A Simple Change

Hi Steffi,

As you know I am extremely busy this time of year with crochet stuff. Since I don’t get to crochet full-time, I feel like I just never have enough time to get everything done. I doubt I’d ever feel like I made everything I wanted to even if I crocheted for 1000 years. BUT. I decided to try to find more time in my day to do what I enjoy doing.

I only made two changes.

I go to bed at 11pm EVERY night. I wake up EVERY morning at 7am.

This has helped me so much! Even though I spend the same amount of time sleeping, I am awake during more productive hours. Staying up until midnight, I’m lucky if I finish anything. But with over an hour of time to myself in the morning, I make more and I am more motivated the rest of the day.

Remember when I said that Saturday was my favorite day because I get to wake up, make coffee and crochet? That’s the first thing I think when I wake up every morning, “Is it Saturday, do I get to crochet?” So I decided I would make every day – at least the first couple of hours – a Saturday. I can’t tell you how happy this simple thought makes me every day.

Just some food for thought in case you are unhappy about something, make a small change to make it better 🙂



PS your mini punishment is to take a beautiful instagram photo of the books you are planning to read the rest of this year.

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