2017 Planner


I never posted about my new planner and that’s honestly a travesty. Cuz it’s adorable. 

Let us begin with the cats. And the metallic gold lettering. And let’s end with the cats. 

This is my monthly goals page! 

Here are my three favorite layouts. Each month has a different theme, all of which can be purchased as your front cover. I got Alison a cacti one for her birthday/Christmas/because. 

This planner does have one weird thing, if the month ends midweek (as most months do) it will start a new weekly page for that month. As you can see, that was a bit wasteful for January. However, I use these pages for stuff like this, so it turned out well! 

These are my two favorite spreads. I have a weekly spending, to do, and goals section and areas for motivational phrases! I’m currently trying to figure out how to break up stuff I’m doing on the weekly page, and I think the bullets are working fine. I’m still trying to perfect this. Also, I use washi tape in various shades of silver, gold, rose gold and black to “decorate” my blank notes page. I got a few from Amazon but most came from Michaels and were super cheap!

Lastly, I’m putting it out into the universe that I’m participating in No Spend Feb. Unfortunately, I will be seeing a doctor quite a bit for the foreseeable future to help my back (health update for those who don’t know: I’ve had a herniated disk in my back since the beginning of October last year. It ranged in pain from not being able to move to annoying, but I’m finally getting it taken care of by an amazing doctor that I completely trust and he has literally restored my faith in doctors). 

So although I’ll be spending more money than I normally would on a regular month, I’m trying to break my addition to buying things. I really really like buying things and that needs to stop. So I’m not going to be spending money on anything that isn’t necessary. Hopefully I do well and I’ll keep you posted (on both my back and my spending!)

Btw, I got this wonderful planner from MochiThings.com. It’s such a freaking adorable site! You should absolutely check it out cuz THE STUFF IS SO CUTE I WANT IT ALL.


New Planner

Hi Keddahbean and Cheese,

I got a new planner! The Erin Condren was just too big and heavy and I stopped using it in January. So I bought this one from Target. It’s exactly what I need and it was something like 12 doll hairs. Much better than Erin’s $50. 

So pretty!

Teeny Tiny stickers are from WisheeWashiPaperCo

Hair apt? I wonder what I’m doing…

I love this planner so far! I might buy a new one in Januart, because I prefer Jan-Dec layouts – but this will more than do the job until then! 

❤ hope you’re having fun in CO!

Sticker Haul

Hi Keddah,

I wanted to do a sticker haul for you because I have a problem and this will somehow validate it.

The Planner Junkie


The cat sticker set has a comment bubble that says “I barfed.” No. Stop. Cut it out.

Beyond the fact that these are outrageously adorable, they are also really wonderful quality, easy to peel up, and I’m very happy with them. I will buy from The Planner Junkie again for sure.

The ONLY negative is that my order took a very long time to ship. I placed my order on July 13 and didn’t receive it until July 31. I keep up with my favorite shops on Instagram, so I knew she had some issues with orders during this time, but it would have been nice to get them sooner.

Station Stickers


I bought this set when her shop recently opened up from being closed for vacation. I almost bought like… all of the new sets she released, but I decided that I would buy my favorite – see which sticker pages I use most (since she sells the pages individually) and then buy the OTHER sets as I need them. I can’t say much on the quality, because I haven’t planned with this set yet, but when I use it – I will be sure to Instagram it!

Also, this shop shipped so freaking fast! I got my stickers less than a week after purchasing them. There wasn’t a tracking number though – so keep that in mind.

Papered Kiss (Which used to be Paradise Paperie)


Yes, if a shop has a cat sticker set I will buy it. Duh.

  1. These girls are LOCAL! Buying local is best.
  2. The quality is wonderful and the price is right!
  3. The ladies who own the shop are so nice! I reached out to them this week to let them know how much I love their stickers/tell them that I would be happy to assist if they ever needed a helping hand, and both girls were SO NICE. Vanessa and I bonded over working at Sephora. I think it’s planner love.
  4. Shipping was fast and easy! Will buy again!

I preplanned next week with the Citrus set I got:


Notice that a certain someone is trying her dress on next week!

Plan It Planet


I am obsessed with pineapples lately. I have a serious problem. Also, I just think these are super cute. Shipping was easy and I’m already planning another purchase.

I have three more orders coming in soon from Sweet Kawaii Designs, Stick With Me Shop, and Hello Emma Co. I’ll let you know what I think about those too!

Also, when you purchase stickers, ALWAYS check their Instagram. They usually have cheeky little sales going on. All of the purchases I made were during some sale or another.

Hope you like this little sticker haul! Happy Planning!