2017 Planner


I never posted about my new planner and that’s honestly a travesty. Cuz it’s adorable. 

Let us begin with the cats. And the metallic gold lettering. And let’s end with the cats. 

This is my monthly goals page! 

Here are my three favorite layouts. Each month has a different theme, all of which can be purchased as your front cover. I got Alison a cacti one for her birthday/Christmas/because. 

This planner does have one weird thing, if the month ends midweek (as most months do) it will start a new weekly page for that month. As you can see, that was a bit wasteful for January. However, I use these pages for stuff like this, so it turned out well! 

These are my two favorite spreads. I have a weekly spending, to do, and goals section and areas for motivational phrases! I’m currently trying to figure out how to break up stuff I’m doing on the weekly page, and I think the bullets are working fine. I’m still trying to perfect this. Also, I use washi tape in various shades of silver, gold, rose gold and black to “decorate” my blank notes page. I got a few from Amazon but most came from Michaels and were super cheap!

Lastly, I’m putting it out into the universe that I’m participating in No Spend Feb. Unfortunately, I will be seeing a doctor quite a bit for the foreseeable future to help my back (health update for those who don’t know: I’ve had a herniated disk in my back since the beginning of October last year. It ranged in pain from not being able to move to annoying, but I’m finally getting it taken care of by an amazing doctor that I completely trust and he has literally restored my faith in doctors). 

So although I’ll be spending more money than I normally would on a regular month, I’m trying to break my addition to buying things. I really really like buying things and that needs to stop. So I’m not going to be spending money on anything that isn’t necessary. Hopefully I do well and I’ll keep you posted (on both my back and my spending!)

Btw, I got this wonderful planner from MochiThings.com. It’s such a freaking adorable site! You should absolutely check it out cuz THE STUFF IS SO CUTE I WANT IT ALL.


Spare Room!

Hi Beans,

I wanted to show you our spare room! We’re redoing our bedroom so we had a lot of furniture that got repurposed to the spare room because it was a shit show before. Now it’s beautiful and perfect and looks better than our bedroom which currently is still in need of a few more items to complete the room (list: floor length mirror, storage bench, lamps, pictures, and something I’m forgetting). But I’m no longer allowed to spend any money at all ever until Japan. And then all the money gets replaced with STUFFED ANIMAL SUSHIS!!!

Since I wasn’t smart enough to take pictures of the room before we made it pretty, here is a beautiful piece of art I’ve created for you, Kara, on the Microsoft Application, Paint.

Spare Room.png

I’m expecting a call from the Smithsonian this weekend.

Since I wasn’t able to explain this in my grand masterpiece, the stupid queen bed was actually a fouton. Which is why it was so stupid.



❤ I can’t wait for you to stay here! 

PS for those who care – I was in a wedding Saturday and didn’t even think to post TO here so we took a week off! It was lovely! 

A Simple Change

Hi Steffi,

As you know I am extremely busy this time of year with crochet stuff. Since I don’t get to crochet full-time, I feel like I just never have enough time to get everything done. I doubt I’d ever feel like I made everything I wanted to even if I crocheted for 1000 years. BUT. I decided to try to find more time in my day to do what I enjoy doing.

I only made two changes.

I go to bed at 11pm EVERY night. I wake up EVERY morning at 7am.

This has helped me so much! Even though I spend the same amount of time sleeping, I am awake during more productive hours. Staying up until midnight, I’m lucky if I finish anything. But with over an hour of time to myself in the morning, I make more and I am more motivated the rest of the day.

Remember when I said that Saturday was my favorite day because I get to wake up, make coffee and crochet? That’s the first thing I think when I wake up every morning, “Is it Saturday, do I get to crochet?” So I decided I would make every day – at least the first couple of hours – a Saturday. I can’t tell you how happy this simple thought makes me every day.

Just some food for thought in case you are unhappy about something, make a small change to make it better 🙂



PS your mini punishment is to take a beautiful instagram photo of the books you are planning to read the rest of this year.

Steffi’s Guide to Adulting, with Explitaves!

Hi Keddahbean and Cheese,

You’ve talked quite a bit on this blog about how you’re bad at adulting. And that’s just a lie, because according to Steffi’s Guide to Adulting, you’re doing just fine.

Also after every point, please see this gif.

are you adulting? if no – this image is for you.

  1. Money. Bills. Savings. Life. Just get your shit together and don’t be a putz.
  2. Go to bed and wake up around the same time. Bedtimes are the coolest fucking thing that ever existed. That’s why old people do it.
  3. Get your ass up in the morning with enough time to get wherever you need to go (better be your fucking JOB. SEE NUMBER 1) and not be rushed. You need to be able to moisturize your goddamned face before you fly out the door and if you can shove some cereal into your face, even better.
  4. Take your goddamn vitamins. Is your hair brittle? Nails brittle? Feeling lackluster? POP THOSE FUCKERS EVERY GODDAMN MORNING OR I’LL END YOU.
  5. If you touch your face with your dirty, germy, crusty-ass hands – I swear to god I WILL CUT THEM OFF.
  7. CLEAN YOUR MOTHER FUCKING SHEETS. ONCE A WEEK. Otherwise you’re sleeping on Satan’s asscrusties. And that’s FUCKING GROSS.
  8. Make your own goddamn coffee. It’s too much at Starbucks and YOU’RE A GROWN ASS PERSON. Cold brew is the EASIEST SHIT IN THE WORLD. I’ll make a post on it SO YOU HAVE NO DAMN EXCUSES.
  9. If you have moldy towels, I swear to god. I WILL PUT RAZORS INTO YOUR MOLDY TOWELS AND WATCH YOU SUFFER. Get your ass some bleach, clean your goddamn moldy ass towels. I can’t even look at you.
  10. Speaking of laundry. If you’re not separating your colors, darks and whites, using bleach when needed, you’re going to have to leave right now.
  11. Don’t even LOOK at Ikea furniture. And when you do, because you’re SCUM, know what you can and can’t buy. No, that bed won’t last you more than a month STOP WASTING YOUR MONEY, DAMNIT.
  12. Read. A Fucking. Book.

If you’re able to accomplish 6/12 of these items on a regular basis, my darling, you are adulting and I love you. If not, YOU’RE NOTHING MORE THAN A SAVAGE!!! (Except you, Keddah, because you’re perfect and without fault and I love you but EVERYONE ELSE. SCUM.)