Two Years

I’m Kara. I’m quite the plain Jane, so no fancy fonts from me. I’m fond of orange and I’m still waiting for my Hogwarts letter.



Forever a real Hufflepuff


My name is Steffi and I speak largely in italics. I have a fondness for purple and picking my nose. I’m in a perpetual state of wishing I was in Disneyland. 

Remember when I had pink hair! /weeps

This is our Prahjeckt: In Review times two.




So, how’s the blog going?

Great! I’m perplexed at how we’re still coming up with ideas for this thing! I love doing it though – reading Kara’s post – at least – is one of the highlights of my week!

It’s awesome! I am unbelievably proud that we’ve been going strong for 2 years! Whenever I feel like I’ve run out of ideas or I may not want to keep up with it, Steffi’s Saturday post comes around and makes me all warm and fuzzy and who wants to quit after that?

What was your favorite post you did this year?

25 Things Every HP Fan Did Before Deathly Hallows Was Released. This was so fun for me to post, I got to go through a lot of old pictures, and all the HP feels.

New Vanity and What I Kept. It was very esthetically pleasing to me. I’m very proud of those pictures.

What was your favorite post the other person did?

Kara’s Bubblegum Challenge – hands down. That video has made me smile for the last 48+ hours.

From Rags to Riches: The True Story of Sir Scrump, First Knight of the Derpsgurd. (Derpsgurd was too good to correct) I love a good story post!

Any new interests?

I’m trying to pretend I really love reading. I’d still rather be crocheting, which I am doing live on twitch now! I’m very excited about our trip to Japan so I am attempting to be more cultured by watching Simon & Martina and eating delicious ramen.

I am reading more than I’ve read in a really long time (years) – which is a very wonderful thing. I’ve let my travel bug lose and I’m very excited for the next few years in travel. And I’m dipping my toes into home decor. It’s a very expensive pool. I’m obsessed with Hamilton and it’s made me a bit musical-mad. Food. This is an always obsession but Andrew and I are experimenting with new recipes and it’s really fun. Cooking with your spouse is an underrated luxury. 

How will you celebrate the blogs two year anniversary?

To be perfectly honest, we managed to forget this anniversary. BUT we are going to the midnight release of HP and the Cursed Child one month from today so we’ll make sure to post a picture of us looking all googlie-eyed at each other! 

With this post! And yes, we will take extra googly pictures for you at the Cursed Child book release.

Anything fun planned for this year? 

JAPAN TRIP HYPE! This will be an epic vacation to an amazing place with the best of friends; once in a lifetime folks! I’ll also be selling my crochet creations at Tucson Comicon again this year and possibly at Phoenix Comicon Fan Fest.

JAPAN!! Kara, Grayson, Andrew and I are all going to Japan in October and it’s all I can think about. We’re going on our #pollensunrise and I just can’t wait! We will be in TOKYO DISNEY. ON. OUR. FRIENDVERSARY. HNNNNNNNNNNNNNNG.

Goals for the new blog-year?

Okay. 1) We’re not allowed to punish each other with the Bean Boozled Challenge. It’s cruel. Bertie Botts are fine. 2) I submit that if I don’t post on Saturday (unless there’s a legitimate reason) I will be punished. 3) I want to make some videos! 4) I want to do more stuff together. I miss doing stupid surveys and I think we did less of that this year. Let’s do more together. Maybe once a month/once every two months we have a mandatory together post? 

1) I want to take/post more pictures of myself. 2) I want to do more joint posts too! 3) I vow to actually punish you when punishment is due.

How many days has it been since you’ve been to Disneyland?

I count 209 days. Two-hundred anything is just crazy. I can’t believe it’s been that long. Usually Kara’s Disneyland meter freaks out at 3 months. I do admit I am missing it by now though, but it’s easier to get by this year.

We have the same one for this I think! 208. Damn. Why am I so okay with that? 




Today marks 7 years of our friendship! We met the mystical land unicorn Tyler Oakley today and we met John Green 7 years ago today. Maybe we’ll meet JK Rowling on our next significant friendaversary. We can dream.



In honor of our friendversary: A FRIEND TAG!

1. When and how did you meet?

K & S: In Hogwarts at a HP class.

2. What was your first impression of one another?

S: This is the biggest Hufflepuff I’ve ever met and what is with those eyes?

K: This is the Slytherin bitch of the class.

3. Describe each other in one word.

S: Kind.

K: Catlady

4. What’s your favorite memory together?

S & K: Aladdin! Fireworks for 3 hours. Club 33. Splash Mountain. Basically, Disneyland.

5. What is something that annoys you about each other?

S: I’ve never been annoyed by Kara but she hated me when I used to be messy five+ years ago.

K: I don’t get annoyed with her now but she used to be messy.

6. Have you traveled anywhere together?

S & K: Duh.

7. If you could go anywhere in the world where would it be and why?

S & K: Hogwarts

8. Who takes longer to get ready in the morning?

S & K: Steffi when she’s doing her makeup and Kara when she’s doing her hair. Steffi takes it all when she does her hair AND makeup.

9. Favorite inside joke.



10. Who is the better cook?

S & K: Steffi

11. What is it like being friends with someone who is so obsessed with YouTube.

S & K: We both are… This question doesn’t apply to us.

12. Have you lived together?

S & K: Duh.

13. Who is messier?

S & K: It used to be Steffi but now we’re both equally clean.

14. Who is more outgoing?

S: Kara

K: Steffi

15. Who is nicer?

S & K: Kara. Steffi’s a bitch.

16. What is the last movie you saw together?

S & K: Big Hero 6

17. Tell us something you got in a fight about.

S & K: The only fight we’ve ever been in was when Kara wasn’t seeing reason about how she was supposed to be with her now husband, Grayson.

18. Who is the designated driver?

S & K: Steffi

19. Who smells better?

S & K: This is rude. We both smell DELICIOUS.

20. Read the most recent text exchange between the two of you.

S & K: This is so boring. S : I’m going to go to [the Yogurtland] on Scottsdale cuz it’s closer to my apartment. K: Otay.

PS Your mini punishment is to do a 10 day photo challenge on our instagram. Ten days in a row, if you miss one you have to start over. YAAAS.

Summer Beauty Tags

It’s a joint post IT’S A JOINT POST IT’S A JOOIINNNNTTTT POOOOSSSTTT!! (I’m virtually singing this to you. hashtagyourwelcome)

Kara and I mooshed together our favorite questions from MissGlamorazzi and Fleur de Force‘s Summer Questions Tags. We’re only allowed to answer in pictures. I’m on the left/bottom and Kara is on the right/top. I could say something dirty here but I won’t. TO THE QUESTIONS:

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