Spare Room!

Hi Beans,

I wanted to show you our spare room! We’re redoing our bedroom so we had a lot of furniture that got repurposed to the spare room because it was a shit show before. Now it’s beautiful and perfect and looks better than our bedroom which currently is still in need of a few more items to complete the room (list: floor length mirror, storage bench, lamps, pictures, and something I’m forgetting). But I’m no longer allowed to spend any money at all ever until Japan. And then all the money gets replaced with STUFFED ANIMAL SUSHIS!!!

Since I wasn’t smart enough to take pictures of the room before we made it pretty, here is a beautiful piece of art I’ve created for you, Kara, on the Microsoft Application, Paint.

Spare Room.png

I’m expecting a call from the Smithsonian this weekend.

Since I wasn’t able to explain this in my grand masterpiece, the stupid queen bed was actually a fouton. Which is why it was so stupid.



❤ I can’t wait for you to stay here! 

PS for those who care – I was in a wedding Saturday and didn’t even think to post TO here so we took a week off! It was lovely!