Japan Day 4 Part 2: Owl Cafe & Akihabara

Hi Steffibun,

Last week we left off at the Pokemon Center. We then got back on the train to meet Chris and head to Harajuku!

Harajuku is a fashion district, there were lots of shops selling American brands. We were on a mission for food for Chris though. We found a place called King Kabob where you can eat sushi on a stick or in a burrito. It was in this ridiculous Jpop preteen building called the dream station.

We also found an owl and cat cafe! We gladly paid the $13 fee for both and walked inside. There were owls right there! We started our walk through this amazing mess of trees, I was crying and freaking out over every owl, and you got the whole thing on video. 

Then we took turns going up the elevator -since we all weighed too much at once- to the cat cafe. We put some ugly brown sandals on, got our free beverage from a vending machine, and sat down to try to coax the kitties to hang out with us. There was a lot of people in there though and we just got some kitty scratches and photos in. 

We roamed the streets a little, long enough to see some advertising trucks drive by blasting kawaii music and then we went back to the train station to say goodbye to Chris for the night and head to Akihabara!

This is the place for nerds. Stores and arcades that are 8 stories tall and anime everywhere. Lots of stores had downstairs shopping for “adults” though we only needed to accidentally see one. It was awesome seeing hundreds of vinyl toy collections and watching Japanese dudes be really good at their arcade games. 

We found lots of capsule toy machines and we tried a delicious dessert that was basically a waffle stuffed with red bean paste. That’s when me and Grayson got pooped on by a bird. It landed on his arm and he was freaking out, but it landed on my face right below my eye. I was livid he cleaned up his arm first. 

Grayson found some Magic cards and we saw a $10,000 black lotus.

This was like an 8 story Costco. Each floor sold different stuff. We landed on the toy and game floor, where we found the world’s softest plushies, a giant Gudetama, and I bought Kasumi & Koduck.

We were pretty pooped after day 4, it was our last really busy day. But day 5 is when we had the tasty noods. Til next week!


Best Disney Owls

Steffi, it’s finally here. My TOP 5 DISNEY OWLS! I can barely handle this post.

Number 5. Pocahontas owls
unamused owls

Number 4. Professor Owl
Look how smart this little guy is with his suit!


Number 3. Archimedes
He gets fluffy-flustered! He’s definitely the cutest Disney owl.
owl fluster

Number 2. Big Mama
She’s so BIG. And fluffy. HOO doesn’t want a hug from Big Mama?

He was number one! …FRIEND OWL!
Easily the most adorably cranky and weird, Friend Owl from Bambi is my favorite. He is described on the Disney Wiki as: ‘While incredibly cheerful most of the time, Friend Owl is better known for his mildly grumpy attitude. He strongly dislikes the Springtime because animals tend to become twitterpated during that time of the year.’
Here is an excellent video compiling his owly-ness.

friend owl creep