3DS Hype


While I was streaming tonight someone told me someone very exciting news! There’s going to be a new Pikmin game for the 3DS! It comes out sometime next year.


And! There’s going to be a Yoshi’s Wooly World game for the 3DS. They are going to release a Poochy amiibo with it, but my Poochy’s are better tbh. Wait. I take that back…


That game comes out on Feb 3rd. Hello 28th birthday present!

OK ilybai!

My Simple Makeup Routine

Hi Beans! 

I missed your stream today and I feel very guilty! But we had an incredibly productive and busy day! 

J&L are here with us for the weekend so we started our day at Chompies (Andrew’s favorite new breakfast place thanks to you), went to Hobby Lobby, where I got a shadow box for my Tsum Tsums, HomeGoods, where we got some bedding stuff and a new cat tree, DSW for Joseph’s fancy weddding shoes, and finally Nick’s to pick up Joseph’s suit. Then we came home and rearranged the spare bedroom because our new bedroom furniture comes in on Monday! I’ve stupidly forgot to take before and after pics so YOU’RE GONNA HAVE TO DEAL. 

I knew I was going to be running around a lot today so I wanted a fresh and simple makeup look. 

bronzer, translucent powder, concealer, undereye correcter, a cream shadow stick, mascara and brow gel

no makeup face

base done!

eyes done

all done!

All photos are totally unedited 🙂 

A Simple Change

Hi Steffi,

As you know I am extremely busy this time of year with crochet stuff. Since I don’t get to crochet full-time, I feel like I just never have enough time to get everything done. I doubt I’d ever feel like I made everything I wanted to even if I crocheted for 1000 years. BUT. I decided to try to find more time in my day to do what I enjoy doing.

I only made two changes.

I go to bed at 11pm EVERY night. I wake up EVERY morning at 7am.

This has helped me so much! Even though I spend the same amount of time sleeping, I am awake during more productive hours. Staying up until midnight, I’m lucky if I finish anything. But with over an hour of time to myself in the morning, I make more and I am more motivated the rest of the day.

Remember when I said that Saturday was my favorite day because I get to wake up, make coffee and crochet? That’s the first thing I think when I wake up every morning, “Is it Saturday, do I get to crochet?” So I decided I would make every day – at least the first couple of hours – a Saturday. I can’t tell you how happy this simple thought makes me every day.

Just some food for thought in case you are unhappy about something, make a small change to make it better 🙂



PS your mini punishment is to take a beautiful instagram photo of the books you are planning to read the rest of this year.

My actual post

Hello Kara,

You may not know this but this is my second post. I posted at precisely 11:59PM that I had forgot to post. So I posted. It counts! (?!?)

And the reason I forgot to post is this:

I am a giant, big, fat baby. What makes me a giant big fat baby you ask?

I can’t sleep alone.

Andrew is in Vegas this weekend helping his dad set up a Vive in his house. I chose not to go because I wanted a weekend to relax and clean and hang out with my mom and driving sounded like the last thing I wanted to do. 

So last night, instead of resting, I slept for maybe 3-4 hours. And I’ve been up all day in and attempt to make myself tired and I’m still up at 12:03PM. 

And this is not just an Andrew thing, no. I’ve never been able to sleep alone. I slept with my parents from birth to like 5th grade, which coincided with moving to Phoenix – where basically all my family came to live with us, nevermind the fact that my best friend lived with us every summer. Then I moved to college, where I had roommates. And then I met Andrew. 


And I can hear the feminiazies crying outside my window telling me that a woman should be able to do anything alone and blahbedeblah but if they would just come inside maybe I could get some sleep. 

12:08PM. Kara. You may mini punish me. Please let it be book related.

Ps. I loved being on Twitch with you tonight! It made me very happy and warm inside. But then I realized that I hadn’t taken the whites out of the dryer and I needed pillow cases and darkness decended again. (The dryer is in/on (I can’t figure out which right now I’m so tired) the patio)

Pps. Andrew is never allowed to leave again unless he gets me a replacement person to have in my house with me. All friends and family are acceptable. 


Four Parts

Hi Steffi, this post comes to you in four parts.

Part one. So this happened today and my life could not be more complete.

Two. We are going to Japan in 6 weeks! My mom was being very cute and told me she was looking up ‘traveling to Japan’ to make sure we knew about everything possible. I showed her our emails and the place we booked and I was like, see Steffi has it all figured out 🙂

Part three. I did my first 12 hour livestream on twitch last weekend, it was awesome! And it looks like I just reached my first goal on Patreon so I will make the 12 hour streams a monthly thing. (Thank you Jamie!!)

And part four – I’m almost done with my Harry Potter blanket, only 2 squares and the banner to go. Can’t believe this has taken me a year!

PS – I have stopped reading for right now. My mind’s just not in it, but I’ll let you know when I do start again!

❤ Karabean

Purple hair! 

Dearest Karabean,

You were right. You can officially take this moment where I chose pink hair when you said purple and put it in your pocket to later whip out at me and say I TOLD YOU SO. 

Purple hair. Is my everything.

Sometimes it’s blue. 

Sometimes it’s purple. 

And sometimes it’s magenta. 

All the time, it’s this: 🦄


Now for hair updates: 

1) my scalp absolutely hated the bleach this time round. It actually scabed in areas which is REALLY not good. I will be telling my stylist to avoid my hairline area from now on. 

2) grey is 100% out of the cards for me. She explained to me that grey hair dye (the toner used anyways) is a blue base. And unless you’re able to bleach the hair to a pure white – it will fade to green. And she would have to double bleach my roots every time and that just isn’t doable. So no grey! Oh well, I’ll just have to keep this amazing purple color for life.

Bye! ❤

A Long Weekend

Hi Steffibuns! I hope you enjoyed a long weekend! We definitely did! I got lots of crocheting done and we played some WoW. Grayson got new shoes for basketball and took first place in Friday Night Magic.

We went for a long walk to a new place and the puppies were very excited, but hardly ever at the same time.



Soul stealin’


It was so pretty!


Just a little doggo

We also had our fantasy football draft. The spread sheets though.

And Ludo had his first swim! He spent a lot of time freaking out, but he really liked it! (hover for captions)

I made him blow bubbles when I put the frisbee under the water, it was quite cute.

That was our awesome weekend! -Karabean


Reading Progress

Hi Beans,

I wanted to update you on my reading process. I haven’t read anything since I finished the Mistborn Trilogy and I will accept a punishment if I don’t read between now and my next post. Same goes for you? Between now and next Saturday some book progress must be made!

Here’s our joint challenge (completed tasks in italics):

  1. A book published this year: In the Labyrinth of Drakes (Memoir by Lady Trent, #4) by Marie Brennan
  2. A book you can finish in a day: The Only Pirate at the Party by Lindsey Stirling.
  3. A book you’ve been meaning to read:  A Discovery of Witches by Deborah Harkness
  4. A book recommended by someone at Changing Hands: The Readers of Broken Wheel Recommend by Katarina Bivald
  5. A book you should have read in school:
  6. A book chosen by your spouse & one chosen by your BFF: Mistborn by Brandon Sanderson
  7. A book published before you were born:
  8. A book that was banned at some point:
  9. A book you own but have never read:
  10. A book that intimidates you:
  11. A book that you’ve already read once: The Illustrated Edition of Harry Potter and the Sorcerers Stone by J.K. Rowling

6/11 books completed.

As for my personal challenge, I’ve completed 14/20 books. I’d like to be at 25 by the end of the year though.


hello. help me pick my next book.