Steffi’s Guide to Adulting, with Explitaves!

Hi Keddahbean and Cheese,

You’ve talked quite a bit on this blog about how you’re bad at adulting. And that’s just a lie, because according to Steffi’s Guide to Adulting, you’re doing just fine.

Also after every point, please see this gif.

are you adulting? if no – this image is for you.

  1. Money. Bills. Savings. Life. Just get your shit together and don’t be a putz.
  2. Go to bed and wake up around the same time. Bedtimes are the coolest fucking thing that ever existed. That’s why old people do it.
  3. Get your ass up in the morning with enough time to get wherever you need to go (better be your fucking JOB. SEE NUMBER 1) and not be rushed. You need to be able to moisturize your goddamned face before you fly out the door and if you can shove some cereal into your face, even better.
  4. Take your goddamn vitamins. Is your hair brittle? Nails brittle? Feeling lackluster? POP THOSE FUCKERS EVERY GODDAMN MORNING OR I’LL END YOU.
  5. If you touch your face with your dirty, germy, crusty-ass hands – I swear to god I WILL CUT THEM OFF.
  7. CLEAN YOUR MOTHER FUCKING SHEETS. ONCE A WEEK. Otherwise you’re sleeping on Satan’s asscrusties. And that’s FUCKING GROSS.
  8. Make your own goddamn coffee. It’s too much at Starbucks and YOU’RE A GROWN ASS PERSON. Cold brew is the EASIEST SHIT IN THE WORLD. I’ll make a post on it SO YOU HAVE NO DAMN EXCUSES.
  9. If you have moldy towels, I swear to god. I WILL PUT RAZORS INTO YOUR MOLDY TOWELS AND WATCH YOU SUFFER. Get your ass some bleach, clean your goddamn moldy ass towels. I can’t even look at you.
  10. Speaking of laundry. If you’re not separating your colors, darks and whites, using bleach when needed, you’re going to have to leave right now.
  11. Don’t even LOOK at Ikea furniture. And when you do, because you’re SCUM, know what you can and can’t buy. No, that bed won’t last you more than a month STOP WASTING YOUR MONEY, DAMNIT.
  12. Read. A Fucking. Book.

If you’re able to accomplish 6/12 of these items on a regular basis, my darling, you are adulting and I love you. If not, YOU’RE NOTHING MORE THAN A SAVAGE!!! (Except you, Keddah, because you’re perfect and without fault and I love you but EVERYONE ELSE. SCUM.)


Guest Post – Multirotor Mania

MAAANDREW! I am writing you this week because Kara is in need of a little rest from all of the craziness of getting ready for Phoenix Comic-Con.
As you know you got me into this amazing hobby of flying little helicopters/quadcopters/multirotors, this list goes on and on, and we both dreamed of having our own amazing, big, fast, cool ones since we started. Well I am here to tell you that I pulled the trigger and bought an almost-ready-to fly kit.

quad bros

That is pretty much what comes in the kit, shout out to for their awesome kit. It really does look like this out of the box with maybe some different colors for straps or something. I highly recommend this kit. It comes with everything you need except your tx/rx and batteries. You will need some tools but really a soldering iron/gun and a hex set will be all you need.

Now I am not going to tell you how to build it, because honestly it’s relatively easy. I will show you before and after of my build tho. 20150504_140022[1] 20150506_191701[1]

There is a piece that goes over the top of everything and protects it but I thought being able to see the innards would be cooler. I have destroyed my hand trying to figure out the issues with wiring and getting the damned thing armed, I have broken about half of the props that I bought (somewhere in the 8-10 range, so far), I have burned out a motor (I blame factory defects), crashed a half dozen times(twice into trees, in AZ, I know), but I honestly have not had this much fin putting something together and then using it. I implore you oh best of friends, as soon as you can, buy one of these.
Then I can crash mine into yours.

Until you and your soon to be bride come visit us I will continue to enjoy this beast of a copter myself.