San Diego Makeup Bag

Hi Karabean and Cheese,

I wanted to show you what I brought in my makeup bag for a week in San Diego. I think you you will be very impressed.

All makeup related things. I brought my two largest eyeshadow palettes simply because I had the room and didn’t feel like breaking them down into a smaller one. Top are my Inglot shadows and bottom are my Makeupgeek ones.

The cat bag holds all my makeup brushes. This bag once held a sleep shirt and I don’t think my mom expected me to get more use out of the bag it came in. But it’s great! The best part is – I can bleach it. No contaminants! 

And what we all came to see…

Bronzer, eyeliner, translucent powder, blush, two lippies, two mascaras, two concealers. You will notice that there’s no foundation. And you would be correct. I’ve completely stopped wearing the stuff and I think my face is happier for it.

I can’t wait to see you next weekend! And I will make sure to tell you about either the Mistborn trilogy or those serum potions next week! 

3 thoughts on “San Diego Makeup Bag

  1. I would like to see a post about why you don’t wear foundations anymore and how you do your face makeup now! If you have time at some point(: I love makeup bag posts, I am so nosy lol!!!

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