Japanese Harry Potter Books!!!

Hi Steffi, So my husband is the absolute best and got me the most perfect present for our 2 year anniversary. He got me a complete set of Japanese Harry Potter Books!! My collection just leveled up!


Books 4-7 were split into two books each and each got their own cover art.

010 012

I can’t wait to inspect every inch of them. I’ve looked through a few of them and found there’s chapter art! These are a couple of my favorites:

003 005 006

The chapters are listed in English at the top of the page, but everything else is in Kanji. It’s interesting to see how they translate what I assume is yelling or newspaper text; some of the text I came across was bolded and in a bigger font size with teeny tiny font next to it. I really want to learn Japanese!

002 004

I even found some inserts in a couple of the books. One of them looks like an advertisement for the rest of the series, another looks like a visual guide to better explain things that probably don’t translate well? There’s drawings of Quidditch and gnome tossing and Dobby with a sock.

007 009 008

It’s safe to assume that gifting me Harry Potter books will always make me extremely happy 😀