Japan Day 5 Part 2: The Tasty Noods!

Hi Steffibun!

So after we left the shrine, we went to find lunch near our apartment. That’s when the tasty noods happened. Unfortunately, they didn’t make any of their noodles with vegetable broth so you couldn’t taste any. And Andrew for some reason didn’t order any either, for which I’m sure he’ll regret the rest of his life >_< but he did get to finish mine because I was too full. It was a big bowl of soup! I’m only sad that we walked by this place everyday and I didn’t go in a get a different bowl every. day. We ordered from the vending machine, gave the cooks our tickets, sat at this little bar and watched them cook. I think I remember them laughing at me because I didn’t know how to use chopsticks.

Chris took the train back to the airport and we made the most of the rest of the day. We went back to the Shibuya train station and crossed the famous Shibuya crossing. We just shopped around and we found a Taco Bell-no we didn’t go in. Also can’t forget the cafe & spaghetti place.

I think this is the night we also went out for real sushi because we realized we hadn’t had any yet. But it’s the only major meal I didn’t take a picture of! Sad! I tried things I’ve never had before and it was all delicious, though I’m not sure I can eat eel again just because Andrew mentioned all the bones.

I have a few more pictures left from our way to the airport and at the airport the next day. I’ll share those next week!



Hi Beans! 

I had no idea what to post today so I decided to show you what I did today 🙂 it was relaxing and just what I needed.

Every good morning starts with a cup of tea in a Disneyland mug. I also fed the two fattest cats in the world, and our friend Chris overheard the yelling match between myself and Derpy, the fattest of them all. 

Then I made my bed, which I immediately regretted because I knocked over a full glass of water on my bedside table. But, cleaning the table warmed me up and I hadn’t cleaned it since we bought it so POSITIVE THINKING.

I realized that the blog hasn’t seen my sushi family. From top to bottom, Ginger, Tom, Tuna, and Wasabi. Wasabi may be the best thing that’s ever happened to me.

After tidying up the house, I decided to work out. I’ve worked out five days this week! I’m incredibly proud of myself. 

Then I went to Walgreens and bought Andrew some pedialyte and distilled water because he got THE TINY CHICKENS. I say this in all caps because when he was smootching me when I had the tiny chickens and I told him he shouldn’t, he DENIED THE POSSIBILITY HE COULD GET SICK BECAUSE OF HIS IMMUNE SYSTEM OF STEEL!!! Immune system of cat poop more like.

Then I took a shower and used this stuff on my hair (and body).

And then I used skincare stuff. This is my morning (top) and night (bottom) routine. Faaannncy.

This is what my face looks like now thanks to wonderful products from my amazing dermatologist. I’m very pleased. Also, please ignore the hives on my neck. I’m dying of something slowly. 

I got two packages today. One was a scale from Amazon. Second was a City Chic purchase. They were having a freaking ridiculous sale, where nearly everything was either $10 or $20. I spent $40.00 on these amazing pieces, one of which cost around $100 on its own! I love that sweater, the kimono and shirt! 

Then I spent the rest of the night starting this guy! Which is a special present for a beautiful new bride! 

I plan on going to bed very soon. 

Best day! 

Japan Day 5 Part 1: The Meiji Shrine

Hi Steffibuns,

This was our last full day in Japan. We were going to meet up with Chris again to see him back off to Korea, so we got up early to stop by our little bakery and get those delicious egg salad sandwiches and the 7eleven to get rice snacks. We had some time to walk to the shrine near our apartment before Chris met us. No food was allowed in so we sat near a horse arena to eat our breakfast and watched a guy back into a sign with his tiny truck.

We watched people bow in and out of the entrance, which was huge. It was so pretty in there! There was a short walk to the actual shrine itself and it was one of my favorite places. I used the bathroom, of course, and they had heated seats with the forest sounds, it was wonderful.

We got a lesson on purifying ourselves before we went in from a funny old lady. There was some kind of festival going on that day so we got to see some people dressed up. There were huge husband & wife trees that were planted together and lots of prayers written out on pieces of wood.

And I lied last week, we’ll get to the tasty noods next week in part 2!


