Nerdfighteria Again

Steffi, last weekend was one of the greatest. I am so thankful for Nerfighteria, for John and Hank, and for the awesome that founded our friendship.

First things first. WE SAW AN OWL!!

We got to hang out with Christowaffle, who made 4 attempts to take a photo that I demanded and ended up with this masterpiece:Share from Pixlr

We reminisced about the night that changed our lives:

We saw another Hank Green concert, where we were absolutely living when we got to sing along to Everybody.

I gave Katherine a Hanklerfish.
Share from Pixlr (1).jpg

We finally got to experience a Harry & the Potters concert TOGETHER. This means so much to me. And don’t mind me, I’ll be listening to them for¬†a solid straight month now.

♪ I am Harryyy Potterrr ♪


Reading update: I’ll be flying to Indiana this weekend, I promise I’ll bring my kindle and read!

Crochet Goals

Hi Steffibun, happy Tuesday night! Sorry I keep teasing you with almost-punishment-worthy posts. But here you go! These are the crochet projects I currently want to start/finish. I say currently, because I change this all the time. And one yarn shopping trip could change all of this because I’ll see a color of yarn and just have to make something with it. No, I don’t have a yarn addiction problem..


Projects in queue

Black Cat Hat (pattern)

Yoda Hooded Scarf (pattern)

Cable Socks (pattern)

Makar from LoZ (free-hand)

An Animal Crossing Character (haven’t decided who yet, but it’s crazy I haven’t made something from this game yet.)

BB-8 (pattern)

Torchic (free-hand)

Dumpling Kitty (pattern) Because I really need one.

Snitches & Navi’s with glittery wings. I bought some of this yarn so I have to use it for something. It’s called Snow Sparkle.

ANYTHING. I am looking for any reason to buy this yarn. It’s too pretty.

Projects to finish

Harry Potter Blanket (crochet-a-long) I’m already way behind because now the group has moved on to their Star Wars blanket (I’m not allowing myself to start it until I finish this one) but I needed a break from the tangled yarn mess that is a graphgan. (Graphghan is an afghan made¬†from following¬†a pixel graph.)

Jamie & Ian’s arch scarf. I’ve almost made it past the Gryffindor colors so I can switch to the Ravenclaw colors. Only about 12 more feet to go…everything is fine.

I also have a dancing baby Groot, a flower pot, a pikmin, and Eve in progress right now. This is actually a small amount of things for me to be working on at once. I must really like crocheting! ūüėõ

Reading challenge update: I’m halfway through Alice!


New bag! 

Hi Keddah!

Before we get into things 1) my phone auto corrects Keddah to be capitalized and I think that’s just so considerate.

2) I’m doing a book challenge on our Instagram. For those who aren’t following us, click the link here! Books are fun and cool and pretty.

And speaking of books,¬†3) I finished Lindsey Stirling’s book The Only Pirate at the Party in a day (from start to finish it was 25 hours but it only took me around 7-6 to read it). It was lackluster. It read like a children’s book – hence the quick reading. Joseph brought me it to read because (and he didn’t know this) – I wanted to test out a theory that has been wildly speculated. Not everyone on YouTube has lived a life worth putting into book form. And guess what it’s true. I gave it a 2 out of 5 on Goodreads. I also read The Story of My Teeth by ¬†Valeria Luiselli. It was a good book but not my kind of good book. I gave it a 3 out of 5 on Goodreads. So this puts me at 24/50 books read for my 101 challenge, 5/20 books read this year and 2/12(? 11?) books read towards our book challenge! I’m nailing this.

But this post is really¬†about my new bag! (Which isn’t very new at all shhh)

This bag is a wonderfully constructed medium sized bag. It holds all my necessary things, doesn’t make me carry so much stuff that my shoulder is dying by the end of the day, holds its form, and isn’t too small that nothing fits in it. Plus, it was from Modcloth and therefore reasonably priced!


so tidy!

On weekdays, it carries: a book, my 3DS XL, my wallet, work keys, a lip stick, whip stick, gum, a hair tie and a sock. A sock? It was in there because I 1) hadn’t cleaned it out and 2) was holding my menstrual cup in it but makes for a 3) very handy glasses cleaner.

On weekends I substitute the book and 3DS for my sunglasses case. It’s a really wonderful bag, my third from Modcloth, and I know I will get a lot of wear out of it.

I hope you had a great week! See you NEXT WEEKEND WOOO!!!


PS your post last week nearly killed me. Stoping and starting my heart like that when I’m totally unprepared is NOT NICE okay it was so nice it was the nicest and I loved it and you alright bye.

Nerd Games, 101 in 1001, and Name Our Puppy!

Hi Steffi, since we had our anniversary post yesterady (askflldslg!!) this is my weekly post and it comes to you in three parts!

Part 1 – Flash games
REMEMBER THIS?! This game will always make me think of you.¬†I just remembered there’s part two¬†and I haven’t completed all of the achievements yet D,:

I’ve been desperately trying to complete Transmission. It basically has an impossible badge if you don’t cheat.

If you want to feel like a super secret cool hacker, play Mu Complex. Good luck. There’s also a part two. Even more luck.

Part 2 – 101 in 1001 update
End Date: August 23, 2016
Progress: 43/101

Completed recently:
7. Start and finish a home project
31. Get Sterling to go to the gym once a week for 1 month
41. Make a man cave
56. Make a lightbox

Made progress:
3. Schedule doctor and dentist appointments each year (3/4)(1/4)(0/4)
8. Read at least one new book every year (2/3) Game of Thrones book 1
11. Make ten recipes from Pinterest (6/10) avocado tuna salad & quinoa enchilada casserole
101. Put $10 in savings for every goal completed
101 in 1001 savings update


This little blue heeler/Aussie mix puppy is our new family member! Linky is gonna have fun with his new little brother ūüôā His name is Franklin right now, but we’re thinking he needs a nerdier name to go along with Link and Midna. We’re taking suggestions!!

