I flew to the country.

Hiya Steffi!

It’s Wednesday, but it’s a special week so it’s okay. I went to Indiana for the long weekend for one of my fifty cousins weddings. Congrats Becca!


I got to wear my new dress that I bought for Vegas finally.


I love spending time with my Indiana family! We mostly sit around and eat and talk. Sometimes we even talk about poop. I learned what butt dust was. Don’t ask. Only if you insist. I watched some impromptu hunting, I got to play around with a cop car (thanks Kevin!) and I saw wild turkeys! Being around all my cousins makes me think about how my kids won’t have the extended family that I had growing up. My grandpa had 9 brothers and sisters. He himself had 7(?) children, those children had a minimum 2 of kids, some with 5. I love having so many cousins and it makes me a little sad that my kids won’t experience that. (PS I love all of you that read this, though it still surprises me that you do!)

I got to fly home with my dad. He’s the best to be on a plane with. He can tell you exactly where you are when you look at the ground. It was clear enough we could see some snow-capped mountains in New Mexico. On his way there, it was so clear he could see the rockies!


Reading update: I gave up on Alice and I started The Name of the Wind!


P.S. I can’t wait to start making cold brew, thank you for showing me how!


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