Japan Haul

Hi Beans! 

Here are some of my favorite things that Andrew and I brought back from Japan! 

First things first, Gudetama. He was a little capsule toy and he hangs on our fridge. We really love his butt crack.

Pikachu dressed like MARIO! He’s so cute and perfect and we happened to be in Japan on the day he released.

You didn’t expect us to just get Mario? Of course not, his brother is incredible. 


My Hakuhodo brushes. My prized possessions. So prized that I can’t handle using them. It’s a sickness. 

My Japanese Harry Potter books! I only got 1-3 because I didn’t want to carry back more than that. I also got Quidditch Through the Ages, Magical Beasts and Where to Find Them, and Tales of Beetle the Bard.

My Totoro music box! This is one of my favorite things in the world. LISTEN!

And last but not least, never least, the most incredible perfect thing to have ever entered my life…

Mr. Wah-seebs himself. My one true love. 


P.S. I know I’m a day late. Punish me if we’re still doing that. 

Saying Goodbye to Japan

Hi Steffibuns,

I took that photo as we were saying our goodbyes. You were headed to the bullet train headed for Mt Fuji and we were headed to the airport. This is also where we were super lost the first night and you found an English speaking man to help us.

The hour long train ride to the airport was much more exciting during the day. We got a glimpse of the countryside once we got out of Tokyo. Fun fact, this particular Monday seemed to be laundry day because there were so many apartments with their clothes hanging out to dry.

We had a lot of time to wait at the airport. This place was huge and there was almost no one there. We did some more shopping and finally found our own Gudetama plushie WITH a butt crack. I was pretty happy. We also bought cantelope flavored kitkats, which taste like captain crunch. We lucked out and snagged a couch by a charging station, then we realized there was a whole lounge downstairs with couches and chairs and a TV. Swanky. 

We had lots of leg room on our flight back because we chose the front seats behind 1st class. Not sure it was worth the distance to our TV screens though. We were landing in Portland in the morning so I watched the sky turn as we crossed the ocean. It was a much shorter flight on the way back as we flew straight across and didn’t go all the way up to Alaska. We also stopped in LA and then home. I was missing Japan already. Let’s go back!


Japan Day 5 Part 2: The Tasty Noods!

Hi Steffibun!

So after we left the shrine, we went to find lunch near our apartment. That’s when the tasty noods happened. Unfortunately, they didn’t make any of their noodles with vegetable broth so you couldn’t taste any. And Andrew for some reason didn’t order any either, for which I’m sure he’ll regret the rest of his life >_< but he did get to finish mine because I was too full. It was a big bowl of soup! I’m only sad that we walked by this place everyday and I didn’t go in a get a different bowl every. day. We ordered from the vending machine, gave the cooks our tickets, sat at this little bar and watched them cook. I think I remember them laughing at me because I didn’t know how to use chopsticks.

Chris took the train back to the airport and we made the most of the rest of the day. We went back to the Shibuya train station and crossed the famous Shibuya crossing. We just shopped around and we found a Taco Bell-no we didn’t go in. Also can’t forget the cafe & spaghetti place.

I think this is the night we also went out for real sushi because we realized we hadn’t had any yet. But it’s the only major meal I didn’t take a picture of! Sad! I tried things I’ve never had before and it was all delicious, though I’m not sure I can eat eel again just because Andrew mentioned all the bones.

I have a few more pictures left from our way to the airport and at the airport the next day. I’ll share those next week!


Japan Day 5 Part 1: The Meiji Shrine

Hi Steffibuns,

This was our last full day in Japan. We were going to meet up with Chris again to see him back off to Korea, so we got up early to stop by our little bakery and get those delicious egg salad sandwiches and the 7eleven to get rice snacks. We had some time to walk to the shrine near our apartment before Chris met us. No food was allowed in so we sat near a horse arena to eat our breakfast and watched a guy back into a sign with his tiny truck.

We watched people bow in and out of the entrance, which was huge. It was so pretty in there! There was a short walk to the actual shrine itself and it was one of my favorite places. I used the bathroom, of course, and they had heated seats with the forest sounds, it was wonderful.

We got a lesson on purifying ourselves before we went in from a funny old lady. There was some kind of festival going on that day so we got to see some people dressed up. There were huge husband & wife trees that were planted together and lots of prayers written out on pieces of wood.

And I lied last week, we’ll get to the tasty noods next week in part 2!


Japan Day 4 Part 2: Owl Cafe & Akihabara

Hi Steffibun,

Last week we left off at the Pokemon Center. We then got back on the train to meet Chris and head to Harajuku!

Harajuku is a fashion district, there were lots of shops selling American brands. We were on a mission for food for Chris though. We found a place called King Kabob where you can eat sushi on a stick or in a burrito. It was in this ridiculous Jpop preteen building called the dream station.

We also found an owl and cat cafe! We gladly paid the $13 fee for both and walked inside. There were owls right there! We started our walk through this amazing mess of trees, I was crying and freaking out over every owl, and you got the whole thing on video. 

Then we took turns going up the elevator -since we all weighed too much at once- to the cat cafe. We put some ugly brown sandals on, got our free beverage from a vending machine, and sat down to try to coax the kitties to hang out with us. There was a lot of people in there though and we just got some kitty scratches and photos in. 

We roamed the streets a little, long enough to see some advertising trucks drive by blasting kawaii music and then we went back to the train station to say goodbye to Chris for the night and head to Akihabara!

