Be A Man

Hello Beans! 

Our dear friend Nick came to visit us today. For those who don’t know, he’s trans and wanted me to show him a few makeup tricks to make him look more masculine. 

I used a little guidance from the internet. I typed in Masculine Makeup and this wikihow page popped up. 

Collectively, we weren’t smart enough to do a before picture so here’s a beforeish picture.

products used: sheer foundation to cover any redness, translucent poweder to set, ash grey/brown powder to contour, black mascara for the brows. Three brushes were used, an all over powder brush, countour brush and a lip brush (use what you got) – and the brushes could have easily been cut down to one.

I darkened the hollows of his cheeks and jawline, as well as shaded his forehead to give the appearance of a more prominent brow. I also shaded underneath the front of the eyebrow to give that same illusion – even though it’s hidden under his glasses. Lastly, we ruffled up his eyebrows with some black mascara. This whole process, with the gabbing I was doing (which was significant) took maybe 20 minutes. 

It’s very easy to do, uses very few products, and can really aid in someone feeling ever so slightly more confident. 

(Hi Kara. I have stolen Steffi’s phone and am using my one moment of power to taint your precious blog. My legacy is complete.-Nick)


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