Japan Haul

Hi Beans! 

Here are some of my favorite things that Andrew and I brought back from Japan! 

First things first, Gudetama. He was a little capsule toy and he hangs on our fridge. We really love his butt crack.

Pikachu dressed like MARIO! He’s so cute and perfect and we happened to be in Japan on the day he released.

You didn’t expect us to just get Mario? Of course not, his brother is incredible. 


My Hakuhodo brushes. My prized possessions. So prized that I can’t handle using them. It’s a sickness. 

My Japanese Harry Potter books! I only got 1-3 because I didn’t want to carry back more than that. I also got Quidditch Through the Ages, Magical Beasts and Where to Find Them, and Tales of Beetle the Bard.

My Totoro music box! This is one of my favorite things in the world. LISTEN!

And last but not least, never least, the most incredible perfect thing to have ever entered my life…

Mr. Wah-seebs himself. My one true love. 



P.S. I know I’m a day late. Punish me if we’re still doing that. 

Japan Day 4 Part 1: The Pokemon Center

Hi Steffibun,

Facebook stopped letting me upload my photos from our Japan trip so I’m going to put them all here starting with where I left off, day 4!

We started day 4 where we started all days, at the train station. We found this awesomely weird anime poster of basketball players with owls?

We went to Ikebukuro to find the Pokemon Center, but first, food!

This was Halloween weekend so we saw lots of people in costume just walking around. Though we like to think that’s how Tokyo always is. We found the mall where the Pokemon Center was, we just had to find the actual store…

We’re on the right track!

Found it! There’s a Pikachu dressed up as a witch riding on this Charizard.

This place was huge and loud and crowded with people.


We shopped for a long time and bought lots of stuff. Andrew got his limited edition Mario & Luigi Pikachus, I got Psyduck socks, Grayson got a team Rocket backpack. It was a good day.

The checkout lanes had Pokemon starter labels

Then it was time to go to meet up with our friend Chris, part 2 next week!


A Pokemon Walk

Hello Steffibun,

I didn’t know what to post about this week so I decided to take you along on one of my Pokemon walks last night! I wish taking pictures while Pokemoning were easier, but just experiencing outside—me and Grayson notice so many things that we normally wouldn’t have. Thanks PokemonGO!

20160718_185107.jpgWinky says let’s go mom! He gets very impatient with all the stopping >_<

20160718_185543.jpgIt wasn’t hot for once! There was a storm that rolled in but it was over in 3 minutes and it left behind all these lovely clouds.

20160718_185808.jpgOur park is so green and the grass was so fluffy from the bit of rain. Bonus, no one here yet!

Mom, what ARE we doing?? Can I go pee on that tree now?

20160718_193206Here’s where I caught and hatched 2 Pikachu’s! Such a beautiful place to be with friends!

I’m really loving these daily walks. It means it looks like I’m actually trying in my fitbit challenges. Plus all the time with my husband and stuff. I really love this game ❀


Reading update: I downloaded the audiobook for Name of the Wind and I read 2 chapters while listening. I’m on chapter 18.

So Pokemon Go though

Steffibun, to no one’s surprise I am playing Pokemon Go.

Look how cute Karabeann is reppin her black and yellow. This is my little team:

As you can probably guess, water and grass types are very difficult to come by around here. I was very excited to hatch an Oddish! Someday he’ll be a Vilepluuuume. I hope to find my spirit animal soon, Psyduck!

It has been very easy to convince Grayson to do things I want to do now. We walk the dogs at night, we walk around the mall after our workouts, and we’re thinking of driving up to Mt. Lemmon this weekend (for fairy types!). All it takes is the proper motivation πŸ™‚ 

It’s been fun being a part of something so big; I look forward to each day and what Pokemon I’ll get to meet next. ❀

ps – I do fear for what this may do to my already non-existent reading time πŸ™ƒ

Phoenix Comicon 2015 Recap

Hi Steffi! I sold my crochet stuff for the first time at Phoenix Comicon this year and it was a total success! I love comicons. It is the place of my people and I feel so at home. I saw amazing cosplays and met awesome people. I just want to be at con all the time forever.

Here’s me on Friday in my Steampunk Nurse Joy cosplay, you know, selling pokemon and stuff. I sell things with Airship Sleipnir;Β we’re a really cool steampunk group and you should check us out! They make fully functional steampunk Nerf guns. 20150529_173834 IMG_20150529_135121

These were our booth buddies, Icy CosplayΒ and Leah Rose! They are both so awesome you should check them out if you’re interested in cosplay and pop culture clothes! I might even be making Leah crochet dragon eggs for one of her Dany cosplays! Icy’s Etsy store: Hero & Villain DesignIMG_20150531_173251

Here’s some of my favorite cosplays from this year. IMG_20150529_233101The Goblin King, Link’s from Four Swords, Malon & adorable deku sapling, Bob’s Burgers, Pokemon Ghostbuster.

IMG_20150530_203538Mary Poppins, Sylveon, Princess Mononoke, Captain Toad!, Baby Link (with my crochet Navi!), Ash & Eeveelutions.

There was also this really cool Zero puppet this girl had made. Just for you! 20150529_163559

The guys at the Airship Sleipnir booth were looking fine. 20150530_100837

I didn’t cosplay the whole time, but I did wear my shiny gold Loki leggings on Thursday and my steampunk outfit on Saturday and casual Link cosplay on Sunday. It’s nice to wear comfy clothes and not have your toes go numb from heels. Tucson Comicon flashbacks!

I was only able to go to a couple panels. One of them was a free build with Legos and I went with Jamie & Ian. It was a nice break from the chaos of the exhibition hall, but my Lego creations paled in comparison to Jamie & Ian’s masterpieces. I made the third-wheel table and the poor representation of Seattle. IMG_6686

The best thing I had ever seen was the ASU Quidditch panel. I had glanced at a couple games before, but I had never watched a match. It is SO INTENSE. And I really want to play. They do kids birthday parties where they teach kids how to play “Kidditch” but I want them at my next birthday party. Hashtag snitchesbecrazy.20150531_120931

I really miss comicon, but I have my crochet and I’ll still be making lots of stuff because I just can’t stop.

P.S. You have a mini punishment. Take a family photo for instagram. You, Andrew, Jax, and Harvey!

I want to be the best there ever was β™«β™ͺβ™«

Hi Steffi,

I may or may not spend some time trying to recite the pokerap. I am no where close, but SOMEDAY. My brother introduced me to this gem and maybe someday I’ll be able to do all the voices too. Except the screeching birds, that’s just unnecessary. I burst out laughing every time I hear vilePLUUUME. Just imagine this moment, I couldn’t find a gif of the ‘hoo!’:

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