My Favorite Things

Hi Beanzies! 

I’m doing my March post because I can’t be trusted to post anymore.

Here are some of my favorite things!

This was my delicious hipster/hippy/trendy? Idk which, breakfast this morning! I need more antioxidants and omegas in my diet and this has both! It’s a banana, strawberry, mango, blueberry acai bowl with raw walnuts and hemp seeds on top. It’s very delicious and filling! I wish I had a better blender (I use my food processor) but it will do for now! 

Kitties lounging in the sunshine. A forever favorite. 

Banana for scale

This post wouldn’t exist without my new washing machine. It holds… so much stuff. We would normally need to do two or three loads to do all of our towels in our old washer. WE CAN DO THEM ALL AT ONCE. We could barely fit our quilt in our old washer and WE CAN WASH THAT AND A SET OF SHEETS AND HAVE ROOM TO SPARE – MY LIFE IS GOOD. 

These two perscription medications have changed my face. For the past two+ weeks of using these together, my face has done a 180. I have better skin right now than I think I’ve ever had before. I’ve had two spots since using these to products whereas before, I was getting a new spot daily. I’m so so happy and grateful and I keep thinking to myself “Is this my life? Is this my skin?” Eep!

Lastly, my adorable kimono (I hate that they’re called that. They’re not a Kimono, they’re thin cardigans). It’s so cute and I love the siloette it gives me 🙂 

LASTLY for real, there a two things I couldn’t get pictures of. One is Beauty and the Beast. That movie was FREAKING AMAZING! And also my bidet. My bidet is life altering and everyone who doesn’t have one is a peasant scum. My butt is sparkling. 

Belated Birthday Post

Hi Steffibuns,

I didn’t post last week because I was busy having a birthday. I knew you wouldn’t mind.

Every year I seem to have better and better birthdays. Facebook and my journal reminded me of all  the special ones I’ve had since you planned that elaborate surprise  7 years ago in Disneyland. I was surprised again in 2014, we always go to dinner, I get Harry Potter books and Disney movies, we went to the Renaissance Fair another year, and I’m always surrounded by the people who mean most to me. I am constantly reminded how loved and lucky I am to have the friends and family that I do.

I worry that I don’t make you feel the same way on your birthday, but you are Leslie Knope and I am Ann Perkins and that kind of explains it.


I love you!

Parks and Recreation - Season 6

PS: Look at this!


Hi Beans!

Happy 2017 and yay we’re blogging again!


2016 was a bit of a bitch, so I can’t say I’m sorry to see it go. However, 2016 was the year I traveled most (and furthest!) and that is a truly wonderful thing! We went to Orlando, San Diego, Vegas, Flagstaff and Tucson a bunch, AND JAPAN!!! A Japan picture post is coming as soon as I finish editing those pictures…


So this year I’m absolutely getting on the “2017 will be a better year” train. However, I’m amending it to read “2017 will be a better year for me, personally (because this bitch needs to stop giving a shit).” I’m turning 28 this year, which is only two years from 30 (the acceptable age to stop giving any shits at all) so this year will be a good practice run for me.

In 2017 I’m going to try and let stuff I can’t control affect me less. I want to stop caring about what unimportant people think. I need to care about the world differently. I want to see more of the big picture.

And in the spirit of not caring what anyone thinks, here’s my 2017 goals!

  • Read 20 books. I failed this last year, but I’d like to try again!
  • Six months (non-consecutive) of eating a diet that has no name. It is Vegan+eggs+fish. Pescitarian minus dairy?  The Steffi Diet.
  • Save $2500.00 and don’t touch it!
  • Go to Hawaii and Vancouver this year.
  • Save additional funds for our trip to Greece?/Amsterdam?/Ireland & Scotland?  (Also, figure out where I want to go in 2018)
  • Go to the dentist!
  • Please, for the love of god, go to the gym.
  • Focus less energy on social media.

To keep myself accountable, I’ll check in every three months and keep you updated on my progress.

Here’s to a *]^}^{€] year! (I didn’t want to jinx it)

Happy 2017

Hi Steffibun,

I’m glad we’re starting off this year by blogging again! I didn’t make any resolutions this year because I never make resolutions unless they’re in a 101 in 1001 challenge. Instead, I’m going to answer your text message from last night. 

​Also hi, I miss you, how are you, are you wearing socks, if so what color? are you feeling good? have you watched those slime videos on YouTube/Instagram, they’re so weird. How is your cat, dog, other dog, mother brother and dad?

I am feeling okay.
Yes I was wearing socks, they were gray and black checkered socks.
I was feeling good enough to crochet a little last night for the first time in over a week!
Slime videos? You should tag me in one. 

Midna is a princess as always. She took to pooping outside of her litter box in what, I believe, was an attempt to rebel against the condition of said litter box. I’ve been bad and probably haven’t changed it enough so we refilled it with all new litter and no more poop on the floor. 

Link has been escaping from our yard. We had no idea how he did it the first time and came to the ridiculous conclusion that he somehow jumped on top of a bike and over the fence. This time Ludo was covered in dirt and there was a hole under the gate. Little shit had his brother dig him a hole so he could smoosh himself under. He got kennel duty and now wears a collar 24/7.

My mom is getting better!
Kyle is both jealous and proud that I won the fantasy football championship.

My dad got a new horse! His name is Cayenne right now, but he’s thinking of changing it to Cosmo. Isn’t he gorgeous?!

That’s the start of my 2017.


Skin Inc. Serum Review

Hi Keddahbean and Cheese.


