Four Parts

Hi Steffi, this post comes to you in four parts.

Part one. So this happened today and my life could not be more complete.

Two. We are going to Japan in 6 weeks! My mom was being very cute and told me she was looking up ‘traveling to Japan’ to make sure we knew about everything possible. I showed her our emails and the place we booked and I was like, see Steffi has it all figured out 🙂

Part three. I did my first 12 hour livestream on twitch last weekend, it was awesome! And it looks like I just reached my first goal on Patreon so I will make the 12 hour streams a monthly thing. (Thank you Jamie!!)

And part four – I’m almost done with my Harry Potter blanket, only 2 squares and the banner to go. Can’t believe this has taken me a year!

PS – I have stopped reading for right now. My mind’s just not in it, but I’ll let you know when I do start again!

❤ Karabean

101 in 1001 Update

Hi Steffi, I hope you had an awesome 4th of July! We went to Colorado for a family reunion and my favorite part was looking at Samwise Gamgee’s garden.

I don’t have much time left on my 3 year goal list so I updated it a little. The original post is here.

#1. Get tattoos. I added the picture of my second tattoo
#15. Try 5 new foods. I added number 5, homemade ramen!
#19. Watch all the Oscar nominated movies for best picture one year. (2016) I only need to watch Brooklyn, which I am renting this weekend.
#101. Put $10 in savings for every goal completed ($710). Added $280 more!

  1. How much do you have left to go? I have 49 days and 30 goals left!
  2. Which one would you like to complete next? Go camping! I can’t believe it’s been that long.
  3. Which one are you most concerned you won’t finish? I can’t finish the christmas ones left and going on a US road trip isn’t likely to happen. And at this point I might add the Harry Potter & Disneyland scrapbooks, I haven’t even touched them.

End Date: August 23, 2016
Progress: 71/101


Hi Steffibun! I hope you had a wonderful weekend after your weird Friday. I don’t have much for you this week but I wanted to catch you up on a few things. And gifs.

I’m going to the gym again! And we’re trying to eat better by grocery shopping at Sprouts every Monday and planning at least 3 dinners a week. Here’s our groceries for this week!

101 in 1001 tasks I’ve completed recently: (69/101!)
3. Schedule doctor and dentist appointments each year
5. Buy a family car (okay so this isn’t done quite yet, but we’re buying Grayson’s dad’s truck very soon!)
11. Make 10 recipes from pinterest
35.Buy a lottery ticket when there’s a crazy big jackpot

The Oscars are on Sunday! One of my goals is to watch all the best picture nominated movies one year. I’ve only seen the most popular 3 from this year, but I do plan on watching them all eventually. Three of them I can rent for $5 on google play so I may be spending lots of Saturday on the couch.
The Big Short
Bridge of Spies
Mad Max: Fury Road
The Martian
The Revenant

I’m playing WoW again. This is all I have to say.
this is bad.gif

Yes, I’m still reading The Cuckoo’s Calling. Page 181. Yes, I read less than 10 pages a day.


Ok that’s all I have, I hope this made you smile! I love you bye!
Top shelf


Bonus gif. Oh you say gif like jiff?

And last picture because this is us as cats during the last month of the DCP.
couch party

101 in 1001 Update and a Book Challenge

Hello Steffibun,

Our resolutions this year are almost identical! I’ve been attempting mine before the new year started though since I’m more of a 101 in 1001 fan than of new year’s resolutions.

I’ve updated my 101 in 1001 post. I’m sad to say there are a few that cannot be completed now that I’m on my last year. I’m not going to change them; I think I’ll just put them on my next list.

  1. How much do you have left to go? I have 8 months and 36 goals!
  2. What did you most recently cross off? Play fantasy football every year, host a meal at our house, go to an NFL game, have a Hunger Games movie marathon, read one new book every year.
  3. Which one would you like to complete next? Practice yoga every morning for 2 weeks, schedule all of our doctor’s appointments, go camping.
  4. Which one are you most concerned you won’t finish? I can’t finish the christmas ones left and going on a US road trip isn’t likely to happen.

End Date: August 23, 2016
Progress: 65/101

One thing I think both of us should do is this book challenge! It will be much easier for you since you’re used to reading more than one book a year, but since it’s both of our goals to read more books I thought it’d be fun to do together 🙂 Let’s post our books on instagram!


DIY Harry Potter Wreath

Hi Steffi, I accomplished some goals this weekend! I pretty much ignored what I normally do/need to do on the weekend and I spent my time doing only things that I could cross off my list. Here’s what I did!

#87. Make a wreath
Thanks for the ideas pinterest! Here’s how I made it:

20150926_131659Materials! I got this stuff for less than $20 and I already had the glasses, time turner, etc.

I cut strips of tulle about 2 feet long.

I tied the strips of tulle all the way around, alternating colors.

I put some craft glue on the backside to keep the tulle from undoing and sliding around the foam ring. It dries clear!

I put all the details on with craft glue and some sewing pins. TADA!

I also completed:

#63. Make a homemade pizza

#69. Make a dessert in the crock pot. Slow cooker chocolate lava cake

#80. Use a face mask

Other things I was able to cross off recently:
#41. Make a fungeon. This was “man cave” before but our fungeon is so much cooler.
#56. Make a light box
#59. Floss everyday for a month
#60. Rewatch Lost
#65. Keep up a regular workout schedule
#79. Get a massage
#84. Go to a beach

I’m now over halfway done with just under a year to go!

