That Stardew Valley Life

Steffi, did you know I have a whole other life? A life where I have no responsibilities. Except to farm, make friends, fish, donate to the local museum, plunge myself into a mine, get married, upgrade my house, attend festivals, and become a collector of all things. But it’s really quite a relaxing life.


This is my Stardew Valley life.
My name actual name is Karelala. I live on Shire farm. It is the 10th of summer in year one. I have 3,036g to my name and I wear cool boots and a work cap. I am labeled as a level 6 ‘Bumpkin’. My dog’s name is Lido and my best friend is Caroline, a girl with green hair.


I am happy to report I have made some progress with my friend, Alex, who I hope to marry someday. He once threw me a football and I didn’t catch it. It was really embarrassing.


I have earned 17,000g in total so far (earning me the Greenhorn achievement). With some of that I have built a chicken coop on Shire farm where my chicks Ta, Jeckicko, Wemello, and Tuffy hatch eggs every morning.


I have cleared out much of my farm land, enough to plant and harvest a small section. I have heard blueberries are all the rage in the summer so I will plant much more of those once I harvest my wheat, melons, and peppers. I crafted a tapper for my maple tree so I can harvest maple syrup! I also have a furnace where I turn my mining finds into metal bars.


I find many things during my daily foraging. Some things are interesting enough to be donated to the museum!


I have been getting better at talking to people and making friends. This guy is the rudest. He will definitely not be my boyfriend.


Tomorrow there is a Luau and two days after that is Alex’s birthday. I have to make sure to give him a gift he likes and he’s sure to fall in love with me! Wish me luck!