This is the place for nerds. Stores and arcades that are 8 stories tall and anime everywhere. Lots of stores had downstairs shopping for “adults” though we only needed to accidentally see one. It was awesome seeing hundreds of vinyl toy collections and watching Japanese dudes be really good at their arcade games. 

We found lots of capsule toy machines and we tried a delicious dessert that was basically a waffle stuffed with red bean paste. That’s when me and Grayson got pooped on by a bird. It landed on his arm and he was freaking out, but it landed on my face right below my eye. I was livid he cleaned up his arm first. 

Grayson found some Magic cards and we saw a $10,000 black lotus.

This was like an 8 story Costco. Each floor sold different stuff. We landed on the toy and game floor, where we found the world’s softest plushies, a giant Gudetama, and I bought Kasumi & Koduck.

We were pretty pooped after day 4, it was our last really busy day. But day 5 is when we had the tasty noods. Til next week!


Japan Day 4 Part 1: The Pokemon Center

Hi Steffibun,

Facebook stopped letting me upload my photos from our Japan trip so I’m going to put them all here starting with where I left off, day 4!

We started day 4 where we started all days, at the train station. We found this awesomely weird anime poster of basketball players with owls?

We went to Ikebukuro to find the Pokemon Center, but first, food!

This was Halloween weekend so we saw lots of people in costume just walking around. Though we like to think that’s how Tokyo always is. We found the mall where the Pokemon Center was, we just had to find the actual store…

We’re on the right track!

Found it! There’s a Pikachu dressed up as a witch riding on this Charizard.

This place was huge and loud and crowded with people.


We shopped for a long time and bought lots of stuff. Andrew got his limited edition Mario & Luigi Pikachus, I got Psyduck socks, Grayson got a team Rocket backpack. It was a good day.

The checkout lanes had Pokemon starter labels

Then it was time to go to meet up with our friend Chris, part 2 next week!


Good Things

Hi Bean,

I wanted to share with you some good things – because we’ve both had less than stellar weeks this week.

1) My husband graduated!! Woo!!! I am very proud of him and his face. He’s not walking because that’s beneath him (code words in our family for “no I’d rather not have anxiety for months, thank you”) but I’m trying to convince him to do a photo shoot in my cap and gown (which is for someone who is 5’3) and nothing else. It would be just for me so I don’t understand his hesitation. I’ll keep you posted.

2) Grant Gustin’s face.



3) Look at these vicious little bastards:

DEAR GOD. Harvey at the end just kills it.

4) It’s 57 days until we leave for Japan. I bought this amazing jacket for our trip and I plan on putting my Disney pins in the jean part and I AM SO THRILLED. Because in 60 days we will be in TOKYO DISNEYLAND AND IT WILL BE OUR FRIENDVERSARY AND, EXCUSE ME, YES, I WILL TAKE THAT BUCKET OF HAPPINESS.


the jacket

I hope you have an amazing day and weekend Bean!

San Diego Makeup Bag

Hi Karabean and Cheese,

I wanted to show you what I brought in my makeup bag for a week in San Diego. I think you you will be very impressed.

All makeup related things. I brought my two largest eyeshadow palettes simply because I had the room and didn’t feel like breaking them down into a smaller one. Top are my Inglot shadows and bottom are my Makeupgeek ones.

The cat bag holds all my makeup brushes. This bag once held a sleep shirt and I don’t think my mom expected me to get more use out of the bag it came in. But it’s great! The best part is – I can bleach it. No contaminants! 

And what we all came to see…

Bronzer, eyeliner, translucent powder, blush, two lippies, two mascaras, two concealers. You will notice that there’s no foundation. And you would be correct. I’ve completely stopped wearing the stuff and I think my face is happier for it.

I can’t wait to see you next weekend! And I will make sure to tell you about either the Mistborn trilogy or those serum potions next week! 

Japanese Friendship Garden

Hi Karabean and Cheese,

I have had the most wonderful week celebrating my mom’s 60th birthday in San Diego! 

Today we went to the Japanese Friendship Garden (or San Kei En), which is an “expression of friendship for San Diego’s sister city Yokohama,” which is just south of Tokyo. It was a wonderful place and Andrew and I left there feeling so refreshed and even more excited for our upcoming trip! (If that’s even possible) 

Here are some pictures that I took and I hope you enjoy. じゃあね  (It means see you! Andrew helped!)

This one is for Alison 🙂

Shopping Spree : A Saga

Hello Bean,

First – let’s just talk about how miserable I am at posting. Very. But my lovely and wonderful and perfect Bean has allowed me to post twice this week so I don’t get punished. Yay!

Second – I’ve been very bad lately. I’ve bought a lot of stuff. So I’m going to show it to you in a way to try and justify it in my head.

Third – I went to LA/Orange this past weekend to see the Little Mermaid at the Hollywood Bowl. Unfortunately, I got sick and couldn’t go. But – I did get to go and do a lot of other fun things and otherwise had a very restful, lovely weekend.

SO since I’m trying to butter you up, Keddahbean, here is what I got from Downtown Disney!

A Friendly Ghost, Baloo and Bagheera! (Bagheera is for you <3)

Lollipop for Brenda’s son, Hatbox Ghost Pin and an Up Pin

I hope you enjoyed this little Disney Haul!

❤ See you Saturday!

PS THIS IS VERY IMPORTANT! I just figured out that we will be in JAPAN ON OUR FRIENDVERSARY. AND WHAT IS LIFE. Also, instead of a honeymoon this trip is going to be a pollensunrise. Alison created this and I love it the most. THE END.