Phoenix Comicon 2015 Recap

Hi Steffi! I sold my crochet stuff for the first time at Phoenix Comicon this year and it was a total success! I love comicons. It is the place of my people and I feel so at home. I saw amazing cosplays and met awesome people. I just want to be at con all the time forever.

Here’s me on Friday in my Steampunk Nurse Joy cosplay, you know, selling pokemon and stuff. I sell things with Airship Sleipnir; we’re a really cool steampunk group and you should check us out! They make fully functional steampunk Nerf guns. 20150529_173834 IMG_20150529_135121

These were our booth buddies, Icy Cosplay and Leah Rose! They are both so awesome you should check them out if you’re interested in cosplay and pop culture clothes! I might even be making Leah crochet dragon eggs for one of her Dany cosplays! Icy’s Etsy store: Hero & Villain DesignIMG_20150531_173251

Here’s some of my favorite cosplays from this year. IMG_20150529_233101The Goblin King, Link’s from Four Swords, Malon & adorable deku sapling, Bob’s Burgers, Pokemon Ghostbuster.

IMG_20150530_203538Mary Poppins, Sylveon, Princess Mononoke, Captain Toad!, Baby Link (with my crochet Navi!), Ash & Eeveelutions.

There was also this really cool Zero puppet this girl had made. Just for you! 20150529_163559

The guys at the Airship Sleipnir booth were looking fine. 20150530_100837

I didn’t cosplay the whole time, but I did wear my shiny gold Loki leggings on Thursday and my steampunk outfit on Saturday and casual Link cosplay on Sunday. It’s nice to wear comfy clothes and not have your toes go numb from heels. Tucson Comicon flashbacks!

I was only able to go to a couple panels. One of them was a free build with Legos and I went with Jamie & Ian. It was a nice break from the chaos of the exhibition hall, but my Lego creations paled in comparison to Jamie & Ian’s masterpieces. I made the third-wheel table and the poor representation of Seattle. IMG_6686

The best thing I had ever seen was the ASU Quidditch panel. I had glanced at a couple games before, but I had never watched a match. It is SO INTENSE. And I really want to play. They do kids birthday parties where they teach kids how to play “Kidditch” but I want them at my next birthday party. Hashtag snitchesbecrazy.20150531_120931

I really miss comicon, but I have my crochet and I’ll still be making lots of stuff because I just can’t stop.

P.S. You have a mini punishment. Take a family photo for instagram. You, Andrew, Jax, and Harvey!