Cold Brew (part deux)

Good morning Keddahbean!
This is a continuation of my last post (which can be viewed here).

So first thing : clean your goddamn kitchen. It’s Sunday morning – you have no excuses.

Strain out the chunky bits in a normal strainer.


Do not throw out these wonderful coffee grounds like we do. We are filth. You can be better. Use them as a coffee scrub for your body or put them in a composter. I have faith in you.

Stain with a paper towel!

Put it in a despenser of your choice (an unused Britta, in our case) and you will have delicious iced coffee for up to three weeks!

My favorite way to drink it is with sweetened condensed milk hhhhng. But for now, I will be enjoying it with some delicious almond milk!

I hope you try this out!

Cold Brew

Keddahbean (heh heh it’s a post about coffee. Beans),

This post comes to you in two parts. Literally two parts. Because I can’t plan ahead. 

First part : POUR ME ANOTHER BREW SON let’s raise a couple more to the revolution (Hamilton reference #1)

12 oz can – 6 L tub

This is all you need. This – and a straining utensil. Don’t be a dip like Andrew and me – go out and buy cheese cloth and drape that over your strainer. Don’t pour it through your coffee pot like we do.

Pour the grounds into the container.

Fill with water and then wait for part two. (Which means overnight).

❤ See you tomorrow AM!

Nerdfighteria Again

Steffi, last weekend was one of the greatest. I am so thankful for Nerfighteria, for John and Hank, and for the awesome that founded our friendship.

First things first. WE SAW AN OWL!!

We got to hang out with Christowaffle, who made 4 attempts to take a photo that I demanded and ended up with this masterpiece:Share from Pixlr

We reminisced about the night that changed our lives:

We saw another Hank Green concert, where we were absolutely living when we got to sing along to Everybody.

I gave Katherine a Hanklerfish.
Share from Pixlr (1).jpg

We finally got to experience a Harry & the Potters concert TOGETHER. This means so much to me. And don’t mind me, I’ll be listening to them for a solid straight month now.

♪ I am Harryyy Potterrr ♪


Reading update: I’ll be flying to Indiana this weekend, I promise I’ll bring my kindle and read!


Good Morning Karabean,

I’m sitting on your couch right now. Meta.

Last night we went to a Hank Green concert. It was like this:

We got to the concert and took this adorable but grainey picture.

This picture was taken just after giving WheezyWaiter a high five.

Then, we saw this incredible musician play on an eightstring guitar. It was possibly one of the most beautiful things I’ve ever heard. Every one of us had our mouths open – entirely dumbfounded by what he could do. His name is Rob Scallion and he’s on YouTube. He was also the drummer for two other bands that night.

Then we wrocked out with Harry and the Potters. I’ve forgotten how incredibly wonderful and fun their shows are and how awesome the community that surrounds them is. I won’t forget that again and I can’t wait to go to another show!

Then Jon Watson showed up and I felt personally attacked.

And then we saw Hank. And it was wonderful. 

We were sitting in the back, of course, like old people and it felt so good seeing this new generation of Nerdfighters signing every word back to Hank. That used to be us. We used to be in the front row – singing back every line. And it was heartwarming to know that although Nerdfighteria has changed – it’s still good. 

And as they say in our hometown,

Don’t forget to be awesome.

That Stardew Valley Life

Steffi, did you know I have a whole other life? A life where I have no responsibilities. Except to farm, make friends, fish, donate to the local museum, plunge myself into a mine, get married, upgrade my house, attend festivals, and become a collector of all things. But it’s really quite a relaxing life.


This is my Stardew Valley life.
My name actual name is Karelala. I live on Shire farm. It is the 10th of summer in year one. I have 3,036g to my name and I wear cool boots and a work cap. I am labeled as a level 6 ‘Bumpkin’. My dog’s name is Lido and my best friend is Caroline, a girl with green hair.


I am happy to report I have made some progress with my friend, Alex, who I hope to marry someday. He once threw me a football and I didn’t catch it. It was really embarrassing.


I have earned 17,000g in total so far (earning me the Greenhorn achievement). With some of that I have built a chicken coop on Shire farm where my chicks Ta, Jeckicko, Wemello, and Tuffy hatch eggs every morning.


I have cleared out much of my farm land, enough to plant and harvest a small section. I have heard blueberries are all the rage in the summer so I will plant much more of those once I harvest my wheat, melons, and peppers. I crafted a tapper for my maple tree so I can harvest maple syrup! I also have a furnace where I turn my mining finds into metal bars.


I find many things during my daily foraging. Some things are interesting enough to be donated to the museum!


I have been getting better at talking to people and making friends. This guy is the rudest. He will definitely not be my boyfriend.


Tomorrow there is a Luau and two days after that is Alex’s birthday. I have to make sure to give him a gift he likes and he’s sure to fall in love with me! Wish me luck!



Enter the Fungeon

Hi Steffi! We inherited another desk! So last weekend was room rearranging time. We definitely needed a real desk, we were using 5 mismatched tables and I had the top of Grayson’s desk on my desk. It was a mess.

My corner before.

Here’s my corner all cleared out.

I get to use the new one! I lost a few drawers but I gained the cabinets and storage on top. I’m still using the random table, but it’s just for my light box so it’s not taking up room on my desk.

We gave Grayson my desk. I’m so excited his computer wires are against the wall now!

We both sacrificed a little surface space, but it feels more open AND it’s symmetrical now which makes me very happy.

See you this weekend!