Being Artsy

Hi Steffibuns!

I LOVED your Microsoft Paint masterpiece you made. I’m impressed.

I’ve also been drawing more for #inktober this year. Inktober is where you do artsy stuff with ink every day in October. I don’t do it every day, but I bought watercolor pencils which sounded cool and they are. You color with them like pencils and then wet the paper with a paintbrush and it turns to water color!

I’m mostly excited you are going to start cross stitching. It’s so addicting, I really hope you enjoy it!

I missed out on responding to the 2016 Nerdfighter census this year. BUMMER. I’ve been watching way more twitch and hardly any youtube. But I am listening to the very exciting analysis of the census (you know I am not being sarcastic) and I’m going to get back to it. He’s currently complaining about those who skipped questions and how they mess up his data. Thank you for this amazing photo of me and Graysmo!



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