My actual post

Hello Kara,

You may not know this but this is my second post. I posted at precisely 11:59PM that I had forgot to post. So I posted. It counts! (?!?)

And the reason I forgot to post is this:

I am a giant, big, fat baby. What makes me a giant big fat baby you ask?

I can’t sleep alone.

Andrew is in Vegas this weekend helping his dad set up a Vive in his house. I chose not to go because I wanted a weekend to relax and clean and hang out with my mom and driving sounded like the last thing I wanted to do. 

So last night, instead of resting, I slept for maybe 3-4 hours. And I’ve been up all day in and attempt to make myself tired and I’m still up at 12:03PM. 

And this is not just an Andrew thing, no. I’ve never been able to sleep alone. I slept with my parents from birth to like 5th grade, which coincided with moving to Phoenix – where basically all my family came to live with us, nevermind the fact that my best friend lived with us every summer. Then I moved to college, where I had roommates. And then I met Andrew. 


And I can hear the feminiazies crying outside my window telling me that a woman should be able to do anything alone and blahbedeblah but if they would just come inside maybe I could get some sleep. 

12:08PM. Kara. You may mini punish me. Please let it be book related.

Ps. I loved being on Twitch with you tonight! It made me very happy and warm inside. But then I realized that I hadn’t taken the whites out of the dryer and I needed pillow cases and darkness decended again. (The dryer is in/on (I can’t figure out which right now I’m so tired) the patio)

Pps. Andrew is never allowed to leave again unless he gets me a replacement person to have in my house with me. All friends and family are acceptable. 



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