My Favorite Things

Hi Beanzies! 

I’m doing my March post because I can’t be trusted to post anymore.

Here are some of my favorite things!

This was my delicious hipster/hippy/trendy? Idk which, breakfast this morning! I need more antioxidants and omegas in my diet and this has both! It’s a banana, strawberry, mango, blueberry acai bowl with raw walnuts and hemp seeds on top. It’s very delicious and filling! I wish I had a better blender (I use my food processor) but it will do for now! 

Kitties lounging in the sunshine. A forever favorite. 

Banana for scale

This post wouldn’t exist without my new washing machine. It holds… so much stuff. We would normally need to do two or three loads to do all of our towels in our old washer. WE CAN DO THEM ALL AT ONCE. We could barely fit our quilt in our old washer and WE CAN WASH THAT AND A SET OF SHEETS AND HAVE ROOM TO SPARE – MY LIFE IS GOOD. 

These two perscription medications have changed my face. For the past two+ weeks of using these together, my face has done a 180. I have better skin right now than I think I’ve ever had before. I’ve had two spots since using these to products whereas before, I was getting a new spot daily. I’m so so happy and grateful and I keep thinking to myself “Is this my life? Is this my skin?” Eep!

Lastly, my adorable kimono (I hate that they’re called that. They’re not a Kimono, they’re thin cardigans). It’s so cute and I love the siloette it gives me 🙂 

LASTLY for real, there a two things I couldn’t get pictures of. One is Beauty and the Beast. That movie was FREAKING AMAZING! And also my bidet. My bidet is life altering and everyone who doesn’t have one is a peasant scum. My butt is sparkling. 

My favorite days

My favorite days are ones where I get to wake up and drink a cup of coffee while I crochet.

My favorite days are when I come home and the summer Olympics are on TV.

My favorite days are when Grayson surprises me with chocolate.

My favorite days are when these boobahs cuddle on the couch with me.

My favorite days are full of thunderstorms and coziness.

My favorite days are ones I get to spend laughing with my family.

My favorite days are when you find out NBC buys the rights to play Harry Potter.

My favorite days are when I wake up to find a major yarn company has featured another of my instagram photos.

I may not have had your awesome week in San Diego, but I’ve had a really good week, Steffibun 🙂

Reading update: Me and Grayson listened to NotW in the car and he recapped each chapter to me to fill in the blanks when I zoned out. Chapter 23!

April Etsy Faves

Steffi! Ah, I ran out of time to post something today! But here’s my most recently favorited stuff on Etsy.

solar system bracelet – bloomyjewelry
Solar System Bracelet, Solar System Jewelry, Space Jewelry, Milky Way Galaxy, Planet Jewelry, Galaxy Bracelet, Statemen Bracelet

marauder’s map yarn bowl (this is currently being shipped to me!)- handpaintednerd
Harry Potter Marauders Map Yarn Bowl

bambi adventure ears – AshleysAdventureEars
Sweet Deer Adventure Ears

pokemon scene shadow box – Decor8bitArt

alice clay necklace – ZingaraCreativa
polymer clay necklace / fairy/ fimo/ clay / zingara creativa / alice polymerclay / alice

And…wait for it…


french kitty – StringologyArt
French Kitty

I know that last one’s your favorite.

Reading update: I was bad again and didn’t read. I’m determined to finish Alice this week though!

P.S. If any of you haven’t checked out my Patreon yet, please do! 😀

Who I Support On Patreon

Happy Tuesday Steffibun! I hope the rest of your Vegas trip was awesome! I am so excited to go at the end of this month!

This post comes to you in one part: Patreon. I wanted to show you all the artists I support! Patreon is really cool and I only pledge $1 usually because I want to support several people, but every little bit just means you love their stuff and you want to keep seeing it. But if you want, you can pledge more money and get some awesome rewards like the Carl & Ellie postcard I gifted to you! I also made my own Patreon for my crochet stuff!

Piper Thibodeau’s Art -They post digital art every single day and they have been for 1231 days. I get to see their work-in-progress images with the tier I’ve pledged to.

Li Kovac’s Art -She’s an awesome cosplayer who’s trying to do more digital art. $1 will give you access to sketches and works-in-progress.

Jessica Nigri -She is senpai and I will throw all of my money at her with no reward.

Dear Hank and John -Our beloved podcast. I give $1 towards Nars Mews. Sorry John. I can view their monthly livestream they do right before or after the podcast.

Karen Hallion Art -She’s an artist who does licensing work for Disney. She’s the one who drew your gift and she does the art for DFTBA games. Her work is often made into tshirts at teefury! I hope she starts doing more videos; it’s amazing watching her draw!

Ax Cosplay -She’s a very talented cosplayer and I always look forward to her new ones. She shares a lot of how she does things and has great tutorials. Plus she has a cute birb.

Katie Clark Art -Nerdy, rainbow art. What’s not to love?

Do you support anyone on Patreon?
Reading update: I was bad this week and didn’t read at all.

Hi Steffibun! I loved your last post, I really need to take care of my face like you do yours. I’m not sure I have the stomach to pay for some of those products though, haha. Anyway, I don’t feel like typing much so I just want to show you a few things I’ve been obsessed with lately.




Check out her instagram OMG


Adorable critters from Whimsy Calling

All of this girl’s cosplays are amazing, but I’m really excited for her to finish this Padme one! She even crocheted the hair bun thingys.

Reading update: STILL reading Cuckoo’s calling pg 334

What the Oscars Taught Me About Our Friendship

Dearest Steffibun,

I had so much fun watching the Oscars with you on Sunday! Thank you for indulging me and my slight obsession. Here’s the things I loved about us watching the show together.

  1. You drove last minute to your mom’s house just to watch because you felt like you were missing out on something in MY life. What did I ever do to deserve you? *uglycrying*
  2. We become lesbians. Exhibit one. Rachel McAdam’s leg.
    88th Annual Academy Awards - Arrivals
    Exhibit two. Galadriel.
    GettyImages512920744P2016.jpg2016-03-01 20.25.26.jpg
    Exhibit three. Kate is such a babe in her water/metal dress.
  3. We don’t even have to speak words to convey our feelings.
  4. Leo & Kate OTP.
  5. Here comes our favorite part. What does this have to do with our friendship? Because you read the first sentence as a line from PatF.

Also I just wanted to say how unbelievably excited I am that Leo won his Oscar!! I know the whole internet is happy, but I am especially happy. He has been my favorite since I was 9 years old. I still have this book about him that I used to write a book report; you know, the fancy kind with the page protectors. I even used the cover for a portrait project in art class. The pages are falling out, but I will keep it forever. I love you Leo!

And I love you too, Steffi! Bye!