Book of the Month

Hi Beans!

So you know those horrible Facebook adds and how they used to be quite horrible? Well I keep getting really good adds lately and I hate it because it clearly works and also WHY DIDN’T I KNOW ABOUT THE BOOK OF THE MONTH CLUB?!? 

I genuinely don’t understand how I was never made aware of this. 

In December I learned about BOTM, a monthly book subscription where you choose one out of five new hardbacks that get deliered to you a few days after the first! I purchased a year long subscription, making my books less than $12.00 a month for each hardback – which is a very good deal! (And it will insure that I read at least 12 books this year)

You can purchase one book, two books, as many as you’d like, but your subscription only covers the one. I placed the order for one book on January 1st and received the book on January 18th. It’s a bit of a delay but I don’t mind. 

Carlos and Santana were not included in this months box. They just happened to be gathering sunlight outside)

Here’s what I got in my first months box! A lovely tote, a short story by Gillian Flynn called The Grownup, and my pick for the month, Lillian Boxfish Takes a Walk by Kathleen Rooney. 

The books have the most darling details on the jackets. There’s a BOTM logo on the front and on the spine. I can’t wait to have my little BOTM section on my bookshelf! 

<3, Buns

Japan Day 4 Part 2: Owl Cafe & Akihabara

Hi Steffibun,

Last week we left off at the Pokemon Center. We then got back on the train to meet Chris and head to Harajuku!

Harajuku is a fashion district, there were lots of shops selling American brands. We were on a mission for food for Chris though. We found a place called King Kabob where you can eat sushi on a stick or in a burrito. It was in this ridiculous Jpop preteen building called the dream station.

We also found an owl and cat cafe! We gladly paid the $13 fee for both and walked inside. There were owls right there! We started our walk through this amazing mess of trees, I was crying and freaking out over every owl, and you got the whole thing on video. 

Then we took turns going up the elevator -since we all weighed too much at once- to the cat cafe. We put some ugly brown sandals on, got our free beverage from a vending machine, and sat down to try to coax the kitties to hang out with us. There was a lot of people in there though and we just got some kitty scratches and photos in. 

We roamed the streets a little, long enough to see some advertising trucks drive by blasting kawaii music and then we went back to the train station to say goodbye to Chris for the night and head to Akihabara!

This is the place for nerds. Stores and arcades that are 8 stories tall and anime everywhere. Lots of stores had downstairs shopping for “adults” though we only needed to accidentally see one. It was awesome seeing hundreds of vinyl toy collections and watching Japanese dudes be really good at their arcade games. 

We found lots of capsule toy machines and we tried a delicious dessert that was basically a waffle stuffed with red bean paste. That’s when me and Grayson got pooped on by a bird. It landed on his arm and he was freaking out, but it landed on my face right below my eye. I was livid he cleaned up his arm first. 

Grayson found some Magic cards and we saw a $10,000 black lotus.

This was like an 8 story Costco. Each floor sold different stuff. We landed on the toy and game floor, where we found the world’s softest plushies, a giant Gudetama, and I bought Kasumi & Koduck.

We were pretty pooped after day 4, it was our last really busy day. But day 5 is when we had the tasty noods. Til next week!


Crafting Storage!

Hi Beans,

As you know, I’m convinced I’ve got the tiny chickens. I have no desire to do anything other than lay on the floor and try my best to absorb into the floor. 

Which is partially why I forgot to post yesterday. 

So here is a glimpse into what little I was able to accomplish this weekend #drama. 

I bought these little containers for like $2.50 at Michaels. They’re great for storing embroidery floss! 

Please notice that nine and six are perfect opposites of each other. Please also notice that I had 996 also in my haul, and the panic that ensued.

First, I cut the color number and tape it to the plastic. Then I write the number on both sides of the top of the plastic… thingie. 

Give it a wrap and voila! 

I put all my DMC yarn into this container – these are for specific massive projects that I’ll be working on this year. 

These are organized by project. 

This next container is for my huge thing of floss I bought when I first started cross stitching. I had a bunch of lose bundles that were driving me mad. This is a much better solution. They’re organized by color. 

