Etsy Faves – The Nerdy Version

Good morning Steffi it’s Tuesday! Here are some awesome things I found on Etsy that everyone needs right now.

Mario Question Block Lamp – TheBackPackShoppe
Colorful Mario Question Mark Block Lamp - Nintendo roots

Eeveelution Pouch – fawnfeather
Eeveelution Leather Mini Pouch
Navi Necklace – milkool
Zelda Navi Necklace - Stainless Steel

Majora’s Mask Sleep mask -MinZPrint
Majora's Terrible Fate Sleep Mask

Bulbasaur Planter – PrintAworldService
Bulbasaur Planter, 3d printed, Pokemon, 3D printed, cute, monster, geekery, Home & Garden

Wonder Woman Tutu – Shiningstarstore
Wonder woman inspired tutu dress. Halloween costume. Superhero costume tutu. Wonder woman cape. Hero costumes girls. Halloween Super hero

Falkor Plush Pattern – GameGuardians
PATTERN for Falkor plush

Color Changing Marauder’s Map Mug – embedit
Color Changing Marauders Map Harry Potter Coffee Mug

Hope you’re having a good week so far!


Quick Holiday Gift

I make cute little gifts for my co-workers at the office every year. I found this pin and started there! There’s lots of ideas and really fast projects over there if you’re behind. It is the 22nd of December!


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