Shiny New Computer!

Last week my hardrive took a poop and after much frantic copying of pictures and files, Grayson ordered parts to build me a new computer! We also decided to buy a 1T external hardrive because not backing up wedding photos and New Zealand photos was just a terrible lack of effort.

I love my old bumblebee case, but we bought a shiny new white one. It reminds me of Evaaaaa.


The empty case ready for assembly!


Motherboard, processor and power supply in!


Pretty parts!


Power test! I chose a green fan so it would match my keyboard, but this would look cooler if it were blue!


Final setup for now! I had to toss my second monitor as it didn’t have an HDMI connection D: I’m also waiting on a new L-shaped desk, for which I’ll have a complete desk area makeover post.