Happy 2017

Hi Steffibun,

I’m glad we’re starting off this year by blogging again! I didn’t make any resolutions this year because I never make resolutions unless they’re in a 101 in 1001 challenge. Instead, I’m going to answer your text message from last night. 

​Also hi, I miss you, how are you, are you wearing socks, if so what color? are you feeling good? have you watched those slime videos on YouTube/Instagram, they’re so weird. How is your cat, dog, other dog, mother brother and dad?

I am feeling okay.
Yes I was wearing socks, they were gray and black checkered socks.
I was feeling good enough to crochet a little last night for the first time in over a week!
Slime videos? You should tag me in one. 

Midna is a princess as always. She took to pooping outside of her litter box in what, I believe, was an attempt to rebel against the condition of said litter box. I’ve been bad and probably haven’t changed it enough so we refilled it with all new litter and no more poop on the floor. 

Link has been escaping from our yard. We had no idea how he did it the first time and came to the ridiculous conclusion that he somehow jumped on top of a bike and over the fence. This time Ludo was covered in dirt and there was a hole under the gate. Little shit had his brother dig him a hole so he could smoosh himself under. He got kennel duty and now wears a collar 24/7.

My mom is getting better!
Kyle is both jealous and proud that I won the fantasy football championship.

My dad got a new horse! His name is Cayenne right now, but he’s thinking of changing it to Cosmo. Isn’t he gorgeous?!

That’s the start of my 2017.



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