t have a yarn addiction problem..


Projects in queue

Black Cat Hat (pattern)

Yoda Hooded Scarf (pattern)

Cable Socks (pattern)

Makar from LoZ (free-hand)

An Animal Crossing Character (haven’t decided who yet, but it’s crazy I haven’t made something from this game yet.)

BB-8 (pattern)

Torchic (free-hand)

Dumpling Kitty (pattern) Because I really need one.

Snitches & Navi’s with glittery wings. I bought some of this yarn so I have to use it for something. It’s called Snow Sparkle.

ANYTHING. I am looking for any reason to buy this yarn. It’s too pretty.

Projects to finish

Harry Potter Blanket (crochet-a-long) I’m already way behind because now the group has moved on to their Star Wars blanket (I’m not allowing myself to start it until I finish this one) but I needed a break from the tangled yarn mess that is a graphgan. (Graphghan is an afghan made from following a pixel graph.)

Jamie & Ian’s arch scarf. I’ve almost made it past the Gryffindor colors so I can switch to the Ravenclaw colors. Only about 12 more feet to go…everything is fine.

I also have a dancing baby Groot, a flower pot, a pikmin, and Eve in progress right now. This is actually a small amount of things for me to be working on at once. I must really like crocheting! 😛

Reading challenge update: I’m halfway through Alice!


Inglot Haul

Hi Karabean! 

I bought a few new eyeshadows when we were in Vegas last weekend! 

I needed some lighter shades to round out my Inglot collection so that was my goal!


in order: 467, 612, 393, 312, & 52

First: Inglot shadows have glitter mixed in with their pigments – this glitter barely transfers to the finished product, but allows for better blendability.  

467 is a gorgeous neutral beige with a slight glitter. 

612 is a light peach color with a slight glitter.

393 is almost identical to 612 in color but it has a wonderful golden sheen on it (no glitter)

312 is a lovely pinky peach color – similar to Makeupgeek’s Mango Tango

52 is a nice neutral brown with golden glitter. 

Yay new shadows! I can’t wait to play with these! 

Who I Support On Patreon

Happy Tuesday Steffibun! I hope the rest of your Vegas trip was awesome! I am so excited to go at the end of this month!

This post comes to you in one part: Patreon. I wanted to show you all the artists I support! Patreon is really cool and I only pledge $1 usually because I want to support several people, but every little bit just means you love their stuff and you want to keep seeing it. But if you want, you can pledge more money and get some awesome rewards like the Carl & Ellie postcard I gifted to you! I also made my own Patreon for my crochet stuff! patreon.com/hookcreations

Piper Thibodeau’s Art -They post digital art every single day and they have been for 1231 days. I get to see their work-in-progress images with the tier I’ve pledged to.

Li Kovac’s Art -She’s an awesome cosplayer who’s trying to do more digital art. $1 will give you access to sketches and works-in-progress.

Jessica Nigri -She is senpai and I will throw all of my money at her with no reward.

Dear Hank and John -Our beloved podcast. I give $1 towards Nars Mews. Sorry John. I can view their monthly livestream they do right before or after the podcast.

Karen Hallion Art -She’s an artist who does licensing work for Disney. She’s the one who drew your gift and she does the art for DFTBA games. Her work is often made into tshirts at teefury! I hope she starts doing more videos; it’s amazing watching her draw!

Ax Cosplay -She’s a very talented cosplayer and I always look forward to her new ones. She shares a lot of how she does things and has great tutorials. Plus she has a cute birb.

Katie Clark Art -Nerdy, rainbow art. What’s not to love?

Do you support anyone on Patreon?
Reading update: I was bad this week and didn’t read at all.


Hi Karelala,

I shouldn’t have waited to do this post until the end of the day because we went out to eat at this terrible dim sum place and they tried to kill me with pork. I haven’t eaten pork in over 10 years. My stomach is very unhappy. Let’s see if I can make it through this post without vomiting.

I wanted to show you my day yesterday 🙂 

My day started at noon – after spending the morning working from Henderson, NV. 

I went from looking like this :

To looking like this:

Which was a small but kind improvement.

Then I went to this place and looked at a bunch of beautiful and unique furniture :



I really wanted to take this home.

Then I drove back to Andrew’s dad’s house and this guy smiled at me :

And then we went out to eat and you bet your perfect butt that I didn’t take pictures because I was too busy inhaling my food.

Then we went to the Belagio:


I lost $0.80 for you Kara


I technically won $50 cuz I bet $40 BUT STILL!


And then we went home and this happened:

And these were the things that made me happy yesterday. 

PS no barfing! Yet!