A Discovery of Witches & 2016 Reading Progress

Hey Kara,

I have been truly horrible at updating you on the books I’ve been reading and my progress. I promise that I never went a week without reading because I was reading a wonderful book series, A Discovery of Witches by Deborah Harkness. These books were so good.

First, the characters in the books are creatures: human, demons, vampires and witches. I spent the first book detoxing from the last Vampire book I read (Twilight barf I hate myself) and it took me almost all of the book to stop comparing and hating myself for reading a vampire book. By the second book that was gone and by the third, I am almost ready to forget about the horrible time in my life when I thought those books had any value at all.

Once I got past my prejudice, I feel in love with the characters and the story and it was sciency and magical and romancy and lovely! (There was a disturbing amount of DNA talk in this book, Kara, I think you might like it) I hesitate suggesting this to anyone, because I’m rolling my eyes at my reading of this so when someone rolls their eyes at me for suggesting they read it, I totally get it. But it was good and I hope those who chose to read it or have read it love it as much as I did!

So here’s my progress for the year:

My challenge: 10/25 books read! (Goodreads Bookshelf)

And our challenge: 4/11 books read! (Goodreads Bookshelf)

Discovery of Witches completed the “Book I’ve been meaning to read” category.

My next book is going to be the fourth book in the Lady Trent Series! Which will complete the “Book published this year” category!

Yay books!

Also, we’re in Vegas right now – THAT’S SO EXCITING.

The Cuckoo’s Calling -A Review


Hi Steffibun!

I FINALLY finished The Cuckoo’s Calling last weekend…only 2 months to read it, not bad. It was over 400 pages, making it the longest book I’ve read since Harry Potter. I enjoyed reading it a lot; it’s a mystery crime novel and it reminded me of how much I enjoyed Nancy Drew. I tried not to think of who actually wrote it as I read, but I do know that helped me through some parts…Jo must have a great ending so I have to keep going. Don’t worry, no spoilers here. I was both surprised and mildly disappointed in the ending. Surprised because I honestly didn’t see it coming, but I am very bad at predicting the outcome of such stories even though I watch lots of CASTLE. Disappointed because I was surprised for all of half a second until the effect wore off.

I was a fan of the foreshadowing that I didn’t know was there until it was all revealed at the end. It had a OHHHHHHH-esque feeling to it that I’ve been missing since Harry Potter, though it was nothing of that caliber.

So I am definitely glad I read it, but I’m excited to read something more fantastical next. Which is why I am currently reading Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland! It’s very short and I plan on reading the illustrated HP afterwards so I can catch up on the challenge.

2016 Book Challenge: 1/12
Books read in 2016: 3

October Things

Hi Kara,

I didn’t prepare a post because I’m a horrible person so here are some things I’ve really been liking this month.

Furiously Happy by Jenny Lawson


I’m going to repost this picture as much as humanly possible because Rory turns me into a damn looker.

I really wish you would read this book. It was a fucking delight. She makes you feel crazy and normal and human while weaving in the most hilarious anecdotes. I was smart this time and peed before every reading. And, as you personally saw, it’s necessary, because anytime she talks about Ferris Mewler I lose my damn mind.

Youtube Music

I’ve been obsessed with these two songs:

Fools by Troye Sivan aaaand

Can’t Sleep Love by Pentatonix featuring Tink (which is playing right now and I can’t stop my jam)(sidebar, I have a MASSIVE crush on the bassist; STOPPP. He’s so cute and clearly I have a type.)

Tea Time


When we were in Vegas, we went to tea with our darling friend Jessica. It was a “Sorry Kara and I can’t be at your baby shower because of a wedding/Sorry Jessica can’t make it to my wedding because she’s birthing a baby” party. And it was amazing. And I think we need more tea times. And more Vegas times. And more Roulette times because, I mean, I love feeling like I stole $70.00 from a very profitable business.

To the very furthest star and back,

PS Nightmare watch is at 3. Or 4. I’m so bad at counting.


I’m reading them. 

The Glass Magician/The Master Magician

These books, like the first, left much to be desired. The fight scenes were really good though. Eh. It just could have been so much more.

The Book of Speculation

This book was so good but it took me too long to read it. It was another book about mermaids/”freak shows”. And it was very suspenseful and crazymaking – which is one of my favorite combinations. 

You’re Never Weird on the Internet (Almost)

This book was wonderful and I know nothing (or knew nothing) about Felicia Day. I read this before she came to Phoenix for a book signing but I ended up not being able to go, which made me sad. I don’t know if this is just because I love Mamrie so much, but I didn’t think this book was as good as Mamz. 

