Hi Beans! 

I had no idea what to post today so I decided to show you what I did today 🙂 it was relaxing and just what I needed.

Every good morning starts with a cup of tea in a Disneyland mug. I also fed the two fattest cats in the world, and our friend Chris overheard the yelling match between myself and Derpy, the fattest of them all. 

Then I made my bed, which I immediately regretted because I knocked over a full glass of water on my bedside table. But, cleaning the table warmed me up and I hadn’t cleaned it since we bought it so POSITIVE THINKING.

I realized that the blog hasn’t seen my sushi family. From top to bottom, Ginger, Tom, Tuna, and Wasabi. Wasabi may be the best thing that’s ever happened to me.

After tidying up the house, I decided to work out. I’ve worked out five days this week! I’m incredibly proud of myself. 

Then I went to Walgreens and bought Andrew some pedialyte and distilled water because he got THE TINY CHICKENS. I say this in all caps because when he was smootching me when I had the tiny chickens and I told him he shouldn’t, he DENIED THE POSSIBILITY HE COULD GET SICK BECAUSE OF HIS IMMUNE SYSTEM OF STEEL!!! Immune system of cat poop more like.

Then I took a shower and used this stuff on my hair (and body).

And then I used skincare stuff. This is my morning (top) and night (bottom) routine. Faaannncy.

This is what my face looks like now thanks to wonderful products from my amazing dermatologist. I’m very pleased. Also, please ignore the hives on my neck. I’m dying of something slowly. 

I got two packages today. One was a scale from Amazon. Second was a City Chic purchase. They were having a freaking ridiculous sale, where nearly everything was either $10 or $20. I spent $40.00 on these amazing pieces, one of which cost around $100 on its own! I love that sweater, the kimono and shirt! 

Then I spent the rest of the night starting this guy! Which is a special present for a beautiful new bride! 

I plan on going to bed very soon. 

Best day! 

Purple hair! 

Dearest Karabean,

You were right. You can officially take this moment where I chose pink hair when you said purple and put it in your pocket to later whip out at me and say I TOLD YOU SO. 

Purple hair. Is my everything.

Sometimes it’s blue. 

Sometimes it’s purple. 

And sometimes it’s magenta. 

All the time, it’s this: 🦄


Now for hair updates: 

1) my scalp absolutely hated the bleach this time round. It actually scabed in areas which is REALLY not good. I will be telling my stylist to avoid my hairline area from now on. 

2) grey is 100% out of the cards for me. She explained to me that grey hair dye (the toner used anyways) is a blue base. And unless you’re able to bleach the hair to a pure white – it will fade to green. And she would have to double bleach my roots every time and that just isn’t doable. So no grey! Oh well, I’ll just have to keep this amazing purple color for life.

Bye! ❤



I need to tell you some of my favorite things. Please, after I announce  every favorite, do Grace’s CANYOUSEEAT?!?!

1) Disney Movie Club

Disney Movie Collection

Two shelves baby yea.

This girl has an impressive collection of Disney Movies. I owe that to Disney Movie Club. When you sign up, you get 5 movies in your preferred format (I pick Blu-ray now that it’s available) for $1 a piece! When you sign up for DMC, you agree to purchase 4 movies at regular club prices in 24 months. I do that ANYWAY so it’s no thang. And “regular club prices” often means discounted preorders. Uh-hum-yes. I’ve participated in it 3 times now and I lurve it. Once your commitment is complete, you can cancel and do the program again! If you want to sign up you can go to disneymovieclub.com – and make sure you check out Retail Me Not for the promo code to get 5 movies at $1 instead of 4.

2) Shower caps

Living Proof Shower Cap


Why did I live my life letting my hair get all stupid and kinky from the steam of a shower or bath? Team filthy hair!

3) This Video:

Mamrie is one of my favorite humans and this video, I’m unashamed to tell you, made me laugh so hard I peed myself. I was in my bed, the cheese part came up, and I had to waddle myself to the bathroom trying not to drip. Just watch it.

4) This Book:

Let’s Pretend This Never Happened

I read Mamrie’s book, You Deserve a Drink, and it was really great, really really great, but the whole time I was wishing it was as good as the best humor/memoir I’ve ever read, Let’s Pretend This Never Happened. I laughed so hard I cried when reading this book. I probably peed myself (side note: I should probably get better control over my bladder). Everyone should read this book. Everyone. It will make you feel very normal.

To the furthest star and back!
PS You owe me a half punishment. In the next month, you have to go to a yoga class (or do an hour long yoga sesh in your room) twice in one week! Hashbrown friendshelpingfriends

Before and After: Brazilian Blowout at Choppers Hair Salon

Hello Kara,

This post is way overdue. My BRAZILIAN BLOWOUT EXPERIENCE.

First, let’s talk about my hair. My natural hair is unruly. It’s frizzy, there are like 19 different textures, and, as you can see in the first picture, cannot be contained within a single selfie. I color it and the only heat styling I do is straightening/curling. I rarely wash my hair (twice a week is a norm) and it’s still pretty damaged from when I went pink. I use more deep conditioning treatments (leave in conditioners, masks, oils) in a month than you will use in a lifetime, Kara. To minimize damage, I like to sleep with my hair wet so that it’s dry in the morning (because my hair takes ALL DAY to dry otherwise, I’m not exaggerating) so my hair would be in a horrible state when I’d wake up. So after a lot of debating, I decided to finally get a Brazilian blowout done on my hair!

I went to Choppers Salon in Scottsdale. I had a mixed experience. I really think the stylist did an amazing job, but the experience in the salon wasn’t the best. Let me explain.

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