A Pokemon Walk

Hello Steffibun,

I didn’t know what to post about this week so I decided to take you along on one of my Pokemon walks last night! I wish taking pictures while Pokemoning were easier, but just experiencing outside—me and Grayson notice so many things that we normally wouldn’t have. Thanks PokemonGO!

20160718_185107.jpgWinky says let’s go mom! He gets very impatient with all the stopping >_<

20160718_185543.jpgIt wasn’t hot for once! There was a storm that rolled in but it was over in 3 minutes and it left behind all these lovely clouds.

20160718_185808.jpgOur park is so green and the grass was so fluffy from the bit of rain. Bonus, no one here yet!

Mom, what ARE we doing?? Can I go pee on that tree now?

20160718_193206Here’s where I caught and hatched 2 Pikachu’s! Such a beautiful place to be with friends!

I’m really loving these daily walks. It means it looks like I’m actually trying in my fitbit challenges. Plus all the time with my husband and stuff. I really love this game ❤


Reading update: I downloaded the audiobook for Name of the Wind and I read 2 chapters while listening. I’m on chapter 18.

So Pokemon Go though

Steffibun, to no one’s surprise I am playing Pokemon Go.

Look how cute Karabeann is reppin her black and yellow. This is my little team:

As you can probably guess, water and grass types are very difficult to come by around here. I was very excited to hatch an Oddish! Someday he’ll be a Vilepluuuume. I hope to find my spirit animal soon, Psyduck!

It has been very easy to convince Grayson to do things I want to do now. We walk the dogs at night, we walk around the mall after our workouts, and we’re thinking of driving up to Mt. Lemmon this weekend (for fairy types!). All it takes is the proper motivation 🙂 

It’s been fun being a part of something so big; I look forward to each day and what Pokemon I’ll get to meet next. ❤

ps – I do fear for what this may do to my already non-existent reading time 🙃

That Stardew Valley Life

Steffi, did you know I have a whole other life? A life where I have no responsibilities. Except to farm, make friends, fish, donate to the local museum, plunge myself into a mine, get married, upgrade my house, attend festivals, and become a collector of all things. But it’s really quite a relaxing life.


This is my Stardew Valley life.
My name actual name is Karelala. I live on Shire farm. It is the 10th of summer in year one. I have 3,036g to my name and I wear cool boots and a work cap. I am labeled as a level 6 ‘Bumpkin’. My dog’s name is Lido and my best friend is Caroline, a girl with green hair.


I am happy to report I have made some progress with my friend, Alex, who I hope to marry someday. He once threw me a football and I didn’t catch it. It was really embarrassing.


I have earned 17,000g in total so far (earning me the Greenhorn achievement). With some of that I have built a chicken coop on Shire farm where my chicks Ta, Jeckicko, Wemello, and Tuffy hatch eggs every morning.


I have cleared out much of my farm land, enough to plant and harvest a small section. I have heard blueberries are all the rage in the summer so I will plant much more of those once I harvest my wheat, melons, and peppers. I crafted a tapper for my maple tree so I can harvest maple syrup! I also have a furnace where I turn my mining finds into metal bars.


I find many things during my daily foraging. Some things are interesting enough to be donated to the museum!


I have been getting better at talking to people and making friends. This guy is the rudest. He will definitely not be my boyfriend.


Tomorrow there is a Luau and two days after that is Alex’s birthday. I have to make sure to give him a gift he likes and he’s sure to fall in love with me! Wish me luck!



Nerd Games, 101 in 1001, and Name Our Puppy!

Hi Steffi, since we had our anniversary post yesterady (askflldslg!!) this is my weekly post and it comes to you in three parts!

Part 1 – Flash games
REMEMBER THIS?! This game will always make me think of you. I just remembered there’s part two and I haven’t completed all of the achievements yet D,:

I’ve been desperately trying to complete Transmission. It basically has an impossible badge if you don’t cheat.

If you want to feel like a super secret cool hacker, play Mu Complex. Good luck. There’s also a part two. Even more luck.

Part 2 – 101 in 1001 update
End Date: August 23, 2016
Progress: 43/101

Completed recently:
7. Start and finish a home project
31. Get Sterling to go to the gym once a week for 1 month
41. Make a man cave
56. Make a lightbox

Made progress:
3. Schedule doctor and dentist appointments each year (3/4)(1/4)(0/4)
8. Read at least one new book every year (2/3) Game of Thrones book 1
11. Make ten recipes from Pinterest (6/10) avocado tuna salad & quinoa enchilada casserole
101. Put $10 in savings for every goal completed
101 in 1001 savings update


This little blue heeler/Aussie mix puppy is our new family member! Linky is gonna have fun with his new little brother 🙂 His name is Franklin right now, but we’re thinking he needs a nerdier name to go along with Link and Midna. We’re taking suggestions!!

What is my name?!

Story of Seasons Friday?

Hey Kara!

Unplanned game review week? This blog is hashtag nailing it. Although Story of Seasons Friday isn’t nearly is awesome as Tsum Tsum Tuesday; you know how much I love alliteration.

story of seasons

Andrew bought me a new game a few weeks ago called Story of Season. It’s by the same people who make the Harvest Moon games but something happened where they couldn’t call it Harvest Moon? I don’t even know. Anyways, it looks, sounds, acts, squacks just like a regular Harvest Moon game. I know that if you played any of their other games and liked it, you would like this one too.

So far I have a house, a farm, a rented plot of land to farm on (again, I don’t even know), a cow (which was named by the game), a horse (named Nevile), and three chickens (Parm, Chicky, and Nugget).

I’m only in Summer Year 1 (you start in Spring), but I can say with certainty that if another Animal Crossing game came out, I wouldn’t give this game a second thought. It’s complicated, like the other Harvest Moons. You start out at a “you’re clearly new” disadvantage. The stamina bar makes me furious. I’m hesitant to say that I’m only playing it out of boredom, but that’s exactly what’s going on. I keep hoping that it will get better, but I just don’t enjoy it for the most part. I’m playing just to play.

I have to say, the one benefit is that it doesn’t go off of real-time like the Animal Crossing games. But that’s it.

You know how in Animal Crossing everything is cute and the people all love you and you can just start fishing and progress keeps being made until the game is basically done? Well NONE OF THIS HAPPINESS IS POSSIBLE IN STORY OF SEASONS. And although I have grey hair and was able to name my chicken Nugget, it’s just not the same.

Animal Crossing gods, hear my plea and give me a new game.

To the furthest star and back,

International Table Top Day!

Hi Steffi it’s Tuesday and last Saturday was International Table Top Day! We were so sad you guys could not come, so here’s some of what we did.

I attempted to make meeple shaped treats. (Meeple are the game pieces for Carcassonne in case you didn’t know.) I watched a Nerdy Nummies’ video in preparation and they sorta came out well..haha.


I made rice crispy treats and cut out stars and then re-shaped them to resemble meeple. I put them in the freezer for a few mins to solidify the shape.


Then I dipped some lollipop sticks in some melted candy and shove them up the meeple butts.


They would probably come out less lumpy if you had deeper bowls so you could completely submerge them. I had to kind of scoop it up over them.


TADAAA! They were super tasty at least.

Grayson bought a new game I’ve wanted for a long time..Ticket to Ride!!


We got into no less than 3 nerf gun wars. This is literally a fraction of the arsenal. We had about 60 guns.


We played lots of Mario Party 10 and blind tag and it was a great day of games. Til next year, PLAY MORE GAMES!