Two Years

I’m Kara. I’m quite the plain Jane, so no fancy fonts from me. I’m fond of orange and I’m still waiting for my Hogwarts letter.



Forever a real Hufflepuff


My name is Steffi and I speak largely in italics. I have a fondness for purple and picking my nose. I’m in a perpetual state of wishing I was in Disneyland. 

Remember when I had pink hair! /weeps

This is our Prahjeckt: In Review times two.




So, how’s the blog going?

Great! I’m perplexed at how we’re still coming up with ideas for this thing! I love doing it though – reading Kara’s post – at least – is one of the highlights of my week!

It’s awesome! I am unbelievably proud that we’ve been going strong for 2 years! Whenever I feel like I’ve run out of ideas or I may not want to keep up with it, Steffi’s Saturday post comes around and makes me all warm and fuzzy and who wants to quit after that?

What was your favorite post you did this year?

25 Things Every HP Fan Did Before Deathly Hallows Was Released. This was so fun for me to post, I got to go through a lot of old pictures, and all the HP feels.

New Vanity and What I Kept. It was very esthetically pleasing to me. I’m very proud of those pictures.

What was your favorite post the other person did?

Kara’s Bubblegum Challenge – hands down. That video has made me smile for the last 48+ hours.

From Rags to Riches: The True Story of Sir Scrump, First Knight of the Derpsgurd. (Derpsgurd was too good to correct) I love a good story post!

Any new interests?

I’m trying to pretend I really love reading. I’d still rather be crocheting, which I am doing live on twitch now! I’m very excited about our trip to Japan so I am attempting to be more cultured by watching Simon & Martina and eating delicious ramen.

I am reading more than I’ve read in a really long time (years) – which is a very wonderful thing. I’ve let my travel bug lose and I’m very excited for the next few years in travel. And I’m dipping my toes into home decor. It’s a very expensive pool. I’m obsessed with Hamilton and it’s made me a bit musical-mad. Food. This is an always obsession but Andrew and I are experimenting with new recipes and it’s really fun. Cooking with your spouse is an underrated luxury. 

How will you celebrate the blogs two year anniversary?

To be perfectly honest, we managed to forget this anniversary. BUT we are going to the midnight release of HP and the Cursed Child one month from today so we’ll make sure to post a picture of us looking all googlie-eyed at each other! 

With this post! And yes, we will take extra googly pictures for you at the Cursed Child book release.

Anything fun planned for this year? 

JAPAN TRIP HYPE! This will be an epic vacation to an amazing place with the best of friends; once in a lifetime folks! I’ll also be selling my crochet creations at Tucson Comicon again this year and possibly at Phoenix Comicon Fan Fest.

JAPAN!! Kara, Grayson, Andrew and I are all going to Japan in October and it’s all I can think about. We’re going on our #pollensunrise and I just can’t wait! We will be in TOKYO DISNEY. ON. OUR. FRIENDVERSARY. HNNNNNNNNNNNNNNG.

Goals for the new blog-year?

Okay. 1) We’re not allowed to punish each other with the Bean Boozled Challenge. It’s cruel. Bertie Botts are fine. 2) I submit that if I don’t post on Saturday (unless there’s a legitimate reason) I will be punished. 3) I want to make some videos! 4) I want to do more stuff together. I miss doing stupid surveys and I think we did less of that this year. Let’s do more together. Maybe once a month/once every two months we have a mandatory together post? 

1) I want to take/post more pictures of myself. 2) I want to do more joint posts too! 3) I vow to actually punish you when punishment is due.

How many days has it been since you’ve been to Disneyland?

I count 209 days. Two-hundred anything is just crazy. I can’t believe it’s been that long. Usually Kara’s Disneyland meter freaks out at 3 months. I do admit I am missing it by now though, but it’s easier to get by this year.

We have the same one for this I think! 208. Damn. Why am I so okay with that? 


Bubblegum Challenge

Hi Steffi, last week you assigned me a challenge video punishment so here it is! It was pretty awful and I’m glad it’s over. 0/10 would not recommend!

Thanks to Kyle for filming, almost all the burping, and the “that’s what she said” jokes.


Pasta of the Gods

Hello Keddah,

First: this post is about food but

Second: story time. Once upon a time, infant, baby, small Steffi went to Pennsylvania to visit her Aunt : the ORIGINAL Aunt Steffi (to whom I will never live up to but have fun trying because seriously goddess doesn’t begin to describe my aunt). So she made me the dish I am about to make and I DIED. It featured these fancy Italian tuna filets in oil IN A GLASS JAR. And I searched. And I searched. And I COULDN’T FIND THEM. I was heart broken and devastated. Until the other day! These fuckers are at Sprouts!! So I picked me up some, frantically called my Aunt and she gave me the recipe. And she graciously (literally grace oozes out of this woman – when I say gracefully I mean gracefully) allowed me to post the recipe!

So – I’ll tell you what you need as we go because I’m incapable of planning ahead. (Or I’ll post it at the bottom?) (and fuck if I’m editing these pictures)


Large saucepan with flat raised edges – this one is from All-Clad

Take your tuna filets and pour the oil out of one into the sauce pan and heat it up.

Smash the shit out of a ton of garlic and heat it up. The more garlic you use, the more Italian you are.

Open a can of tomatoes – the kind I tell you to get at the bottom cuz they’re superior – reach into the can, grab a tomato with your actual hands, not your figurative ones, and give them a good squeeze. Get all those juices out. It feels good.

Put it in and let simmer for as long as you can handle. We have no time frame at all because we’re heathens. Add pepper.

Tell Harvey for the billionth time that there are no Keetins Allowed In The Keetchen. He won’t listen.

Bubbly reduced deliciousness. Start the pasta about now.

