Daily “Makeup” Routine

Hi Kara,

I started really getting into makeup right around the time you and I did the Disney College Program. That was when I started buying more expensive makeup and getting an interest into it beyond tinted moisturizer and mascara. From that point on, I never really felt comfortable leaving my house or seeing people without a “full face of makeup.” Now, my idea of a “full face” has never been full coverage┬ámakeup – but since, let’s say, 2010 I’ve sported a light/medium “full face” of makeup every single day (by that I mean the works: foundation, powder, blush, eye makeup, etc).

Not. Any. More.

Ever since I started getting acne, I started wearing less and less makeup. I guess I knew that although my acne was not caused by my makeup – that adding product on top certainly wasn’t going to make the problem any better. I can now say that, not only am I comfortable wearing little to no makeup, but that I feel most like myself with less. (Now, girl, do not get me wrong. If a camera is there then my makeup is going to be ON. POINT. Believe.)

So, without further ado, here is my everyday makeup routine!

before and after

First picture: Dear sweet lord baby jesus you have to be freaking kidding me acne cream, and moisturizer.

Second picture: corrective eye cream, under eye concealer, mascara and lipgloss.

Here are the products I use:


First three are skin care, and the last three are makeup. Easy peasy! Hope you enjoyed!

To the furthest star and back,

Bridal Makeup

Hello Kara,

My beautiful friend Danielle is getting married next weekend! I have the pleasure of doing her makeup for the wedding and here is what her trial makeup looked like.


Isn’t she gorgeous?

Here is a product list in case anyone is interested:

  • Skin
    • Smashbox Photo Finish Primer
    • Foundation: A mixture of Belletto Studio airbrush foundations in Roasted Almond, Bisque, and Creme De La
    • Powder contour, highlight and blush: Nars Virtual Domination palette
    • Setting powder: Airspun
  • Eyes:
    • Two Faced Shadow Insurance
    • Butter Pecan and Bonbon from the Semi Sweet Chocolate palette, Inglot Freedom Shadow in 609 and Rainbow Shadow in 101R
    • Bronze liner from Tarte
    • MAC’s waterproof mascara (I don’t remember which one!)
    • Ardel lashes in (I can’t remember this either)
  • Eyebrows:
    • Inglot Rainbow Shadow in 107R and Benefit Gimme Brow
  • Lips:
    • Sephora brand Nano Lipliners in Queen Quartz and Funky Fuchsia
    • Lush lipbalm in Whip Stick


We’re going to darken up her eye area just a little on the big day, but other than that she is perfect! Thank you for letting me touch your face, Danielle! It was the best! I can’t wait for next weekend =)

To the furthest star and back,