Purple hair! 

Dearest Karabean,

You were right. You can officially take this moment where I chose pink hair when you said purple and put it in your pocket to later whip out at me and say I TOLD YOU SO. 

Purple hair. Is my everything.

Sometimes it’s blue. 

Sometimes it’s purple. 

And sometimes it’s magenta. 

All the time, it’s this: 🦄


Now for hair updates: 

1) my scalp absolutely hated the bleach this time round. It actually scabed in areas which is REALLY not good. I will be telling my stylist to avoid my hairline area from now on. 

2) grey is 100% out of the cards for me. She explained to me that grey hair dye (the toner used anyways) is a blue base. And unless you’re able to bleach the hair to a pure white – it will fade to green. And she would have to double bleach my roots every time and that just isn’t doable. So no grey! Oh well, I’ll just have to keep this amazing purple color for life.

Bye! ❤


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