I flew to the country.

Hiya Steffi!

It’s Wednesday, but it’s a special week so it’s okay. I went to Indiana for the long weekend for one of my fifty cousins weddings. Congrats Becca!


I got to wear my new dress that I bought for Vegas finally.


I love spending time with my Indiana family! We mostly sit around and eat and talk. Sometimes we even talk about poop. I learned what butt dust was. Don’t ask. Only if you insist. I watched some impromptu hunting, I got to play around with a cop car (thanks Kevin!) and I saw wild turkeys! Being around all my cousins makes me think about how my kids won’t have the extended family that I had growing up. My grandpa had 9 brothers and sisters. He himself had 7(?) children, those children had a minimum 2 of kids, some with 5. I love having so many cousins and it makes me a little sad that my kids won’t experience that. (PS I love all of you that read this, though it still surprises me that you do!)

I got to fly home with my dad. He’s the best to be on a plane with. He can tell you exactly where you are when you look at the ground. It was clear enough we could see some snow-capped mountains in New Mexico. On his way there, it was so clear he could see the rockies!


Reading update: I gave up on Alice and I started The Name of the Wind!


P.S. I can’t wait to start making cold brew, thank you for showing me how!


Hi Karelala,

I shouldn’t have waited to do this post until the end of the day because we went out to eat at this terrible dim sum place and they tried to kill me with pork. I haven’t eaten pork in over 10 years. My stomach is very unhappy. Let’s see if I can make it through this post without vomiting.

I wanted to show you my day yesterday 🙂 

My day started at noon – after spending the morning working from Henderson, NV. 

I went from looking like this :

To looking like this:

Which was a small but kind improvement.

Then I went to this place and looked at a bunch of beautiful and unique furniture :



I really wanted to take this home.

Then I drove back to Andrew’s dad’s house and this guy smiled at me :

And then we went out to eat and you bet your perfect butt that I didn’t take pictures because I was too busy inhaling my food.

Then we went to the Belagio:


I lost $0.80 for you Kara


I technically won $50 cuz I bet $40 BUT STILL!


And then we went home and this happened:

And these were the things that made me happy yesterday. 

PS no barfing! Yet!

Phoenix Comicon 2015 Recap

Hi Steffi! I sold my crochet stuff for the first time at Phoenix Comicon this year and it was a total success! I love comicons. It is the place of my people and I feel so at home. I saw amazing cosplays and met awesome people. I just want to be at con all the time forever.

Here’s me on Friday in my Steampunk Nurse Joy cosplay, you know, selling pokemon and stuff. I sell things with Airship Sleipnir; we’re a really cool steampunk group and you should check us out! They make fully functional steampunk Nerf guns. 20150529_173834 IMG_20150529_135121

These were our booth buddies, Icy Cosplay and Leah Rose! They are both so awesome you should check them out if you’re interested in cosplay and pop culture clothes! I might even be making Leah crochet dragon eggs for one of her Dany cosplays! Icy’s Etsy store: Hero & Villain DesignIMG_20150531_173251

Here’s some of my favorite cosplays from this year. IMG_20150529_233101The Goblin King, Link’s from Four Swords, Malon & adorable deku sapling, Bob’s Burgers, Pokemon Ghostbuster.

IMG_20150530_203538Mary Poppins, Sylveon, Princess Mononoke, Captain Toad!, Baby Link (with my crochet Navi!), Ash & Eeveelutions.

There was also this really cool Zero puppet this girl had made. Just for you! 20150529_163559

The guys at the Airship Sleipnir booth were looking fine. 20150530_100837

I didn’t cosplay the whole time, but I did wear my shiny gold Loki leggings on Thursday and my steampunk outfit on Saturday and casual Link cosplay on Sunday. It’s nice to wear comfy clothes and not have your toes go numb from heels. Tucson Comicon flashbacks!

I was only able to go to a couple panels. One of them was a free build with Legos and I went with Jamie & Ian. It was a nice break from the chaos of the exhibition hall, but my Lego creations paled in comparison to Jamie & Ian’s masterpieces. I made the third-wheel table and the poor representation of Seattle. IMG_6686

The best thing I had ever seen was the ASU Quidditch panel. I had glanced at a couple games before, but I had never watched a match. It is SO INTENSE. And I really want to play. They do kids birthday parties where they teach kids how to play “Kidditch” but I want them at my next birthday party. Hashtag snitchesbecrazy.20150531_120931

I really miss comicon, but I have my crochet and I’ll still be making lots of stuff because I just can’t stop.

P.S. You have a mini punishment. Take a family photo for instagram. You, Andrew, Jax, and Harvey!

Disneyland Trip!

Hi Steffi,

This is an account of my second trip of the year. It was Kyle’s birthday trip even though it was over a month late. We met up with Katie and Andrew and began our 15 hour adventure!


We started in DCA and made our round there in an hour and half. We spun around on Mater’s ride first; it has a fun, look-at-the-goat kind of feeling to it. We checked out Arendelle and I showed him the crappy sno-cone snow. We battled on Toy Story Mania where Kyle boasted about his accuracy. Goofy’s Sky School is always fun terrifying with your eyes closed. We tried racing cars for a second time, but it shut down and we got to walk off! Lastly was Grizzly River Rapids, always good for a rush of water between your legs from the sneaky holes in the bottom of the raft. Katie & Andrew didn’t brave this part so they left us to do some wedding stuff and we’d see them later.



Our day was going great so far. We went over to Disneyland and checked out the improved Alice; three cheers for creepy Alice being gone! We hovered around the castle for a bit, looking at all the decorations for the 60th. DEAR GOD HELP ME, I HEARD A CHILD SAY, “THAT’S ELSA’S CASTLE!” “YES, THAT’S RIGHT.” REPLIED HER FATHER. Oh how I could have been so evil and a real asshat just then! I wish you had been there to do it for me.


We rarely wait in the Indy line, but we did and it broke down. We waited for 15 minutes and it started working again, we sat down in the 3rd row seats, aaaand it broke again. The people next to us were having similar luck with their day, so I did a bit of magic and gave them our Cars passes we’d received when we walked off the ride. They were pretty happy 🙂 Two hours after getting in line,we finally got Indy over with and found Katie & Andrew (they had been trying to find us while we were stuck). I stepped in some gum, we waited in a really long Space line, Katie & Andrew were being cute, Kyle braved a new pose on Splash Mountain and I finally ate a corndog in my corndog Hank shirt.



It was a really great day. Happy birthday Kyle! And thanks, Walt!