New Craft Space

Hi Steffi, I want to show you my new crafty space! I had Grayson and his friend move our stupid heavy couch and entertainment center a while ago and my parents brought me a new desk. I’d been wanting to move my desk for a while so I’m super happy!

Here’s my old space. The desk is super tiny and I used the top portion of Grayson’s desk on top of a craft table. I didn’t always have 2 lights by me, I think we were shifting things around that day. I felt cramped and most importantly, I couldn’t see the tv from there. I do miss those christmas lights though.

This is the space I moved my desk to. The tv used to be under the All Blacks flag.

And here it is now! It’s cluttered but I like it! My yarn is all stored on a shelf thing my mom got from her work, I’ve got a shipping station, a light box, my computer, and some of my craft supplies are in the desk drawers.

This thing is pretty awsome.

My makeshift light box. It’s literally a cheap clamp light with a piece of parchment paper taped over it and the back of scrap paper/The Fault In Our Stars posters.

New storage for all my safety eyes and crocheting supplies!

My awesome new computer Eva! And you can see that I store my felt on the keyboard tray on the other desk.

I always have my pencils and markers close by since I’m into coloring right now and for planning purposes 🙂 Jar sources are: candle, Hog’s Head mug, pickle jar. Repurpose!

Ok bye! PS I’m doing my punishment next week; there wasn’t a time limit on these things right? 😛