I hope you’ve had a great weekend Beans! ❤

Japan Day 4 Part 1: The Pokemon Center

Hi Steffibun,

Facebook stopped letting me upload my photos from our Japan trip so I’m going to put them all here starting with where I left off, day 4!

We started day 4 where we started all days, at the train station. We found this awesomely weird anime poster of basketball players with owls?

We went to Ikebukuro to find the Pokemon Center, but first, food!

This was Halloween weekend so we saw lots of people in costume just walking around. Though we like to think that’s how Tokyo always is. We found the mall where the Pokemon Center was, we just had to find the actual store…

We’re on the right track!

Found it! There’s a Pikachu dressed up as a witch riding on this Charizard.

This place was huge and loud and crowded with people.


We shopped for a long time and bought lots of stuff. Andrew got his limited edition Mario & Luigi Pikachus, I got Psyduck socks, Grayson got a team Rocket backpack. It was a good day.

The checkout lanes had Pokemon starter labels

Then it was time to go to meet up with our friend Chris, part 2 next week!



Hi Beans!

Happy 2017 and yay we’re blogging again!


2016 was a bit of a bitch, so I can’t say I’m sorry to see it go. However, 2016 was the year I traveled most (and furthest!) and that is a truly wonderful thing! We went to Orlando, San Diego, Vegas, Flagstaff and Tucson a bunch, AND JAPAN!!! A Japan picture post is coming as soon as I finish editing those pictures…


So this year I’m absolutely getting on the “2017 will be a better year” train. However, I’m amending it to read “2017 will be a better year for me, personally (because this bitch needs to stop giving a shit).” I’m turning 28 this year, which is only two years from 30 (the acceptable age to stop giving any shits at all) so this year will be a good practice run for me.

In 2017 I’m going to try and let stuff I can’t control affect me less. I want to stop caring about what unimportant people think. I need to care about the world differently. I want to see more of the big picture.

And in the spirit of not caring what anyone thinks, here’s my 2017 goals!

  • Read 20 books. I failed this last year, but I’d like to try again!
  • Six months (non-consecutive) of eating a diet that has no name. It is Vegan+eggs+fish. Pescitarian minus dairy?  The Steffi Diet.
  • Save $2500.00 and don’t touch it!
  • Go to Hawaii and Vancouver this year.
  • Save additional funds for our trip to Greece?/Amsterdam?/Ireland & Scotland?  (Also, figure out where I want to go in 2018)
  • Go to the dentist!
  • Please, for the love of god, go to the gym.
  • Focus less energy on social media.

To keep myself accountable, I’ll check in every three months and keep you updated on my progress.

Here’s to a *]^}^{€] year! (I didn’t want to jinx it)

Happy 2017

Hi Steffibun,

I’m glad we’re starting off this year by blogging again! I didn’t make any resolutions this year because I never make resolutions unless they’re in a 101 in 1001 challenge. Instead, I’m going to answer your text message from last night. 

​Also hi, I miss you, how are you, are you wearing socks, if so what color? are you feeling good? have you watched those slime videos on YouTube/Instagram, they’re so weird. How is your cat, dog, other dog, mother brother and dad?

I am feeling okay.
Yes I was wearing socks, they were gray and black checkered socks.
I was feeling good enough to crochet a little last night for the first time in over a week!
Slime videos? You should tag me in one. 

Midna is a princess as always. She took to pooping outside of her litter box in what, I believe, was an attempt to rebel against the condition of said litter box. I’ve been bad and probably haven’t changed it enough so we refilled it with all new litter and no more poop on the floor. 

Link has been escaping from our yard. We had no idea how he did it the first time and came to the ridiculous conclusion that he somehow jumped on top of a bike and over the fence. This time Ludo was covered in dirt and there was a hole under the gate. Little shit had his brother dig him a hole so he could smoosh himself under. He got kennel duty and now wears a collar 24/7.

My mom is getting better!
Kyle is both jealous and proud that I won the fantasy football championship.

My dad got a new horse! His name is Cayenne right now, but he’s thinking of changing it to Cosmo. Isn’t he gorgeous?!

That’s the start of my 2017.