What is my name?!

Phoenix Comicon 2015 Recap

Hi Steffi! I sold my crochet stuff for the first time at Phoenix Comicon this year and it was a total success! I love comicons. It is the place of my people and I feel so at home. I saw amazing cosplays and met awesome people. I just want to be at con all the time forever.

Here’s me on Friday in my Steampunk Nurse Joy cosplay, you know, selling pokemon and stuff. I sell things with Airship Sleipnir;¬†we’re a really cool steampunk group and you should check us out! They make fully functional steampunk Nerf guns. 20150529_173834 IMG_20150529_135121

These were our booth buddies, Icy Cosplay¬†and Leah Rose! They are both so awesome you should check them out if you’re interested in cosplay and pop culture clothes! I might even be making Leah crochet dragon eggs for one of her Dany cosplays! Icy’s Etsy store: Hero & Villain DesignIMG_20150531_173251

Here’s some of my favorite cosplays from this year. IMG_20150529_233101The Goblin King, Link’s from Four Swords, Malon & adorable deku sapling, Bob’s Burgers, Pokemon Ghostbuster.

IMG_20150530_203538Mary Poppins, Sylveon, Princess Mononoke, Captain Toad!, Baby Link (with my crochet Navi!), Ash & Eeveelutions.

There was also this really cool Zero puppet this girl had made. Just for you! 20150529_163559

The guys at the Airship Sleipnir booth were looking fine. 20150530_100837

I didn’t cosplay the whole time, but I did wear my shiny gold Loki leggings on Thursday and my steampunk outfit on Saturday and casual Link cosplay on Sunday. It’s nice to wear comfy clothes and not have your toes go numb from heels. Tucson Comicon flashbacks!

I was only able to go to a couple panels. One of them was a free build with Legos and I went with Jamie & Ian. It was a nice break from the chaos of the exhibition hall, but my Lego creations paled in comparison to Jamie & Ian’s masterpieces. I made the third-wheel table and the poor representation of Seattle. IMG_6686

The best thing I had ever seen was the ASU Quidditch panel. I had glanced at a couple games before, but I had never watched a match. It is SO INTENSE. And I really want to play. They do kids birthday parties where they teach kids how to play “Kidditch” but I want them at my next birthday party. Hashtag snitchesbecrazy.20150531_120931

I really miss comicon, but I have my crochet and I’ll still be making lots of stuff because I just can’t stop.

P.S. You have a mini punishment. Take a family photo for instagram. You, Andrew, Jax, and Harvey!

International Table Top Day!

Hi Steffi it’s Tuesday and last Saturday was International Table Top Day! We were so sad you guys could not come, so here’s some of what we did.

I attempted to make meeple shaped treats. (Meeple are the game pieces for Carcassonne in case you didn’t know.) I watched a¬†Nerdy Nummies’ video in preparation and they sorta came out well..haha.


I made rice crispy treats and cut out stars and then re-shaped them to resemble meeple. I put them in the freezer for a few mins to solidify the shape.


Then I dipped some lollipop sticks in some melted candy and shove them up the meeple butts.


They would probably come out less lumpy if you had deeper bowls so you could completely submerge them. I had to kind of scoop it up over them.


TADAAA! They were super tasty at least.

Grayson bought a new game I’ve wanted for a long time..Ticket to Ride!!


We got into no less than 3 nerf gun wars. This is literally a fraction of the arsenal. We had about 60 guns.


We played lots of Mario Party 10 and blind tag and it was a great day of games. Til next year, PLAY MORE GAMES!


It was Steffi’s idea to have us join in the #DearMe project this week. So this is going to be a letter to my teenage self.

Hi. I’m going to give you some advice. You may try to ignore it, but I’m from the future so listen up!

Good for you for being a nerd and proud of it. You’re twirling flags in high school and you love it and you think it’s really awesome and anyone who doesn’t think it’s cool doesn’t matter. You love that you love Harry Potter and even if all your friends stop liking it, you continue to obsess. You honestly think that not being nerdy is lame. Good for you!

I would like to remind you that those ideas that you have about what you want to do, like working on movies and art, are really good! I don’t even think the words, “You only think you’ll like it because you like watching the Lord of the Rings appendices and you won’t be working on stuff like that” were ever said to you. You’ve made them up because that’s¬†what you think people will¬†say. Maybe they will, but who cares, you can do it anyway. Pursue the things you are interested in! Stop thinking that you have¬†to have a fancy, official job. You are allowed to have a fun job and you are allowed to try. Don’t be scared of taking a path that isn’t quite clear. The clear paths to “successful” jobs will get more difficult if you aren’t fully passionate about them and trust me, you can’t get by just by studying. Still go to NAU though, or you won’t meet your loving husband.

I would also like to remind you that you don’t have to agree with everything people tell you. Not everyone has to like you and if you have a different opinion, it’s ok to say so. If they don’t like it and they don’t want to be your friend because of it, it’s probably best you don’t have them as a friend. You can also stop thinking so much about what other people think about what you wear, your hair, who you hang out with and your myspace page. Care about what YOU like and focus on that. Everyone else and what they are doing will disappear and you’ll be so happy because you’ve surrounded yourself with people and things you love.

A last thought, you might want to look into a few things. Like conventions. Nerdy people like you gather and meet each other year after year to cry about Harry Potter and such. You’ll make so many friends from places you’d never go and you’d realize you’re not the only one. Yes, there are others like you! You might even realize that people can be nerds forever and make a job out of it.

Keep being weird and awesome, keep your sense of adventure, keep staying true to who you are!

-Your 26-year-old self