The Land of Stories

I didn’t even make it 20 pages in before I gave up. This is the single worst book I’ve ever read and I’ve read Twilight.

The Night Circus

(Not pictured because Maryann is reading it) THIS BOOK IS SO GOOD! This was my favorite out of the bunch. When I went into Changing Hands, on the fateful day I bought this book, I spoke to one of the ladies there and asked for a book. She told me she read this one every year and that it was about circuses. Before she finished her sentence, I was at the register. You should read this.

Book Reviews and Punishments!

Hello Keddah,

I’ve finally left my Patrick Rothfuss book slump and I’ve started reading again! I think summer makes me read.


Alison has Mamrie’s book

These are the books I’ve read so far!

Memoirs of Lady Trent (series)//A Natural History of Dragons and The Tropic of Serpents

These books are WONDERFUL. They’re fantasy books but their written as a memoir and I think that’s so unique. Lady Trent is easily becoming one of my favorite female protagonists in literature. They’re very enticing reads and I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend these to anyone. Andrew’s reading them now. The third book is out, but only in hardback, so I’m waiting till the paperback comes out. (PS I have no idea how many books will be in this series so if you ain’t down to wait, hesitate.)

I give them five out of five ducks.

Museum of Extraordinary Things 

This book was recommended to me by one of the lovely ladies at Changing Hands and I’m very glad she did! I love reading about “oddities” and this book is full of them. And I’ve noticed that I have a thing for circuses.. Anyways, it was a creepy, eerie, social justice-y, happy ending book and I loved it. If you liked the Miss Peregrine’s series, I would suggest you give this a read.

Five out of five ducks

You Deserve a Drink: Boozy Misadventures and Tales of Debauchery

Mamrie. Stop it, you beautiful beast. I LOVED this book. I’ve said it before, it’s no Let’s Pretend This Never Happened, but it’s still a freaking fantastic book. It has code words, each chapter starts with a recipe for an alcoholic beverage, and there’s Topless Tuesday! Note: While reading this book, Kara and I discussed the fact that if we were in college as we are now, I would never wear pants and Kara just wouldn’t wear clothes period. We also decided, because of this book, that we are each others Heterosexual Life Partners. This book deserves to be read by all.

Six out of five ducks.

The Paper Magician

This book was weird. It was very captivating, but I know that it’s not a well put together book. I’m going to read the second and third in the series, but this is one of those books that you’re embarrassed to like. The concept is so cool, but the story line is really lame. There was just so much more that could have been done with this series.

Four out of five ducks for keeping me reading


No. I hated reading this book. The author is so fucking good at describing the feeling of being watched. For about 2/3 of the book, I was petrified. NOTHING scares me more than the feeling of being watched. But I had to finish it otherwise I would have been stuck. I won’t be reading any more of the series.

Two out of five ducks.

I’m currently reading The Night Circus, which is really good so far (but I’m only about 100 pages in). I’ll let you know how that goes!

As for my punishment: This is what I watched this week!

~Lots of Northernlion. So much Nothernlion. Andrew and I watch his Lets Plays of The Binding of Issac and the Northernlion Live Super Show, which features my internet boyfriend, Nick (Rockleesmile).

~I got into planner decorating this week? (WHAT HAVE YOU DONE TO ME) I’ll just leave this playlist here but my favorite video is the June Plan with Me.

~I played so much Tsum. All the Tsum Tsum. I need a time stop Tsum, a Bambi tsum, and a rabbit Tsum to complete my bingo cards. I’m getting VERY annoyed haha.

~ I watched Monsters U and Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs 2. Cloudy w/ a Chance 2 is probably one of my favorite animated films and that kills my Disney heart a little bit. I am embarrassed to tell you how many times I’ve watched this film. And I laugh like it’s the first time EVERY. DAMN. TIME. The bus driver gets me.


Except wait, one more thing. Next week we will have posted to Plaintartsss for a YEAR. WHATTHEDAMNHELL. I’m so mushy every time I think about it.


Patrick Rothfuss, You Bastard: A tale of love and death by books.

Hi Keddah,

I don’t even know where to begin. There are so many things floating around my head. First, let me say that this will – at a point – be a gushy post about my fiancé. I don’t usually get gushy on social media but sometimes it just comes out. Second, I had every intension of doing the 50 book challenge this year and have failed miserably because of this series I’m about to talk about. Third, this post MAY in some convoluted universe contain a spoiler but not really. Fourth, Andrew is the ABSOLUTE PITS.

Continue reading