Cross stitch!

Hi Kara! 

A couple of weeks ago after privately complaining to myself that I didn’t have a cheap hobby, you suggested I start cross stitching (which suggests you have the ability to read my mind). And it so fun!

I placed an order on Amazon for a shit ton of embroidery yarn and a cross stitching starter kit. This was enough to keep me in cross stitching for quite a while (I’m grossly under exaggerating) and it cost me $32. THATS IT! I’ve spent, in total, less than $40 on this hobby and that is going to last me for a ridiculously long time.  

LOOK AT ALL THAT FLOSS!!! And the thing is, when you cross stitch, you split one of those strands into three sections. I’m honestly set for life.

Here are two projects I’ve made and two I’m currently working on.


Turnip Head!

Haunted Mansion – the hitchhiking ghost are next!

The beginning of a soot sprite for Alison!

I really enjoy working on these and I can’t wait to keep making more! 

And just a reminder everyone – Kara and I will be taking a two week break from this blog because WE’RE LEAVING FOR JAPAN IN 2 DAYS!!! Kara, I’ll see you (on Monday. Physically, I will see you on Monday. In a foreign country. Called Japan. Holy shit. But I’ll see you on the blog) November 7!

See you on the other side

Steffibuns, next time I see you we will be in Japan! I still don’t believe it. I am excited for many things but I am mostly excited to share such an awesome experience with friends! I wish we could take all of our friends with us. They will just have to live through our many photos that we will take. Most of them will look like this:


Look at these lucky kids! Expect many photos like this also. All the excited faces.


Then soon after, we will get to be a part of yet another nerdfighter wedding because these two goons are getting married, Harry Potter style.


I am so grateful and my heart is full thinking about all of this! See you on the other side of the world! 😉


The only thing I am not excited about: leaving these behind.



Be A Man

Hello Beans! 

Our dear friend Nick came to visit us today. For those who don’t know, he’s trans and wanted me to show him a few makeup tricks to make him look more masculine. 

I used a little guidance from the internet. I typed in Masculine Makeup and this wikihow page popped up. 

Collectively, we weren’t smart enough to do a before picture so here’s a beforeish picture.

products used: sheer foundation to cover any redness, translucent poweder to set, ash grey/brown powder to contour, black mascara for the brows. Three brushes were used, an all over powder brush, countour brush and a lip brush (use what you got) – and the brushes could have easily been cut down to one.

I darkened the hollows of his cheeks and jawline, as well as shaded his forehead to give the appearance of a more prominent brow. I also shaded underneath the front of the eyebrow to give that same illusion – even though it’s hidden under his glasses. Lastly, we ruffled up his eyebrows with some black mascara. This whole process, with the gabbing I was doing (which was significant) took maybe 20 minutes. 

It’s very easy to do, uses very few products, and can really aid in someone feeling ever so slightly more confident. 

(Hi Kara. I have stolen Steffi’s phone and am using my one moment of power to taint your precious blog. My legacy is complete.-Nick)

Being Artsy

Hi Steffibuns!

I LOVED your Microsoft Paint masterpiece you made. I’m impressed.

I’ve also been drawing more for #inktober this year. Inktober is where you do artsy stuff with ink every day in October. I don’t do it every day, but I bought watercolor pencils which sounded cool and they are. You color with them like pencils and then wet the paper with a paintbrush and it turns to water color!

I’m mostly excited you are going to start cross stitching. It’s so addicting, I really hope you enjoy it!

I missed out on responding to the 2016 Nerdfighter census this year. BUMMER. I’ve been watching way more twitch and hardly any youtube. But I am listening to the very exciting analysis of the census (you know I am not being sarcastic) and I’m going to get back to it. He’s currently complaining about those who skipped questions and how they mess up his data. Thank you for this amazing photo of me and Graysmo!


Spare Room!

Hi Beans,

I wanted to show you our spare room! We’re redoing our bedroom so we had a lot of furniture that got repurposed to the spare room because it was a shit show before. Now it’s beautiful and perfect and looks better than our bedroom which currently is still in need of a few more items to complete the room (list: floor length mirror, storage bench, lamps, pictures, and something I’m forgetting). But I’m no longer allowed to spend any money at all ever until Japan. And then all the money gets replaced with STUFFED ANIMAL SUSHIS!!!

Since I wasn’t smart enough to take pictures of the room before we made it pretty, here is a beautiful piece of art I’ve created for you, Kara, on the Microsoft Application, Paint.

Spare Room.png

I’m expecting a call from the Smithsonian this weekend.

Since I wasn’t able to explain this in my grand masterpiece, the stupid queen bed was actually a fouton. Which is why it was so stupid.



❤ I can’t wait for you to stay here! 

PS for those who care – I was in a wedding Saturday and didn’t even think to post TO here so we took a week off! It was lovely!