End Date: August 23, 2016
Progress: 54/101

Goals to be completed next:
#8. Read a new book every year. Just one more to go!
#11. Make 10 recipes from pinterest. (8/10)
#15. Try 5 new foods (4/5)
#23. Start a pay it forward in a coffee drive thru
#28. Have a Hunger Games movie marathon
#68. Go to 3 states we’ve never been to. (I’ve never been to Nevada!)
#86. Try quilling

New Craft Space

Hi Steffi, I want to show you my new crafty space! I had Grayson and his friend move our stupid heavy couch and entertainment center a while ago and my parents brought me a new desk. I’d been wanting to move my desk for a while so I’m super happy!

Here’s my old space. The desk is super tiny and I used the top portion of Grayson’s desk on top of a craft table. I didn’t always have 2 lights by me, I think we were shifting things around that day. I felt cramped and most importantly, I couldn’t see the tv from there. I do miss those christmas lights though.

This is the space I moved my desk to. The tv used to be under the All Blacks flag.

And here it is now! It’s cluttered but I like it! My yarn is all stored on a shelf thing my mom got from her work, I’ve got a shipping station, a light box, my computer, and some of my craft supplies are in the desk drawers.

This thing is pretty awsome.

My makeshift light box. It’s literally a cheap clamp light with a piece of parchment paper taped over it and the back of scrap paper/The Fault In Our Stars posters.

New storage for all my safety eyes and crocheting supplies!

My awesome new computer Eva! And you can see that I store my felt on the keyboard tray on the other desk.

I always have my pencils and markers close by since I’m into coloring right now and for planning purposes 🙂 Jar sources are: candle, Hog’s Head mug, pickle jar. Repurpose!

Ok bye! PS I’m doing my punishment next week; there wasn’t a time limit on these things right? 😛

Nerd Games, 101 in 1001, and Name Our Puppy!

Hi Steffi, since we had our anniversary post yesterady (askflldslg!!) this is my weekly post and it comes to you in three parts!

Part 1 – Flash games
REMEMBER THIS?! This game will always make me think of you. I just remembered there’s part two and I haven’t completed all of the achievements yet D,:

I’ve been desperately trying to complete Transmission. It basically has an impossible badge if you don’t cheat.

If you want to feel like a super secret cool hacker, play Mu Complex. Good luck. There’s also a part two. Even more luck.

Part 2 – 101 in 1001 update
End Date: August 23, 2016
Progress: 43/101

Completed recently:
7. Start and finish a home project
31. Get Sterling to go to the gym once a week for 1 month
41. Make a man cave
56. Make a lightbox

Made progress:
3. Schedule doctor and dentist appointments each year (3/4)(1/4)(0/4)
8. Read at least one new book every year (2/3) Game of Thrones book 1
11. Make ten recipes from Pinterest (6/10) avocado tuna salad & quinoa enchilada casserole
101. Put $10 in savings for every goal completed
101 in 1001 savings update


This little blue heeler/Aussie mix puppy is our new family member! Linky is gonna have fun with his new little brother 🙂 His name is Franklin right now, but we’re thinking he needs a nerdier name to go along with Link and Midna. We’re taking suggestions!!

What is my name?!

5/10/15 and Silver Linings

Hi Kara,

I don’t know how to start this post.

Last Friday, Andrew and I woke up to panicked call from Andrew’s sister, Robin, with the news that Andrew’s mom had fallen down a flight of stairs into a chest of drawers. This lead to more than seven broken ribs, an emergency flight to Phoenix to remove her ruptured spleen, a collapsed lung, pneumonia, bacterial infections, and more. It has been eight days since her fall and she’s finally out of the ICU.

Kara, you know how hard it is for me to digest how I’m feeling – and to be honest – I have very few words that can accurately describe how horrible, terrifying, and emotionally taxing this week has been. (Maryann is going to call me “such an Aquarius” and comment on my weak ankles after reading this.)

So instead of talking about the negative side of this experience, I’m going to talk about silver linings.

1) It could have been so much worse. She, miraculously, didn’t hit her head. She didn’t break her neck or spine or skull. She survived the plane ride to Phoenix with a spleen that had been ruptured for 8 hours. She made it through two massive surgeries. She’s on the mend.

2) Family. We got to see Andrew’s aunt, cousin, grandma and grandpa who drove from California to be with her, and I’ve seen two of his four sisters almost every day (the other two are across the country, but were there in spirit). I cannot express how grateful I am to be a part of their family.

3) She’s going to quit smoking!

4) I got to put another pin in the pincushion that is my continually growing love for Andrew. This has been even harder on him, and I’ve never seen him so worried, heart-broken, or scared. But throughout this experience, he’s thanked me endlessly for being there for him, his(our) mom and his(our) family. If anyone were to ask me the qualities of a “real man,” I would point them Andrew’s way. He is the epitome of a gentlemen, and I am the luckiest.

5) I learned two new things: One, hospital food is cheap and delicious. I will almost be sad to leave my morning yogurt bowl. Two, I am capable of fainting when my loved ones show me large scars or when I see a bent IV tube come out of someones arm *EHHEM* but I am less likely to faint than I thought I was from blood. You only learn these things from experience, so there’s that.

And those are my silver linings!

As you can imagine, the cost of this whole ordeal is going to be immense. Nikki, Andrew’s sister, set up a page on to try to help cover her increasing expenses. Of course, there is no obligation for anyone to donate, but I can say from the bottom of my heart that every donation and share is filling my heart with so much of something really nice and fluffy (again, she’s going to make fun of me for being an Aquarius) that I feel like it’s going to burst.

If you’d like to donate or share her fundraiser, you can click the link here or copy and paste the link below into your browser.

Thank you to everyone for your love and support,