Who I Support On Patreon

Happy Tuesday Steffibun! I hope the rest of your Vegas trip was awesome! I am so excited to go at the end of this month!

This post comes to you in one part: Patreon. I wanted to show you all the artists I support! Patreon is really cool and I only pledge $1 usually because I want to support several people, but every little bit just means you love their stuff and you want to keep seeing it. But if you want, you can pledge more money and get some awesome rewards like the Carl & Ellie postcard I gifted to you! I also made my own Patreon for my crochet stuff! patreon.com/hookcreations

Piper Thibodeau’s Art -They post digital art every single day and they have been for 1231 days. I get to see their work-in-progress images with the tier I’ve pledged to.

Li Kovac’s Art -She’s an awesome cosplayer who’s trying to do more digital art. $1 will give you access to sketches and works-in-progress.

Jessica Nigri -She is senpai and I will throw all of my money at her with no reward.

Dear Hank and John -Our beloved podcast. I give $1 towards Nars Mews. Sorry John. I can view their monthly livestream they do right before or after the podcast.

Karen Hallion Art -She’s an artist who does licensing work for Disney. She’s the one who drew your gift and she does the art for DFTBA games. Her work is often made into tshirts at teefury! I hope she starts doing more videos; it’s amazing watching her draw!

Ax Cosplay -She’s a very talented cosplayer and I always look forward to her new ones. She shares a lot of how she does things and has great tutorials. Plus she has a cute birb.

Katie Clark Art -Nerdy, rainbow art. What’s not to love?

Do you support anyone on Patreon?
Reading update: I was bad this week and didn’t read at all.


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