Add the tuna (minus any oil) and capers.

Once the pasta is almost done cooking – add the flat leaf parsley. Leave a sprinkling for the pretty garnish.

Take some of that pasta water and add it to the sauce. This is why we didn’t add salt – this should be enough because your pasta water BETTER TASTE LIKE THE GODDAMN OCEAN.

Add your pasta to the pan! Now, if you cooked your pasta an ounce over al dente, I will end you.

Look at this! It’s delicious! Yum!

Recipe below and let me know if you give this a try! ❤

  • 1 lb of Linguini
  • Olive oil
  • Garlic (as many as you can handle)
  • Cento Peeled Tomatoes, Italian Style (can use two cans if you want it a bit saucier)
  • TonNino Tuna in oil with oregano
  • Capers
  • Flat leaf parsley
  • Salt and pepper

Book Punishment

Hi Steffibun. This is a sad day. I have not read a single page of the Name of the Wind for 2 weeks. I think you need to give me a punishment. Yup, this post is just me telling you that I need to be forced to read a book.


Make it good!

Shopping Spree: Daiso

Hi Karabean and Cheese,

I wanted to show you what I got and saw from Daiso, a Japanese Dollar Store chain in the LA area (we went to the one in Orange/Anaheim). 

Powder puff, face masks, piggie timer (cuz duh), cute tabs

Eyelash carrier and eyelashes

I’m excited to start trying these! 

And here are some things that I saw but didn’t buy.

It was very hard not to buy this for you, Bean


I had so much fun exploring this place and I can’t wait to go back soon! 

It’s Ludo Facé

Hello Steffi it’s Tuesday Wednesday (I really screwed up this week huh? Punishment n/n?) and this is a super exciting post because it’s all pictures of Ludo, our noodle puppy!

Always sleeps with all the feets.


Likes to hang out with his best friend Emrys.


Ehhhh 👉👉


Best stare pose wins.


He’s a little dweeb.


Those satellites tho 😍


That’s our Loodle!
Bonus pic: cat.


Shopping Spree: A New Bag

Hello Bean,

I bought a new bag! But Steffibun, you just bought such a cute and wonderful bag from Modcloth. Yes, Keddahbean, you’re correct. But that cute and wonderful bag’s shoulder strap broke, which caused me much heartbreak. When I contacted Modcloth’s customer service to tell them what happened, they didn’t have any stock of the bag (it’s back in stock now of course) and just refunded me the cost of the bag. Which was kind – but I was a bit sad. So I decided to buy a new bag when I found one I liked. And I did. At Target. For 36 doll hairs.


She so pretty


She’s so roomy


I love this bag so much. And since I’m only ever wearing neutrals again (fuck colors), this bag goes perfectly with my non-aesthetic.

❤ See you Tuesday!

Shopping Spree : A Saga

Hello Bean,

First – let’s just talk about how miserable I am at posting. Very. But my lovely and wonderful and perfect Bean has allowed me to post twice this week so I don’t get punished. Yay!

Second – I’ve been very bad lately. I’ve bought a lot of stuff. So I’m going to show it to you in a way to try and justify it in my head.

Third – I went to LA/Orange this past weekend to see the Little Mermaid at the Hollywood Bowl. Unfortunately, I got sick and couldn’t go. But – I did get to go and do a lot of other fun things and otherwise had a very restful, lovely weekend.

SO since I’m trying to butter you up, Keddahbean, here is what I got from Downtown Disney!

A Friendly Ghost, Baloo and Bagheera! (Bagheera is for you <3)

Lollipop for Brenda’s son, Hatbox Ghost Pin and an Up Pin

I hope you enjoyed this little Disney Haul!

❤ See you Saturday!

PS THIS IS VERY IMPORTANT! I just figured out that we will be in JAPAN ON OUR FRIENDVERSARY. AND WHAT IS LIFE. Also, instead of a honeymoon this trip is going to be a pollensunrise. Alison created this and I love it the most. THE END.

The Hiccups

Happy Tuesday Steffi!

I currently have the hiccups.

I had the hiccups last Wednesday. And the Wednesday before that.

How to I remember?

Because I was worried I’d still have them when I started streaming.

I didn’t.

But I’m pretty sure I get the hiccups almost once a week.

I find them most annoying and sometimes painful.

So annoying in fact, it prompted me to WRITE a haiku.

I don’t write.


My diaphragm goes
up and down, yes up and down.
I have the hiccups.

The hiccups. A haiku.


Reading update: my Kindle says I’m 8% through Name of the Wind!

I flew to the country.

Hiya Steffi!

It’s Wednesday, but it’s a special week so it’s okay. I went to Indiana for the long weekend for one of my fifty cousins weddings. Congrats Becca!


I got to wear my new dress that I bought for Vegas finally.


I love spending time with my Indiana family! We mostly sit around and eat and talk. Sometimes we even talk about poop. I learned what butt dust was. Don’t ask. Only if you insist. I watched some impromptu hunting, I got to play around with a cop car (thanks Kevin!) and I saw wild turkeys! Being around all my cousins makes me think about how my kids won’t have the extended family that I had growing up. My grandpa had 9 brothers and sisters. He himself had 7(?) children, those children had a minimum 2 of kids, some with 5. I love having so many cousins and it makes me a little sad that my kids won’t experience that. (PS I love all of you that read this, though it still surprises me that you do!)

I got to fly home with my dad. He’s the best to be on a plane with. He can tell you exactly where you are when you look at the ground. It was clear enough we could see some snow-capped mountains in New Mexico. On his way there, it was so clear he could see the rockies!


Reading update: I gave up on Alice and I started The Name of the Wind!


P.S. I can’t wait to start making cold brew, thank you for showing me how!