Happy Christmas, Ron!!

Hello Karibbean and Cheese, 

I didn’t post anything yesterday. Why? Because it was Christmas and I have a moral obligation to not do anything on Christmas. It’s against my religion to do anything other than relaxing and eating. Which is precisely what I did! 

I was also very spoiled this year (which happens every year) and I was given some unbelieveably thoughtful gifts. 

  First, my Nespresso. I’ve wanted this since we went to Hilary’s and we tasted the sweet lifeblood that is made from this machine. My mommy was so kind to get me this! 

  Second, these amazing freshwater pearls my mommy gave me. She nailed it this Christmas. I just wish I had had these on my wedding, they would have been so beautiful. But I will find more than one excuse to wear them!
Mule mugs and Lush box from my momma and I got Loop Inc. for Mr. Pants.

Andrew’s dad got me the Hogwarts Library! I have all the books separate but this collection is incredible. 

Andrew got me the illustrated Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone (!!!!) and my momma got me the HP coloring book.

Last, but certainly not least, my mommy-in-law got me one of the best presents of all: a black Santa. She knows me so well. 

I hope you had a wonderful, amazing, relaxing Christmas, my Keddah, and I can’t wait to hear what Santa brought you this year! 

To the furthest star and back!