The three serums I purchased in the bundle are Vitamin C (Rebalance and Tackle Pores – but also Vitamin C boosts the effects of all products applied after Vitamin C. This is especially important for SPF!), Licorice (Calm Irritated Skin), and French Pine Bark (Antioxidant Protection – which helps to prevent aging from free radical and UV damage). The three serums in the sample were Vitamin A (Even Tone and Reduce Dark Circles), Hyaluronic Acid (Long Lasting Hydration) and Chlorella (Brighten and Tackle Spots). 

First I will let Sephora describe the product to you:

Patented Japanese seaweed encapsulation technology allows for an effective delivery of pure, potent ingredients, while the humectant-rich base delivers lasting hydration. Layer individually or blend with up to two additional Skin Inc. customizable serums to provide optimal results and create a powerful, multipurpose product.

Now, I want to talk to you about Skin Inc and their Custom Serums. But I feel like to talk about the good, I need to start here:

The Bad: I purchased the My Daily Dose Custom-Blended Serum Set from Sephora on 7/7. This kit allows you to get 3 full size Custom Serums and a Serum Bottle for $90.00. You essentially get one Serum and the Serum Bottle for free. I think this is a spectacular deal. But I’ll be done with the product by the end of this month if not sooner. And I stopped using it day and night about a week ago. $90.00 for a product that lasts less than 45 days – I don’t know how I feel about that. It could be 100% my fault but I am having a hard time recommending the product or deciding if I will repurchase simply because of this. But, knowing that, let me get into the MANY positives of this product.


The Good: There are so many I need to break them down.

Customer Service: I contacted their customer service to find out if this is a cruelty free brand. I sent this email on 7/7 at 10:03am.

Hello. Do you test on animals, at any point during the production of your products? Are your ingredients tested on animals by your suppliers? Do you test on animals when required by law? Are you owned by another company? Thank you!

They responded with this email on 7/7 at 10:57am.

Hello Stephanie,
Thank you for your inquiry.  I am happy to share that Skin Inc is a cruelty-free brand, and that we do not currently sell into China, or any other countries which require animal testing.  Skin Inc does not acquire ingredients from third parties who conduct animal testing.  Our company is privately held so we are not affiliated with any other brands which conduct different practices than what I have outlined here.
I hope that you find this information helpful; please don’t hesitate to reach out with any further questions.
Cheers to awesome skin!
Kind regards,
  1. Fast and amazing customer service.
  2. Kind and detailed response
  3. Cruelty free line!
This is the kind of company I want to support!
The Product: This is a really incredible product. First, it’s a fun product. It had a very apothecary feel and I love that. I loved mixing the three bottles into one – I loved the bottle itself – the whole thing. I loved the targeted aspect of this product. It’s awesome that you can use balancing serums where you need it, cell turnover serums on dark spots or healing breakouts, and vitamin C for balancing all over.

Also, it’s an educational product. The three serums I purchased plus the three I received as samples from Sephora informed me about my skin in ways I wasn’t expecting. I have dry skin? Well of course I do. I live in the hottest state in the nation, I use acne products, and I don’t drink nearly enough water. OF COURSE I need moisturizing products. So when I started using the Hyaluronic Acid all over, my skin perked up and my breakouts lessened.

Lastly, I truly feel that this product has changed my skin.

Overall: I think I would recommend this product to people who are very interested in skincare. I also think that I will repurchase the kit – but I think I will change the serums. I think I can drop the Vitamin C and replace it with a Vitamin C serum by another company (I’m looking at you, Drunk Elephant). I will keep the French Pine Bark for sure because duh. And, I think I will keep my products separate so that I can do more area correcting vs all over correcting.

I think this was my most educational skincare post so far. I hope you liked learning about my little apothecary bottles as much as I loved using and learning about them.
((And you better, Kara, because I’m at your house RIGHT NOW))

Book Punishment

Hi Steffibun. This is a sad day. I have not read a single page of the Name of the Wind for 2 weeks. I think you need to give me a punishment. Yup, this post is just me telling you that I need to be forced to read a book.


Make it good!

It’s Ludo Facé

Hello Steffi it’s Tuesday Wednesday (I really screwed up this week huh? Punishment n/n?) and this is a super exciting post because it’s all pictures of Ludo, our noodle puppy!

Always sleeps with all the feets.


Likes to hang out with his best friend Emrys.


Ehhhh 👉👉


Best stare pose wins.


He’s a little dweeb.


Those satellites tho 😍


That’s our Loodle!
Bonus pic: cat.


Cold Brew (part deux)

Good morning Keddahbean!
This is a continuation of my last post (which can be viewed here).

So first thing : clean your goddamn kitchen. It’s Sunday morning – you have no excuses.

Strain out the chunky bits in a normal strainer.


Do not throw out these wonderful coffee grounds like we do. We are filth. You can be better. Use them as a coffee scrub for your body or put them in a composter. I have faith in you.

Stain with a paper towel!

Put it in a despenser of your choice (an unused Britta, in our case) and you will have delicious iced coffee for up to three weeks!

My favorite way to drink it is with sweetened condensed milk hhhhng. But for now, I will be enjoying it with some delicious almond milk!

I hope you try this out!

Samsung Emojis Are Better

Hi Steffibun, it’s Tuesday again!

I want to tell you why my emojis are better than yours. They are superior in every way and it makes me sad that when I send you an emoji, you aren’t getting the full effect of my emotion.

Do you see the wonder in my face when I send you heart eyes?


I am actually dead when I see something awesome.

My dance emoji is obvs the best choice.

There’s an app that will show you the translation between the two. It’s called Emojily. Apparently the girl with bunny ears I always use is actually dancing twins?

Here’s some of the new ones we just got. Look at my cute happy nerds!

The faces have so much more expression. Please refer to these when I send them to you 😛

Reading update: I’m 80% done with Alice.